Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kinloch Wynn - My Nursery Star

Wynn is my Nursery dog. I got him and his sister, Kiwi from Kinloch Sheepdogs. Angie sent them over two years ago. Wynn has been in training with Scott Glen since that time.  Scott has been running him and he has been doing well.
Scott ran him for me at the USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals.  I was so excited to see him, since I have never seen him and that he was a very talented dog. He is a big type tri coloured smooth coat. His head reminds me of Tait,  (Alta-Pete Teddy) that I used to own. His eyes are of a deep soul and he is very loving.
I handed off the blogging duties and ran off to see Wynn run. He was suppose to run but when I got there, they had slipped several dogs in before him. I had to wait and wait. It was hot and late afternoon and the sheep didn’t want to play.
I was so excited. He seems like a very likable dog, with nice wide flanks, stop on his feet and a good personality. He is a good blend, between Tess and Nan/Maid. I got to pet him and didn’t want to get any more ‘stink-eye’ from Scott so wished them good luck.
Wynn did well, given what he was given.  His RUN
He made enough points to advance to the last round. He ran on Saturday so again, I handed off blogging to the able team and bolted to the Nursery field. On his run the sheep drifting way offline so it was pretty much difficult for him to make the panels. He put on his game and ran like hell to cover and did as well as given the cards he was dealt with.
Overall, Wynn placed 12th out of a tough class. I was happy he did well. Lyle Lad put together two spectacular runs with Lucky. Lyle is a wonderful person and I am so pleased she did so well.
We took Wynn with us as we left on Sunday night. His home has been with Angie until he was sent to the Glens and Scott and Jen were his life.  I kept him on a leash when I took him for a walk. Nan, Maid and Tess quickly surrounded him and suddenly he realized that he had a harem. He loved the girls and soon was flirting with them.
Wynn has a nice big kennel in the barn and has figured out the routine.  He is my buddy and stick next to me as he discovered there is some sheep chores that need to be done. Sorry, Rainey…she got the boot so Wynn could learn the ropes.  I worked Wynn close at hand and he is a real  joy. He wants to please me and do right by me.
There is something sweet about Wynn and I fell in love with him. Normally, I am not a male dog handler and the last one was Delmar Scott. Wynn is gentle, doesn’t act macho and is just kind. I see us having a long future together and hopefully I can live up to his potential.
Thanks to Angie for sending him over and to Scott and Jen for making him the star that he is. I will be running Wynn in PN for a bit but certainly going to love this journey. I got gifts at the finals but this was the best take home gift I had gotten!

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