Sunday, October 14, 2012

Livestock Guardian puppies for sale


The pups are seven weeks old and little pistols. We sheared today and I used my cell phone to take photos as the Doc put a stop on using the big camera with the right arm.  So not the best but at least you can see the fuzzy, polar bears!

Tim shearing a ewe who didn't want to be there!
Stella was nonplussed about shearing. She checked out Tim and decided he was ok, then went for a nap in her tub.
Snug as a Bug in a Tub.

The puppies could care less about the shearing. Nap time was more important. I out a huge pile of wool for them to play with but they ripped open one bag that I had put the two fleeces of good wool.

Oh, oh, Auntie Rainey came in. They love her and she is tolerant of them crawling all over her.

Video of Rainey and the LGD puppies....very adorable!

Another Video

Three males are still available. They have had their first set of shots and wormed. $400

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