Wednesday, September 26, 2012

USBCHA National Finals - Wed

Cheryl Necochea and Diane Pagel are blogging.
Bob Hickman and Ryder. Sent right, dog stopped short. Sporty lift. One ewe is trying to leave. Then back on line. Then one sheep broke to the set out. Handler RT.
Candy Kennedy and Moss. Away out run, nice. Stopped short at the lift.  Lifted to the left. Sheep fought the dog some, then the dog won, and moved them back on line through the fetch panels. Nice turn around the post, off line to the left, then back on line. Missed the first panels inside. High on the cross drive, then back on line. Missed the second panels high. Wide turn. Wide to the shedding ring. Sheep are high headed in the shedding ring.  Several attempts at the shed ring,  missed attempt and retired. RT
Jo Roach and Steam.  Sent to the right, dog tight on outrun, re-direct, then widened out. Sporty lift. Sheep are running to the right, far off line, missed the fetch panels very wide. Sheep are running through the drive away panels. Wrong way around the post, now turned back the right way. made the first panels. Zig zag cross drive. One sheep broke towards the handlers tent, and handler RT.
Scott Glen and June. Sent to the right. Casting out nice and deep. Dog stopping nice behind the sheep. Nice slow steady lift, and tucking the sheep on line.  The sheep are willing, and not running. Dead center on the fetch line. The pressure is very heavy to the left. The sheep stopped and turned to face the dog.  The dog is pushing them back on line. Scott is very patiently working the sheep on line, as they want to keep breaking to the right, and to the left. Then dog is holding steady. Made the fetch panels. One of the nicest calmest fetches so far. Dead center on line. The sheep are ambling to the post. Nice turn, and the dog is holding the point that the sheep want to bread away to the right. At the beginning of the drive, the sheep split into two packets, and June is working hard to tuck them in back together.  Now the sheep are breaking into a nice trot to the drive panels, and June is holding the right pressure quit handily. They made the drive panels.  Nice tight turn. Scott is setting the sheep up to what looks to be a nice cross drive. Again the sheep are ambling smartly along the cross drive. Nice through the panels and the sheep broke, and he is having to do a wide turn. A little bit off line on the last leg, but he is putting them back on nicely. There is one white face ewe that wants to break. The sheep are nice and calm in the ring.  Scott, the shedding guru has them lined up in seconds. Scott calls June through but the shed is not called.  Scott re-gathers, and has calmly created another opening easily and he called June in for a nice shed.  He has a minute and a half to pen.  June is trotting the sheep nicely to the mouth of the pen. The sheep are very calm at the mouth of the pen. 30 seconds, and the penning king, just gave us a free lesson how to pen these wily ewes!  Score is 148
(Jim Swift was a no show.)
Chuck Riley and Moss. Sent to the right, and the fetch is pulling severely to the right side.  Made the fetch panels. A little off line to the left, back on line.  Nice walk up to the post.  Nice turn around the post.  Nice drive to the first panels. Made the panels. Wide turn, but setting up nicely for the cross drive.  Coming a little low, but Jim made the correction to set them up for a nice cross drive. Very nice calm cross drive. The sheep missed the second panels low.  Jim cleaned it up and back on line to the shedding ring. Sheep are calm in the shedding ring. Jim had a nice opening for the dog, but the dog did not come through. He now has 4 minutes left. Setting up calmly for another shed.  He set up a nice shed, his dog came through and is walking them off nicely.  Sheep are set up calmly at the mouth of the pen.  Two tried to break, but the dog held them.  Then the ewes walked in nicely.  Score is 122.
Debra Millsap and Wyn. Sent right. Sheep pulling to the right, now pulling to the left. Dog is working hard to keep them on line. Made the fetch panels. On line, and now pulling right some.  Now wide to the left. Sheep are fighting the dog some at the post, but the dog is working hard to keep  them moving.  Sheep finally around the post, and broke left, but the dog got them back on line.  Now they are pulling to the left, but the dog put them back on line, and the made the first panels.  Wide turn, but the dog put them back on line. Low on the cross drive. Missed the second panels high. Otherwise nice turn, and on line to the shedding ring. Sheep are in the shedding ring, a little nervous.  Shed on first attempt. Sheep are calmly at the mouth of the pen, and walked right in with a little over 2 minutes left.  Score is 152.  Best score so far overall.
Libby Nieder and Sydney.  She sent the dog right. Three re-directs, as dog keeps stopping. Dog lifting sportily to the left. Off line to the left, them made the fetch panels. Running, but on line to the post. Nice turn around the post. Off line to the left on the first part of the drive.  Made the first panels nice. Wide turn. Dog is putting them back on line for the cross drive. Low on the cross drive. Made the second panels.  Zig zag drive to the shed ring. Sheep ran past the ring, lead by a big black face ewe who has attitude. Still fighting to get them back into the shedding ring.  Dog worked hard, and got them in the ring.  They are calm now, while Libby lines them up.  But the same black face keeps breaking away from the 3 white faces, and giving Libby grief in the shedding ring.  3.5 minutes and shed got a very nice clean shed.  Sheep slipped around the pen gate, but quiet Libby is setting them up nicely now at the mouth of the pen, and the sheep walk in nicely with 1:22 min left.  Score is 117
Kit Doyle and Diane Pagel are bloggers
Tierney Graham and Brisco.  Dog went right. Dog came in little flat and sheep broke hard to right, but dog stopped them. The sheep keep breaking to the right. Sheep broke hard to the left, and came back on line just before the fetch panels. Again they broke to the left before the fetch panels but came through. Off line to the right. Hard to the left at the post. Nice turn. Sheep are breaking hard to the right. Offline for the first half of the leg drive. Back online then breaking hard to the right. And bolting and miss the panels to the right. Nice turn. Coming low on cross drive. Still low. Low on the last half of the cross drive, and miss the panels, wide turn. Wavy last leg to the shedding ring. In shedding ring with 7min. One sheep split and all went out of the shedding ring. Sheep split again, with one hanging back.  She called the dog in for the shed and he chased one and did not get the shed. Two sheep went out of the shedding ring. She called them in and got the shed. At the pen the sheep bust back to the back of the pen. One ewe started to run back to the shedding ring, but was stopped. Sheep are in the mouth of the pen, and are facing off the dog. Tierney worked the sheep in the pen, with 30 seconds left. Score is 120.

Tommy Wilson and Roy.  Roy went to the right, and came in flat. Lift offline. Still offline on the top of the fetch. Miss the fetch gates inside. Straightened out at the bottom of the fetch. Fairly tidy turn. First drive leg offline to the right. Finally back online about halfway to the drive gates. Sheep are flowing nicely. The dogs very responsive. Made the drive gates. Wide turn. Sheep are picking up speed, dog did not take a stop. Cross drive is quite low, almost to the shedding ring. Finally straightening out the line. Missed the gates low. Very, very wide turn. Offline to the shedding ring. Sheep in the shedding ring now. Out of the ring. RT (Amy Coapman Blogging).
Diane and Kit are back at blogging
Nursery Field report- Lyle Ladd 163
Tricia Guidry and Tipper..Terry Pelky is filling in for Diane on blogging. Going out well to the right. Very nice out round. Stopped right at 12 oclock nice lift. Sheep are pulling to the left. Dogs doing a nice job of covering. Working hard at getting the sheep to straighten out. One ewe keeps breaking left. Made the fetch panels. One wants to keep breaking off, covering and back. Working hard to keep them all together. Wide on the turn. Nice handling. Heading straight for the drive away panels. Straight line to the drive away panels. Stop. Through the drive away panels. Nice turn. Good control on the cross drive. High on the cross drive panels. Wide turn. Heading for the shedding ring. In the shedding ring. Nice shed. Heading for the pen. Dog has them settled, keeping them settled. Nice and calm. Sheep are in the mouth of the pen. Two in two out, then all came out. Sorry no pen. Very nice run. Tricia is very nicely dressed, in purple attire.  Score is 137
Diane is back at blogging
Pam Boring and Mirk.  Dog is sent to the right, has a nice deep outrun. Dog ran up to the set out, and she is recalling for the dog to get on the sheep. Dog is lying down at 1 o’clock. Finally got up and coming in slow. The lift is offline. Sheep pulled hard to the left and then break to the right. Dogs holding the sheep online, but they are wobbling back and forth. Now hard break to the left, but dog covered the breakaway and made it through the fetch panels. Nice tidy turn at the post. The are walking calmly, a little offline, but dog tucked them back. Little offline left. Went offline to right and are running. Dog is holding the pressure. They made the gates. Nice tight turn. Nice line up with the cross drive, with a little bobble. The dog has good command of the sheep and keeping at a nice pace. Sheep are high, but dog corrected and tucked in through the second panels. One of the better turns, but just slightly wide and looks like a nice line to the shed ring. A little bobble here and there on the last leg, but not much and one of the better of the last legs. Pam is setting the sheep up in the shedding ring and all is calm and has over 3 minutes left. Dog came in clean for a shed and is marching them sharply. Pam is running to the pen and we hope she doesn’t trip, says the blogger, with the fractured right arm.  The sheep are walking nicely to the pen. One sheep broke to the handler side, but Mirk tucked her back in. the sheep are fussing in the mouth of the pen and one keeps wanting to break away from the other 3. One busted behind the pen, but was quickly brought back. Pam is being very patient. Pam marched them in smartly with 30 seconds to spare.  Score 138
Nursery update;
Lee Lumb and Gus 136
Lyle Lad and Lucky 163
Ian Caldicott and Maxine 97
Norm Close and Craig 95
Jennifer Moening and Coty 84
Joni Swanki and Sage 154.5
Terry Parrish and Chance 125
Hub Holmes and Juno. Sent to the right and the dog is going in tight, and took a redirect and flared out. Dog little flat and the sheep broke hard to the left. Hub stopped the dog on the pressure and walking to the sheep to put them back on line. Worked very hard to get them back on line and was successful before the fetch panels. Made the fetch panels and the sheep are coming nice and calmly to the shed ring. The sheep veered a little bit to the post. There’s a brockle face that has a severe attitude and a black face that hasn’t missed a meal. Fairly nice line, a little off but tucked them back in. for the first leg of the drive, it’s a tidy looking drive, with a nice slow steady pace. Made the fetch panel with a nice turn. Next drive starting very straight and making nice progress. Very nice cross drive. Only problem is keeping the lagger up with the group. Made through the cross drive panel. Last leg, very calm, heading toward the shedding ring. Made the shedding ring. Working to set up his shed. Black face ewe is being a pain. Brockle won’t co-operate. His group is 1 two and 1 in the ring which makes it hard to shed. Dog is working very nicely. One of the sheep still being problematic. Dog swung to far and covered the front. Sheep tangled and one went down and rolled up. Dog is keeping her head very well. Time out in the shedding ring. (Tricia Guidry blogging) Score 137
Kit Doyle and Diane Pagel are back blogging.
Shane Harley and Berto
Dog went to away side and is tight, and the sheep broke away down the field. The sheep are breaking hard to the left. And are way off line. Offline and missed the panels and are still offline. Past the panels they blew to the right. The sheep are running and shane is trying to slow them down, and was successful before the post. A little wide turn at the post offline left. Dog straighten out sheep. Sheep offline left. Dog moves back to straight. Sheep running toward second gate wide left missed panel. Sheep are breaking up the field fast, wide turn and came back through the fetch gates, the sheep are breaking down low and the sheep have bolted past the pen, toward the nursery. The dog crossed course and bringing on the back side of the second panels and going back up the field. The sheep are breaking hard up field and the dog crossed and is trying to bring them back. Sheep very low to shedding ring. With 6 minutes left. Sheep ran out of the shedding ring. And handler retired.
Bill Berhow and Mike
Bill is patiently awaiting the sheep to calm. Bill sent to the right, and Mike is casting out nicely. Dog is running wide along the fence line. Over ran at the top. The sheep started off to the right, but are back. Now running to the left on the fetch. Sheep are far left. Missing the panels. Sheep coming back towards the line, nearing the post, and slowing down to a trot. Turning the post very quietly, getting control back. One black face sheep is giving trouble, but now back with the group. Getting ready to start the drive. Drive is starting nicely with good control. Offline a bit to the right. Now back online, headed for the panel and through. Offline on cross drive. Started a little low. Sheep breaking a bit on the cross drive. Back under control. Pushing nicely through the panel. Wide turn. On the last leg. Dog working from very far out. Sheep back online towards the shedding ring. Sheep have come into ring, standing on the edge. We named one black head ewe Barbeque. Black face stopping it’s foot. Sheep went out of ring. Bill is retiring. (Tricia Guidry blogging).
Diane Pagel is back to blogging.
Stephanie Summers and Tam.  Tam is going to the right and cast out wide.  Looking nice so far.  Got nice behind sheep and hard lift. Sheep went to the right and Tam is holding the pressure.   Got them online and the sheep want to bust to the left but Tam told them otherwise. The sheep are walking nicely. And dead online to the fetch panels. Sheep came nice to the post, with a little wobble but Tam held them tight to the post with a nice turn. Held tight, with a little off to the left, Tam got them back online. A little wobble then corrected. Dead center through the first panels. Wide turn. Sheep are trying to break up the field, but Tam stopped them and put them back on a good cross line. She tucked them back on the cross drive line. Sheep stopped to graze and are trotting nicely. A little high. Sheep though about running up the field, but Tam told them to get back online. One ewe turned to face Tam and Tam is holding the line and backing the Ewe. There’s a stand off and one Brockle face is stamping at Tam. Tam si slowly backing the ewe up, and the ewe is waving her head at the dog. She has five and a half minutes left on the clock. She tucked the last 3 in to see if she could get forward momentum. Now the sheep have dropped their heads to graze. Stephanie is being very patient and working hard. The dog starting to bring the sheep down to the handler and she is swinging the dog wide. The Brockle face took a run at Tam and Tam held the ground. The dog is still standing the ground while the Brockle face keeps charging. This is a brave dog considering the ewe is standing it’s ground. Again, and again the ewe is charging Tam, and Tam is holding it’s ground. What a tough little dog. She is working her heart out, and is a great display of courage. Handler retired.  DQ
Sara Goodman and Rob. Dog sent right. Started out nice and wide. Coming in flat at the top. Lifted hard and veering to the left, off line. Dog not wanting to hold pressure on left side. Bringing them to fast. Dog circle on fetch offline. Gets them online at the post. Nice turn. Sheep breaking hard to the right on the first part of the drive. Gets them back online. Dog takes a wrong flank. Does circles at the first part of the drive, circled twice at the panel, but made it through, but pulled them back in. Sara is retiring. 
Diane Pagel and Kit Doyle  back to blogging.
Sandra Milberg and Quill. Dog runs out nice to the right. Sheep offline left. Sheep bolt really hard left and heading to nursery field. Dog not covering. Sheep have broken to the nursery field. DQ at 11 min.
Lasoya Lerma and Beau. Beau went to the right and is coming at the pressure point correctly, but the sheep broke hard to the right and are still going to the right. Still a bit of a wobble and she is trying to get them online and these sheep are runners. Three sheep went through and 1 went around. Online to the shed ring. Nice and calm to the post and Beau is reading the sheep quite well. Lasoya is nice and calm and has a tidy turn. The first couple steps were offline, but Beau tucked them in properly. The drive away is looking excellent as the sheep are perfectly online. A little offline but Beau keeps the pressure and tucks them back online. Sheep looked like they were going to slide to the right side. But Beau convinces them to go through. Excellent turn. Coming a little low on the cross drive. Sheep still coming low and dog not coming to the come by side. Finally Beau caught the heads of the sheep and tucked them back on line. They are having a bit of a problem on the cross drive, but now are starting to shape it up. Little low, but she swung them and got the panels. Pulled through and got them back. Veered to the inside of the drive line, and she is putting them back on course. 6 minutes in the shedding ring. Pretty shed. Dog is holding pressure well at the pen. Sheep are trying to break to the back of the pen. Beau stopped them and is slowly working them into the mouth. Good partnership is shown as she calmly puts them into the pen. With over 3 minutes left to go. Score 130
Jack Knox and Jim.  Jim went to the right and has a nice scoping run. Dog set nice behind the sheep, and sheep are trying to break right, but Jim is covering that. Has them online with a wee wobble. The sheep are reacting kindly to the dog. A little off line to the left, but not much. Pulling hard to the left, before the fetch panels. Jim is covering the pressure. Jack is holding nice and steady and easing the sheep to the fetch panels. Sheep make it through the panels. Sheep are coming quietly to the post. Nice turn at the post. This seasoned team is making the turn look easy. There is one big black faced ewe that has attitude. But Jim is letting them know who is boss. Online, nice first drive at an easy trot. A wee bit offline, but back online. Made the fetch panels with a beautiful tight turn. Lining the sheep up nicely for the cross drive. Online. Staying online, verring a little low. His line to second panel looks nice. Sheep are at an easy trot. A little low at the last minute. The sheep went past and pulled 3 through. Then put the 4 through the panels correctly. A little wide turn. And the dog is working hard to keep them online. Sheep are headed to the ring  and enter quietly. The sheep are calm, and Jack is setting them up for the shed. One black face wanting to break out, but Jim tucks her back in. One missed attempt and re-gathered and dog came in cleanly for the shed. With 2.5 minutes left to pen. Jack is non chalantly walking to the pen. While Jack is at the pen.  One ewe broke to the back of the pen. Sheep are at the mouth. Very patient at the pen, but the ewe doesn’t want to go into the pen. The master penner Jack Knox and Jim got it with 15 seconds left. Score is 144
Jeanie Helsley and Taite. (Connie Brannen blogging) Jeanie send her dog to the right. Good lift and the sheep are coming down the fetch line in a wavy fashion. Sheep continue to pull hard to the right. Just went through the first drive panel. The sheep have traveled back to the fetch and are near to the fetch line. Three quarters down the sheep are no online. A little wide turn at the post. Sheep are online about quarter of the way up the drive line. Sheep are pushing to the right. Through the first drive panel with a wide turn. Sheep are online on the cross drive and running. Sheep stop in front of panels a little low. Dog pushes up to gate. Reversed on course then went through cross drive panels. Sheep on way to shedding ring with one lagger. Sheep are running into shedding ring. She has one black face that looks pretty independent. Jeanie is patiently setting up a shed.  Completes the shed on her first attempt. She has nearly five minutes to pen. Sheep are headed to pen. Sheep are in the mouth of the pen. Went in nicely. With 3 min. 40 seconds to spare. Score 137
Vickey Russell and Devi. Out run looked good, nice turn and nice first drive through the gates . Cross drive is low and needs to move sheep up toward gate. Missed cross drive panels. Sheep are offline while headed toward shedding ring. Most of third leg offline. Out of the ring will cost some points. Sheep into the shedding ring with 6 minutes left. Devi is patiently waiting to shed, approaching sheep with confidence. Moving in sheep are bit of a sloppy shed. Handler assisted shed. Sheep are moving toward the pen. Dog is calm and moving patiently. Sheep are moving toward the mouth. Sheep are not co-operating. Dog moves sheep forward into the pen. Nice pen with 3 minutes left. Score 126 (Bob Stephens blogger)
Bob Hickman and Mojo Mojo is Bob’s older dog, at 8 years. Sheep are prettly well set. Mojo is ready to go. Dogs gone on the away side. Dog is doing a nice out run so far. Coming in on the sheep. Not tight, but the sheep have wondered off a bit. Dog gets some pressure back on the ship. She’s back online. Bringing them down nicely. Trying to slow down a bit. Not taking her flank as well as she could. Off line, back online coming to the gates. Got the fetch panels though was offline prior. Sheep ran at lope, then flat out. Sheep slowed and dog puts on the pressure. A little wide turn, not too bad. Caught them well. Way off line on first drive. Driving the fetch panels. Sheep have broke hard to the right and running up the field. Dog is not covering. The sheep are gone and the handler has retired.
Lyle Lad and Shep
Coming in from Ohio. Running her 10 yr. old Shep. Dog away, on the away side. Shep coming in a little tight but corrected and had nice lift. Working to get the sheep under control as one ewe wants to bolt. . Offline and splitting on the first part of the fetch but Shep is holding well. Shep gave a little more pressure and the sheep got offline. Still putting a lot of pressure on the sheep but brought them down to Lyle’s feet.. A little wide at the post and he held them well and they began to to settle. Sheep are splitting making things tough and want to run. Dog has stopped the sheep on the drive and it looked calm but then the sheep bolted. The sheep made it through the panel. Sheep are on a dead run away and Shep has to go wide to collect the sheep, came back through the first panels. Cross drive is online. Sheep are calmly moving toward gates. She makes the cross drive panels, and the sheep go through. Coming back on the third leg of the drive. Sheep are offline. Sheep enter the shedding ring, and are calm. Beautiful shed, though the sheep are running. Lyle is headed to the pen. One ewe is off on it’s own, dog brings it back and is now headed toward the pen. Sheep are at the mouth and cautious of Shep. Pen is made with this seasoned team. This is a grand ole dog that has a great career. Score is 107. (Diane is back at blogging)
Suzy Applegate and Buzz. Buzz went left and lift one sheep split before he got there and they go them back and Buzz had a nice lift. They are off to the left. Got back online and made the fetch panels. Wavered offline at the bottom half but Buzz has control. One black face tried to make a break but Buzz tucked her backe in. Nice tight turn, and one Brockle face tried to make a run but Buzz tucked her in. This ewe has been giving him a bad time, but he is handling her well. The first leg is looking nice, and they want to split at the panels, but they made it through. Nice tight turn. Nice line out for the cross drive. It looks a little low but Buzz is tucking them back on. Buzz is working patiently. Handling them well. They trot nicely through the second panel. The sheep are facing buzz off at the turn, but he’s walking confidently into them and putting them nicely online in the last leg. Looking good, and Suzy is keeping it under control as they enter the shedding ring. Suzy confidently walks to the sheep while Buzz holds his side. The brockle face busted out of the ring and is giving Suzy trouble and does not want to stay in the ring. The brockle face busted out again, and everyone decided that she is dinner tonight. Suzy has a minute and a half left. She had an excellent shed and had great control. Buzz is gathering the brockle face who took the opportunity to run off, and Buzz is bringing her back to the shedding ring for the re-gather. Suzy has 30 seconds to pen. Time out at the pen. Huge round of applause from the crowd.  Score is 150 without the pen.


Joanne Zoerb and Mik The dog stopped short about 1 o’clock the sheep lifted to the side the sheep were offline until they approached the fetch gates then the sheep went around to the other side until the sheep went into the ring. The turn was tight and the first leg is nice and the dog is holding the pressure to the right side and it looks like one of the nicer drive aways. The sheep at the last minute thought they would break to the right of the panels, but Mik convinced them to go through. After they went through they bolted and went high. The turn is very wide. There is one ewe that does not want to stay with the other 3 so she is having to work two sets and they are high on the cross drive. She has finally tucked in the solo ewe and has lined the sheep up nicely for the cross drive. She lined them up and hit the second drive panels nicely. Almost had a pull through, but was able to save it, and has a nice straight last leg to the shedding ring. The sheep have come in, Joann tripped but is not hurt, she took a hard fall, but got up, being the tough Canadian women she is. She has over 5 minutes in the shedding ring and getting ready to shed. She is being very patient as Mik comes through for a great shed. Mik is bringing back the sheep for the regather. The sheep are out of the shedding ring, Joann is pulling them back to the ring, and is walking them calmly. Joann heads for the pen with a trot. Mik is walking confidently to the pen. Mik is working hard to tuck the sheep in as the one ewe keeps wanting to break. The sheep have no interest going into the pen and the one black face broke to the back, but Mik brought her back to the mouth. Again the black face broke, followed by her 3 buddies. Mik is working his heart out as the one solitary ewe refuses to stay with her buddies. Patient at the pen with this tough lot. The crowd is quiet. One step at a time, they get closer to the mouth of the pen. Two popped in and two popped out at 40 seconds as the crowd groaned. She has them at the mouth of the pen, and 3 are in. One black face is not having it, and time runs out. Score 108


Sonia Craig and Jen. Dog away running wide right then heads left and low,  crossed over missing the sheep to the far left of course. Handler retired.


Donna Eliason and Victor. Coming from Draper Utah. She helps at the big Soldier Hollow sheepdog trial. The dog cast out on the away side and is coming in a little bit tight. The sheep are breaking to the left quite hard. Sheep are breaking hard. The sheep went past the cross drive panel and are starting to turn to the pen. This group are 4 runners and now have galloped past the judges trailer. The dog got them to the handlers post. And they are high headed going into the first drive. Went offline to the left. Then flipping back to the right and are trying to outrun the dog. They broke hard to the right of the panel and are bolting up the field. The dog is trying to cover and they have gone a great distance past the drive panel. Handler has retired.


Sandi Anderson and Liz. Liz cast out but came in at the fetch panels and crossed and cannot seem to locate the sheep. Sandi is giving numerous re-directs but Liz is still short. She stopped her and gave her an away re-direct and the dog went and now has found the sheep. She stopped her at the top. The sheep are splitting and the dog is hard. The sheep are going to the left and the dog is not holding the pressure. The sheep are starting to spread out. She is still offline and missed the panels. The sheep settled at the post and have a nice turn. The drive is nice and slow and looking good. Now everyone is calm. The sheep have stopped to graze. Sheep went left and missed the panels . The sheep are coming low. The dog keeps bringing them low and the handler has retired.


Wilda Bahr and Liz. (Wendy Schmaltz blogging) Wilda looking up field, the sheep are coming out, looks like a good set. Wilda breathes deep. There are 4 spectacular specimens. Liz is ready to go. She is at the post. Sizing up the set out situation. Wilda sets and sends Liz. Dog is moving nicely toward the smoke covered hills. Sheep are settled and not moving. Liz is far back behind the sheep. Now she walks up. The lift is started. Pretty much online. Sheep are going toward the nursery side slightly. Liz covers and stops them. Second lift is on, headed offline. Liz covers wide. 100 yards from panels and back online, going straight. Wilda doing a fabulous job steering and they truck on through. The sheep are running and come offline. 2 split away and are starting to graze. Liz walks up and pressures. Liz still holding. Now walking nicely like jersey cows. Coming straight for Wilda’s foot, and making a wide post turn. Getting back online. And now offline by 30 feet. 8min. 30 to go. Back on line headed toward first panels nicely grouped. Broke right and missed panels. Liz quickly goes out to cover, sheep are running. Sheep are returning to cross drive, still high offline. Coming back online and now are low on cross. Still low and Wilda has retired.


Tom Spencer and King. Dog leaves on the come by side, and crosses over the fence into the far field. Back on field ¾’s of the way, now found the sheep. Lift was fast and crooked. Sheep are far offline, dog is trying to cover and sheep are now coming back online at half way to fetch panels. Now offline on other side. Missed the panels by 10 feet on the outside. Sheep are running for their lives and through the ring, making a wide turn around the post and directed toward first drive. Slightly offline. The sheep have settled down. Has plenty of time at 9 min 30. Sheep are on line. Go wide at the panel. Cross drive slightly offline and low halfway. Cut the course severely and missed the drive panels. Sheep has hit the fence and is running for her life. Handler has retired.


Amelia Smith and Mirk. Sheep are out, appear settled. Dog is sent on the come by side. Slightly slow lift, and sheep are offline toward nursery field. Things have slowed down. Re-assessing. Sheep are slowly being re-grouped and being driven back to line. Goes across line, and now offline on other side. Sheep are trotting quickly. Single is leaving the group. Other 3 are online just before the fetch panels. Coming to the fetch panels and missed by 10 feet. Spreading out the ewe’s. Man on man defense. Sheep are back together, slightly offline. Grouped together coming into the ring. Approaching the post and shaping up to be a nice tight turn, but widened out at the post. Sheep are looking and decide to leave to the line. Amelia brings sheep back online, headed to first gate, walking nicely as a group. Still online. Coing toward the drive panels. Amelia is jumping up and down. Deciding when to send dog to panels. Asking Mirk to take the inside. Sheep have stopped at panels and are just inside missing by 4 feet. Sheep are on cross line. Slightly high. Sheep spread out three quarters to drive panels and misses them low. Single is testing the situation and Mirk brings them back to the center line, headed for the ring at a trot, sheep just enter at 4 min. and 30 seconds. Amelia meets her sheep. They are grazing and settled. She makes the shed and the sheep drive away. Decent shed. Sheep are re-grouped in ring. Mirk moves them forward toward pen. Amelia has the pen gate. Sheep are slowly moving to the mouth. 1 min 40 sec. patiently moving them to the entrance of the pen. One brockle face moves in and the rest follow, and they are penned. Score 144


Angela Akers and Jan. Sent to the away side. Fair outrun from the away side. Dog circled sheep on top and handler was DQ’d. Appeared Dog gripped on the lift.


Dennis Gellings and Tess. Tess is a nursery dog, and is being sent on the come by side. Both dog and handler are looking up field. Dennis takes a deep breath looks at Tess. Tess is sent. Whistles to prevent a cross over, Tess stops, re-adjusts and casts out. Lift started slightly offline. Tess is holding the line fairly well. Sheep have stopped, second lift starts and sheep cross line to other side half way to fetch panel. Slightly offline at the fetch panels. Sheep have come through the panels, trotting nicely, slight zig zags. Sheep are settled and coming toward Dennis’ big hat. Sheep have stopped for the third time, head offline and enter ring. Setting up for a tight turn around the post. Looking pretty nice at the moment. A little trouble at the post. Finally make a nice turn and now driving to the first drive panels. Straight at panels with 8 min’s left on the clock. On line and through the panels. Tess is sent around and finishes a nice turn. Quickly online and just slightly high. Half way across the drive and lining up to hit the second drive panels. Sheep are through the panels with a wide turn. Tess working to get online. Halfway to the shedding ring and covering well. Sheep making good forward progress. They enter the ring at 5 min’s left. Dennis approaches the sheep to begin the shed. Sheep are settled. Slowly going in for the kill. Tess eyes the split. Single moves away and Dennis tries to move another over. Sheep back together. May have had one leave the ring. Dennis makes the shed, sheep are driven away and shed is called. Sheep are re-grouping and preparing to move to the pen. 2 min’s left to pen. Sheep are settled. Heading straight for the pen, 4 feet from the mouth. This is not Dennis’ first picnic, he has done this before. There’s a little helter skelter there. Single wants to bolt but Tess heads it off. Seconds to go and patience is building. It’s do or die and the sheep bust behind the pen. 15 sec’s…. and he times out. Score 120


Bob Stevens and Pat. Bob sends Pat, starts out straight ahead and nearly crossed over. Pat is stopped again, gets up and starts back. Cutting in close and lifts sheep offline. Working hard to get back online, goes further offline and way off to the come by side of the course. Pat covers, but is not holding pressure. Sheep continue to go WAY offline. Slowly getting back, then heading way off again. Sheep are not responding to Pat. Still offline about 200 yards. Sheep headed for ring and setting up for wide turn. Wide turn in the making. And they round the post. Sheep circle the post and enter the ring, way offline and headed back to the first drive panels. Sheep are now online for the moment, now they are offline as they cross over. Three quarters to the drive panels and they are rounding the panels. Two come back and go through. Cross drive in a low line. Running and nearing the cross panel 10 feet offline. Dog takes a wrong flank and misses the panels. It’s not looking good for Bob.  Sheep are headed for the shedding ring, in the ring at 5 min. and 40 sec. to go. Setting up for the shed and the sheep have run out of the ring. Pat moves the sheep back into the ring and sets up to shed. Sheep run out of the ring and then back in. Setting up for another shed attempt. And shed is done, and called. Working to re-gather. Two in the ring and two outside a ways. Pat runs out to get them and one ewe is not co-operative. Pat pulls them together and now all 4 are back in the ring. Bob heads for the pen, and the sheep near the mouth Pat is calmly moving them to the pen. Sheep dart for the side of the pen, and bust out of the mouth. Sheep are leaving the course and now working their way back to the pen. Sheep are not happy. Bob is working hard to get them back to the mouth. Pat is wanting to leave the course, and Bob retires with 10 seconds left on the clock. RT.


Michael Merideth and Gus, Dog was sent on the away and lift was started on the fast. Sheep are offline and dog is covering well. Sheep are online and moving well. Michael showing the rest of us that it can be done, though the sheep missed the panels. Overall nice fetch line. Sheep online almost to the post. Sheep are settled and moving into the ring. Setting up for a nice turn on the post. Thwo sheep are wanting to stray, sheep have stopped and grazed. Two are high headed two don’t care. Momentum has started again, wide turn around post. Slight jumbling around post. 8 min and 40 sec. quickly on the first drive line. Re-corrects to get back online. Sheep trotting away happily and online. Slight zig zag. Making their way thorugh the center of panels, sheep trying to miss to the inside, dog corrects and makes it through. Though a wide turn. Gets back online halfway between fetch panels. Online on cross drive. Looking good from here, and setting up to send through cross drive panels, all four make it through. Wide turn and being pushed to center. Back on line. Moving briskly to the shedding ring. Sheep stop to graze. Then move to shedding ring with 5 min. 20 sec. Setting up for the shed, one thinking about running, sheep grazing. Shed is called. Gus runs to bring everyone together, while 2 stop to graze. Sheep are gathered back in the ring. Michael heads to the pen. Grabs the gate opens and holds the rope. Sheep are running toward the pen, and blow past to the back of the pen. Gus brings them back around and makes a wide sweeping turn. Sheep stop to graze, black face wants to make trouble. 2 mins to go. Sheep run past pen again. Gus rounds to cover and bring them back around. Dog is getting a little tired. Black face is challenging Gus. Sheep stop to graze. Times running out, sheep are behind the pen. Otherwise a pretty good run. Sheep are still grazing. As time runs out. Score 122


Victoria Yablonsky and Gwyn. Gwyn is a fancing looking colorful sheepdog. Dog is off on the away side. Victoria whistle’s to keep on out run. Making her way to the top of the field. There will be points lost for whistling. Dog stops short, sheep are lifted offline softly. Dog tries to cover the come by side. Sheep are about half way to the fetch panels and are still offline, miss fetch panels by 20 feet and headed for the post. Remaining offline to the ring.  Sheep make a tight turn around the post and takes 20 feet before they get online. Sheep stopping and looking at dog, starting to move toward drive panels, slightly offline. Sheep stop to graze. ½ way to panels and on online, stop to graze. Sheep head through middle of panels, starting to turn. She flanks her dog and makes a really nice turn. Oh! Sheep turn and cross back through the panel. Sheep are moved toward cross drive and headed to center. Sheep are a little low and start moving to cross drive panel. She gets them online at the last few feet and gets them to the entrance of the drive panels. Sheep stop to graze. And then move to the high side, missing the panels. Sheep make big wide turn at 5 min. left. Victoria is yelling loudly and Gwyn is trying to cover and get sheep online. Nearing the shedding ring and now in the ring. Sheep are out of the ring, and then back in. setting up for a shed. Sheep are calm. Sets up and attempted shed missed. Wait, it does appear that the judge has called the shed. 2 min. 35 sec’s left and the sheep are gathered… OH! She is told to re-do the shed. Setting up once again. Gwyn is head to head with the sheep. Patiently working, and attempting. And the shed is called. 1 min. 10 sec’s left, and the pen door is open. 3 walk in and one bolts out and rounds the pen. Gwyn triumphs at the last second and pens the sheep. The CROWD Goes wild….!!!!!!! Score. 77


Lana Rowley and Mint.  Dog is sent on the away side. Mint runs past the sheep. Returns and softly lifts, though crooked. Sheep are offline on the inside of the field. ½ way to the fetch panels. Sheep run past and miss panels. Now sheep are online, settled and grazing. Sheep are trotting online. Little wavy as they head towards the ring. Sheep approach the post and stop. Setting up for a tight turn and it’s a success. Limping sheep, possibly a lame ewe. Sheep stay online, nice first drive. Through the gate, very straight drive line and then sheep back up and miss to the inside. Cross drive online. ¾’s on cross drive and online. Sheep are corrected from low and now miss on high side of panels. Sheep came back around the top side of panels and are online towards the shedding ring. Sheep are trotting toward the rings on line. Sheep go slightly offline at last part of drive. In shedding ring with 5 min’s left. Dog runs in between sheep and handler to keep sheep in ring. Sets up for shed. Sheep are settled. Mint takes charge and shed is complete. Judge calls it. Sheep gathered to ring. With 3 min 40 sec. Lana heads to pen. Mint patiently pushes sheep to the mouth. Two bust out. Mint covers and moves them to the mouth. Sheep are wary. Mint works hard to keep them at mouth. One ewe being testy and comes out, has a lame leg. Mint moves them all back to mouth. 1 min. 20 sec. Plenty of time. Stubborn ewe is to the inside.  All 4 bust out. Dog goes to water and leaves the course. RT


Dianne Deal and Zorro. She is set up on the away side. Sheep are coming to the center post. Perhaps this will be the run we are hoping for. It’s been a disappointing day. The sheep have been down right rank. The set out people have been doing a remarkable job and with out them it would not be possible.  And the dog is sent. Wide out run. Dog is up on top, and coming in nicely on the lift, finding that sweet spot, and the sheep are lifted in a nice manner. Sheep starting to come down the long line. Now veering off line towards the set up area. Sheep meander back online and trotting nicely. Zorro gets in the correct position to get the sheep down the drive way. sheep now slightly offline. Re-position to get the fetch panels. Looks promising. Sheep stop to graze right before the panels, they pick up their heads and they are through the panels. Starting to be a nice run. On line headed to the ring. Almost to the feet. Trotting in a nice even group of ewe’s. Nice turn at the post. Sheep look at dog, stop for a moment. She sets up to go to the first drive panels. She is online quickly. 1 ewe thinks about challenging dog, but quickly changes mind. Online half way to the panels and looking good. Everything on line and looking good. The sheep are through and start the turn. Beautiful turn. She is right on line. This could be the run of the day. She is on course, online. Moving well. Sheep try to move low and Zorro covers. Sheep ar trotting up to the panels and she looks low, misses 10 feet and with a wide turn. Overall still a good run, sheep are back online to the third leg and the last ¾ ‘s of the last leg things are looking good. She is coming to the shedding ring, with 5 min. 15 sec. remaining. Sheep settling nice. Sheep are grazing. Setting up to shed. Trying to make a spot for Zorro and they have made it. Nice shed! Re-gathers with 4.5 mins left. The way the sheep are acting, they should just walk right in. the dog has treated them with utmost respect. Coming to the mouth of the pen and they are looking good. Sheep are lined up and lokking in. Big butt sheep pauses. And the gate is closed. With over 2 mins. Remaining. Score 131

And that is it for the day. It was a ling day and thanks to the guest bloggers. If you want to help, stop on by.

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