Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Hard Day at Work!!

Tess worked darn hard today. So did Nan. I turned loose the sheep and the tag team of Tess and Nan did tending all day today. In addition, Rigby the cat helped with tending too. I’ll post pixs and the story on that in a couple of days.

So tonight after we all had flank steak for dinner, we all laid on the couch to recover. Nan was squeezed into a little ball and I was smashed into one corner of the couch?

Why you ask, maybe because the rest of the couch was in use by Tess.

I guess we have taught her to use a pillow for her head since when she sleeps on the couch or the bed, her head has to be on a pillow. She also likes to covered up with a blanket. You would think she might be a bit spoiled and maybe thinks she is a human, perhaps?

1 comment:

sheepkelpie said...

Do you REALIZE that you ate FLANK steak- in keeping with the sheepdog terminology? I wonder if it will make everyone's flanks squarer?
I know, stupid, but funny!