Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Well, I hope it gets better

So much for doing the blog on Bonnie Block's Bob. That is going to be for tomorrow. The dogs were running in the barn and I got knocked down from behind and used my wrist to stop the fall....well, actually, it was more like I was ripped off my feet and my wrist hit the ground first, snapped back and then the rest of my body followed. Of course, I was talking to Scott Glen and was talking to him when he heard me say "FUDGE...then will call you back" and then hung up. I didn't say FUDGE but a word pretty darn close to that. I bet he was wondering what was going on when I cursed at him (or so it seemed) and then hung up. I am sure he understands. I did call back later and left a rambling message on his machine.
Lyle Lad and Connie Brannen are here for the night. Lyle bandaged me up with ice and then we went out to dinner. Diane Mitchell, my vet was here and apparently my wrist was not bad enough that she would take me out behind the barn and shot me. So the four of us went and had a nice dinner of sushi and Chinese food. I had my pain pills and the arm/wrist still hurt.
So needless to say, typing really hurts as well as any movement. So this is it for today and tomorrow we will get back on our regular scheduled programming.


Debbie said...

Hope your wrist recovers! Say hi to Connie and Lyle from Debbie in WV. Good luck to everyone in the Finals.

Janet said...

That is good Vet Diane didn't take you out back and shoot you!

TEC said...

Swallowed wrong walking my dog at trial and was coughing excessively. Lady made same comment about "behind the barn". Scared me for just a moment.

Hope you're better soon. -- TEC