Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy (Belated) Birthday to L&M Nana

Nan turned ten on October 30. Time sure flies by as it was 5.5 years ago when she came into my life. It took her well over a year to let me into her heart but when she did, it was with great passion. Nothing is half assed with her, it's all out and with great enthusiasm.

A year after I got her, I had the two major open heart surgeries so her role was to be my guardian. One poor wild bunny jumped on the porch and she took great offense at his lack of manners so she chased him off. Now, she hunts for bunnies near the front of the house and chases them off. Near the barn or anywhere else, she could could give a rip about them. during the heart surgery recovery time, she was standoffish to people but one day, she decided to be the official greeter. She made a 180% change and greeted everyone at the door and would have long, extended conversations with them and asked to be petted then entire time they would be at the house.

Then her method of working for me changed as she used to fight me and then when I staggered up to the post, a few month after the surgery, she did everything I asked, no questions asked.  There were times in the shedding ring, when I had nothing left of my strength and we would look at each other, I would point and she would create the shed for me. We became a good time and she gave me everything she had. I was the handicap to her if we did not do well. She became very confident and always found and brought her sheep.

When Tess retired, Nan stepped up to the plate.  We ran at the Finals a couple of times, did a few Double Lifts and held our own in the trials. Plus she became a invaluable lambing dog as well as a chore dog. She learned to play and be just silly. Nan also figured out that my mom and Aunt Kimiko were easy marks and when they came to visit, she went on her best behavior and got lots of extra treats as well as being fed from the dinning table. (we do not feed the dogs at the dining room table)

The years flew by and our love for each other grew and grew. We would look at each other, give a knowing look to each other and just know. We were like a set of bookends. She stole a huge part of my heart and knows it. She knows this is her last home as she had 5 owners by the time she was 4.5 yrs old and had hardened her heart. Not anymore. She is free with her love and is the Official Greeter at the Door. She welcomes everyone to her house and farm. She has taken the role of the Queen dog over from Tess and does her role quite well.

She has been an outstanding Open dog for me. Any flaws in her run are my mistake and lack of giving her freedom. She forgives me. She enjoys the trials and after her run, we look at each other and just enjoy each other, as a team, as a partner and mostly as best friends.

So to my little dog, L&M Nana, Nan, Beautiful, Boo and the other nicknames.....

I love you with all of my heart.

"Happy Birthday"

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Donna Brinkworth said...

How about that - you wrote about the dog that was your guardian earlier today and I am just reading it now. Happy Birthday Nan! I had no idea, and wrote about River today, the old girl who has meant so much to me. I had no idea you had two heart surgeries! Wow.