Monday, October 15, 2012

USBCHA National Sheepdog random photos

Thanks to Janet Elliott for these photos. She selected a random set for your viewing pleasure. I don't know some of the folks below so if you can tell me who there are, I can update it.
 To see the rest of the USBCHA National Sheepdog photos go to LINK
I sponsored Scott Glen and Don. Here is our sponsor photo.

 The blogging team. Kit Doyle, Lyle Lad and me.
 The Sheep which were provided by Don Gnos.

 Amanda Milliken and ?
 Who am I?

 Geri Byrne who was the backbone on putting on the Finals.
 Geri and Amanda.

Patricia MacRae and ? 

 Who am I?
 Joe Haynes and Penny.

 Haley and Ross
 Ray Crabtree who did the announcing.

 Who am I?
Bill Berhow and ?

Pam Boring and ?


G. M. Atwater said...

Is that Patricia MacRae and Cap? Or is that another of her dogs? Lol, I'm not much help, am I? ;)

G. M. Atwater said...
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G. M. Atwater said...

Sorry, my comment posted double. I is doofus. :)

Amelia said...

The man in the cowboy hat is Chuck Riley from TX, and the other man, in the blue ball cap is Don Helsley with Ash, I believe. Can't remember Chuck's dog's name, but it's the male he runs. His female is Nan.