Friday, September 14, 2012

Vashon Nursery and PN Scores

Here is what I have for the Vashon Sheepdog Trial. I am not there but will be running Maid and Nan in Open tomorrow. I will post scores tomorrow.

I went to the Ortho doc today. I have a big U crack in my radia head. He hopes it will heal and I will go back for x-ray next Friday. if it heals, I will have weekly x-rays for about 6 weeks. He will also do x-rays on my wrist as it take a week for those fractures to show up. I am out of the cast and in a sling. Major pain still and can't use the right arm. No driving for me for six weeks and no lifting of anything more than the weight of my cell phone. That means not even a coffee cup. Should I do something stupid and do lifting, it will cause the crack to open more and that means surgery. So I am super paranoid and not lifting anything, aside from my cell phone. The right arm is taking a six week vacation while the left arm is learning to write my signature, pour coffee and put clohes on. This should be an interesting six weeks.

Ron is her wiht his wife, Vic and he is driving me to the trial. We are staying at the Youth Hostel and taking it easy.

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