Friday, April 10, 2009

A Pond full of Collies

My sweet Sava came back from training from Scott Glen. She is just a darling girl and we loved having her back. Tess especially so. Why, do you ask?

Well, Sava loves to swim and fetch and when the dogs play each evening, now Tess has someone to swim and get the ball from the middle of the pond. She has been stuck with swimming after the ball since Jade left. Jade used to do that duty.

Oh, Scott did not train Save to swim and fetch, by the way.
I toss the ball and Sava swims after it. She is an excellent swimmer.

Then the "meet and greet "at the bank where Tess takes the ball back. Since Tess is the alpha dog, all the dogs give her the ball when they reach the bank. Tess is getting the ball and Nan is cheering her on by barking.

Ok, it is break time. My arm got tired so I called a halftime break. Dogs from left to right:
Sava, Tess (in front of the ball naturally), Belle, Rainey, Anson and Nan.

Anson licking his lips when I asked him to look cute.

Sava waiting for me to toss the pond and what better place than in the pond itself. Anson is ready to go too.

I like the pond full of collies......well, it's a heck of lot better than a pond full of crocs!!

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