Sunday, September 23, 2012

Arrival at the USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals

We pulled in around 5:30ish or so. Since my arm is busted, I got to park closer to the Handler's Tent. I am doing the blogging and carrying my gear so walking trying to carry all of this, will be tough. At least I am closer and if you feel inclined and want to help me, stop by and help carry my gear.
They have the area divided into two sections.  Trailers with generators and those without. Closer to Handler's Central are the day campers. The field is slick (not muddy) and it has been cut. Don't try to run on the field, not that you will be doing that. It is fine for driving and is nice and flat and I didn't see any ditches.  It is a very sweet field. As you drive in, look to your right and you will see Handler's Central. Straight ahead in the Generator Camping" and to your right is the "Non-Generator Camping".
There are quite a few people here already, most in the "Generator Camping". I expect a lot more people to show up tomorrow and fill in the gaps.
It's windy during the day and no one put their awnings up yet. At night, as in now, it is quite cool and you will need a jacket. It is suppose to be 77 degree during the day tomorrow and tomorrow night will be 41 degrees.
They moved the Nursery field due too much stickers (? or something like that) and it is next to the "Generator Camping" section. Both Open and Nursery fields are a deep lush green. The camping area is a dull brown with hay stubble. All of the area is very nice and well laid out. The amount of work that people did to get this set up is quite impressive. You can walk to both fields.
Not much else to report but will blog more info tomorrow night. I plan to upload during the days, several times so you can read all about it. However since I fractured my wrist and if I have no backup, you won't get a blog on those runs. But if I hurt too much, I will try to grab some handlers to help. I have several to help and could use more. I will take some pics and put them in the blog but don't know when.
If there is anything in particular you want to know about, send me email at tess AT


debsuss said...

So looking forward to,reading the blogs and seeing some pictures . Thanks so much for being our eyes and ears .Deb

Carol Bruce Collett said...

Thanks for doing this. Looking forward to reading all the posts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting. Really appreciate it. Chris