Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I am not well, Dell

So Dell said they backed up my data off my hard drive to my external hard drive. I bought a s/w warranty so there would be a seamless transfer of data to my new .hard drive. The tech spent many  hours doing this on Friday. On Thursday, I managed to back up my photos and documents. Since my hard drive was crashing every five minutes I was only able to view some of the folders, namely the folder names.
The tech came out today and put a new motherboard and hard drive in and went to upload the data. He found my photos and documents that I had saved but a bunch of empty folders where the Dell tech had worked. So, I guess he managed to copy the folder names and nothing ELSE! I work during the day so I can't do this until after work. I told Dell not to call me this weekend as I was unavailable to troubleshoot my laptop and not anywhere any power outlets or phones....so they called numerous times. I told them each time to put a note in my files not to call until late Monday night...so they called even more. Sigh......I did not have access to my laptop so hence, the do not call me.....but obviously, they can't read the notes or ignored the notes.
Back online in a few days so until then, I am trying to get my laptop online, minus email, data, contacts, programs, you name it....I certainly don't have much of the data that the Dell had saved for me since he only saved the folder names, which do me no good!
Oh, I don't feel well, Dell!! In fact, I feel like HELL!
back to regular programming tomorrow.....

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Bob brown said...

You were not meant to suffer so!