Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday, the long drive home

I had grandiose ideas of writing a long recap or something like that of the finals....but instead going to take the day off from typing. We just pulled in and still need to unload, eat, take care of dogs and so forth. Needless to say, I am pretty wiped out and going to bed quite early tonight.
We did pull out late last night and Getty had a gig to play in Dexter, Or in the bar where they filmed "Animal House". He played there last weekend Saturday and they wanted him to play this Sunday. So we busted out quickly from the Finals and didn't stay for the presentation and looked like we would get to Dexter in time for his gig...but there was an accident on Highway 58 and we were stuck for well over hr plus so he missed his gig.  It was a real bummer and I guess there were a lot of people. Last Saturday, he joined the band and play his harmonicas and they loved it so asked him to play again. Bummers!
We took our time getting out of Oregon this morning and got home at dark. Unpacking and will do cleanup and put everything away. I have to work tomorrow so it will be weird not watching dogs!
So tomorrow, I will do a recap of the Finals and now, I am going to have hot tea and snuggle with the girls, Tess, Nan and Maid and watch TV.

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