Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Carvings!

I can't carve a pumpkin worth a damm. But I admire those people who can. The best part about pumpkins is making (and of course, eating) pumpkin pie.
Here are some cool pumpkins. None done by me. If I did carve  one, you would rolling on the floor with laughter and might getting injured by laughing too hard and I don't want to be responsible for your injury.
I appreciate for making this post possible to provide you with the cool pumpkin designs.
This one is for Kristi Oikawa.
for some reason, I like this one...
no escape....
eating your young....
Anyone recognize this and from what movie?

 This is a good one! 
I think I dated this guy, once.

 I am going to quit drinking now!
Nice teeth!

 Somehow, I feel his pain
Spiderman, my hero.

This one took a bit of work.
 I like this one

This is just cool

 Pumpkin hedgehogs
This one took a lot of work

A new twist!

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geonni banner said...

The monster depicted by pumpkin #5 is Predator.