Friday, October 5, 2012

Deader than a doornail, Dell Computers

Well, the laptop is dying a rapid death. So needless to say, you might not get any more updates until it is fixed. I have been on the phone with Dell for close to four hours and no resolution. It needs a new hard drive and maybe motherboard. I had told Dell this was an issue a few months ago and they never came out or called to get it fixed. Finally after it crashed at the Finals, some movement was going on their part. Of course, their stock answer was to reformat my hard drive and I told them it was not an option. It seems if you have a hard drive issue, they want you to format it.
So working with them to back up the data and fix it next week. I am using my old home desktop to blog this and it is really slow. Like me getting up in the morning.
I don't have access to my email either. I probably will be able by late tonight.
I will keep you posted.

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Lynn said...

Ugh. So sorry. I am having problems with my Dell laptop crashing as well. AND I have replaced the motherboard. Not keen on reformatting the hard disk and reinstalling Windows, but that may be in my future. Dell is looking at it (again!) tomorrow.

Everyone tells me to get a Mac, but this laptop is only 1.5 years old... (and I have software that doesn't run on a Mac).