Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kodiak's Memorial Service

Today we had the Memorial Service for DeltaBluez Kodiak, "KODI".
My mom and Aunt Kimiko came over to do the ceremony. They LOVED Kodi and Kodi would leap the fence and follow them everywhere when they would come over. Mom would get a HUGE bag of soft, chewy, organic dog treats and feed him all the of the bag. He would take each piece gently from her hands and look deep into her eyes.
So Kimiko was in charge of the ceremony. She and my mom are Buddhist and wanted to incense burning in his honor. Kimiko got some lavender incense for Kodi.
They also got some balloon for him and tied a rock to them on top of his grave. I put a maple leaf down on his grave for him. Nelson will plant a tree on his grave later this fall. 

 The balloon are like Kodi, a free spirit.

Tess had to say good-bye.
Aunt Kimiko lighting the incense. It is a tradition for all deaths, whether it be human or an animal. It is the way to honor the dead.
Saying a prayer which blesses the spirit that goes to heaven and is in peace. There was a lot more but I had a hard time with the translation.

Kimiko and my Mom, saying that Kodi is with God now. I gave him a prayer too and felt his breathe on my face. I know his spirit is still here. 
This is where he would lie down and watch the barn and pasture. Plus, he had a view of the front porch as well. I am going to get a nice stone for a marker.

Rest in Peace, beloved Kodi. Protector of the sheep. Guardian of my heart. You are a part of the farm and a piece of you lives in each and everyone of us.

Be with God and protect his sheep.

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