Friday, October 12, 2012

Janet Elliott - official USBCHA Sheepdog Photographer

Janet Elliott was the official photographer for the USBCHA Nationals Sheepdog Finals. When I was blogging, she would flutter in and out of eye range, taking photos of the teams out on the field. I got to chat with her quite a bit and she is a bubbly person with a great sense of humor. She was busy from dawn to dusk and took about a billion photos, so it seemed.
Since I had fractured my right arm in three places and got the stink eye from the Ortho Doctor, I hardly took any photos. I did take some but it was very difficult. So you are the story of the trial from me via the blog and from Janet,  you get the beauty and grace of teamwork in motion.
I have gone to her site to look at the photos and she not only got the dogs, sheep and handler but shots of around the trial. Of people laughing, deep in thought, plotting their run, eating, hanging out, being nervous, all sort of stages. A wonderful cross section of a well run Nationals Finals
 To see her work got to:
To purchase any photos, you can do it at her website and I suggest you buy one or more, to help a fellow handler who worked hard all week. She took some of my runs and in my blog, I will display some of her work. I will also display some when I get them from her.

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