Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Parents and Pups at the farm

My mom and Aunt Kimiko came over to the farm on Sunday. We had the "Kodiak Memorial Service" and then we went down to the barn. I think Kodi waited until these pups were born to leave, making sure he had a replacement.

My mom and Kimiko with "Bear'. Bear is named that in honor of Kodi who was named after the Kodiak Bear.  I kept a female, Heidi as well and these two pups will be spoiled like Kodi was. As you can see, I told them the pups have to be socialized and be handled more. They grabbed Bear and loved on him.

I can't wait to see them try this when he is fully grown at 100 lbs plus. They were speaking to him in Japanese and his tail wagged. I am sure he understood what they said. I know when my mom speaks to me in Japanese it is either related to food or I am in trouble.

I think Kimiko wanted to steal Bear but since she lives in a condo, she wised up.

Bear sure enjoyed all the attention. By the end, he was their best friend. Heidi saw this action and came over for her share of attention. I didn't take any pixs of her as I was too busy petting her.
Since my right arm is busted and I cannot do any farm  chores, my mom did the feeding. Rainey and Tess love it when my mom does chores. She feeds them handfuls of bread and says "oh, I dropped it" and they gobble it up. The sheep see her and all come running. She fed the chickens, ducks, geese and guineas. I told my mom no more than one slice of bread for Tess, Rainey, Maid and Nan.  It was more like 7 pieces of bread before I told her no more. She just laughed at me.  What can I say? It was fun to see my mom so happy! Notice in this photo, I just caught my mom feeding bread to Tess and Rainey. BUSTED!!

Notice the four girls are waiting for the treats from Kimiko. They swarm around my mom and Kimiko in the kitchen and they get tons of treats. Not only they got bread but a bag of dog treats and leftovers from lunch. They are so excited when they show up. They run, jump up, bark and act like hooligans and not the well mannered obedient Border Collies they really are. They pretty much ignore me and follow them. I let them as my mom and Kimiko really enjoy spoiling the dogs. Maid has it down pat as she puts her ears down, gives a sad wag to her tail and gives the woeful eyes and soon she is rewarded.
I love it when they come out. They love to fed the animals and enjoy the farm for a few hours. They get farm eggs and garden vegetables. I get a Japanese home cooked meal and their wonderful company. It's great to have such cool parents! Total score and the dogs sure agree with me on this!

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pam said...

You are blessed with such beautiful,warm women in your life. (both dogs and humans. :D )