Sunday, October 7, 2012

Last of the cart photos and quick note on Macrae's clinic

Still having laptop issues so it will be thin on the blog. Plus I am at a Alasdair/Patrica MacRae clinic and have private lessons tomorrow. I am wiped and my arm hurts. Lucky for me Audrey has been carrying my chair so I only have to use my left arm. On a good note, today was the first time that my right arm has not been shooting stabs of pain going up and down. I almost passed out in the shedding ring at the Finals when I waved my right arm around to stop the shhep and during my run, when I was whistling and holding my right arm up, I was in major pain. I would be flashes of pain up the arm as I would whistle, then be a half second slow on the command. Plus I didn't run Nan as well as I could have but that is for a blog later this week.
Quick note on this clinic. I had heard rave reviews about Alasdair clinic that he had in CA so I signed up. It has been a few years since I did a clinic as I like to do private lessons. It was wonderful and I took photos so look to later this week on a blog on it.
Last of the cool cart photos below.
Zebra express

 This is one well trained moose.


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