Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tess and Arm update

I have been remiss on Tess's update as well as my right fractured arm update. Tess went had her x-ray today as well as blood work. We will get the results of the blood work back tomorrow.  Her heart is still enlarged but has not gotten any bigger. Unfortunately it is pressing against her trachea. What I could see, it is smashing about 80% of it down, which causes her to cough and pant and not get air to her lungs. We increased her meds to hope to draw more water out of her system so it is not pressing against it so much. if that doesn't work, then I don't know what Plan B will be. The rest of her x-ray looked the same from April so that is good. The vet guessed at that time 3-6 months but now maybe it maybe up to a year, if we are lucky and the heart shrinks. The main issues is the heart pressing against the trachea and that need to be shrunk. She pants and  coughs then is fine. So, she gets a recheck-up this weekend. I will be happy for what time she has with us, however much more it will be.
Tonight she just had to help me put the chickens away.  Rainey had  issues when the chickens would scatter and not flock. Tess was trying to climb over the gate so I let her in. She grabbed a wayward hen (gently) and brought her to me. Then she quickly started to gather the flock. Rainey covered one side and Tess the other. They did it record time which was good as it began to rain. As soon as we were done, Tess ran to the tack room for her treat. She has me trained. She got her treat and then an extra one because I worship the ground she walks on!
Tess has recovered totally from the Vestibular Attack. Her head tilt is gone, the wobbling is non-existent and she runs at full speed. It took about six weeks but it slowly went away. It stalled for about two weeks then finally went away. I am thankful it did! Again, thanks to Cheryl Necochea at the LaCamas Sheepdog Trail when Tess had her attack. She also helped me at the Finals with Tess as well as blogging.
I went to the Ortho doc. The fracture in the wrist is healing well and no cause for concern. The U shape fracture is starting to separate and the Doc was concerned. If it continues, he will pin it. He told me to take it easy and not use it so I am very careful now. The other long straight fracture bisects the U fracture also. Both are slowly start to fill in and he think they will finish filling in and be fine BUT the U shape fracture can be cause for concern. If I don't drive, lift, push, push or toss for the next three week, it will be fine. I go back for another visit in two weeks. I don't know if drinking milk helps but am drinking a glass a day.  Typing for more than 15-30 minutes really hurts.
On the bright side, although the husband may not agree, I get out of a lot of housework. I can load the dishwasher but not empty it. Now, I have learned to wash dishes with my left hand.  Can't do the heavy housework or ones that require two hands. Did you know that mopping the floor requires two hands? I would say something about vacuuming but Getty does that anyways.
So by the first of November (IF  I don't screw it up), I should be back to normal. That will be so nice as I am tired of being sick or hurt. I think after the Doc gives me the "green light", I will sit down and have a glass of wine to be on the path of goodness and wellness.
However, I am sending the demon spawns young Border Collies to Scott for the winter. I sure hope he is quicker on his feet than me. I think I will tell Jen to stay in the house when Ben is loose. Ben was the dog who knocked me down!

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