Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dell from Hell, the saga continues

As you all know, my laptop crashed at the USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals and I had the local tech repair place get it up and limping until I got home. Dell was less than helpful on the phone as all they wanted me to do was repeated my name, address, laptop info numerous times and then wanted me to format mt hard disk.
Dell sent me a CD to fix the issue but it is the wrong version and they said it would fix it and cost me $239. What a waste of money. Needless to say, the laptop is still crashing every five minutes or so. Numerous blue screens. Dell called me the day I got home and I hadn't gotten my mail yet so had not loaded the CD. Today I loaded it and it said basically wrong version. One would think a multi million dollar company might have the correct info on their customer. Every tech guy I talked to was from India, had a very thick accent and could not understand the accent and they talked fast to cover up their lack of knowledge. Then they tried to sell me anti virus and clean up programs. I kept telling them that I did not want any and they refused to listen to me. Amy Coapman was in the trailer when all of this was going down and I wanted to snatch the wine out of her hands by the five time they asked me for my name and details. She wisely kept her wine out of reach and got a good kick out of Dell's lack of customer support.
The laptop keep crashing every five minutes so no blog tonight. I had written a long Finals recap but it got eaten up by the "Blue Screen of Death".
Tomorrow Dell and I will have a little chat. So far, they are battling ZERO. At the Finals, they were useless. The saga still continues from earlier this year when my laptop had issues and Dell has not made good. I told them then my laptop would still get hot and they would say "Really" and not do anything about it.
SIGH....I see a new MAC in my future.....

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