Tuesday, September 25, 2012

USBCHA National Finals- Tuesday Open

Diane Pagel is your blogger.  This is going to be bare bones as I am limited on my typing due to my fractured wrist.

Warren Mick and Eddie a no show.
 Bonnie Richardson and Nessa. Nice outrun and sheep broke then one more broke back then she got them back under control. Fetch nice pace but wavy. Wide turn at post and wide turn at first panel but made them.  Stopped midway on drive but was high, readjusted, and online now. Missed crossdrive high and nice turn. Sheep are working well with the dog. The last leg was very nice and she is quiet in the shed.  Nessa got the split but the hold was sporty but she got the shed. She timed out at the pen. Very quiet run.  Score 106

Bridget Strang and Treat sent to the left.   Snug outrun and lift was pushy and offline. First part of fetch is wavy and dog is nice behind sheep.  Just missed the fetch panel by a tiny bit but got back online quickly.  Decent turn at the post and slightly offline on first leg of the drive.  The sheep decided to run  and missed drive panel on the inside. She had a big turn but got them back online quite well and slight high bend on crossdrive but looks high.  She adjusted and got the crossdrive and last leg looked nice.   She is quiet in the shedding ring and had missed attempt when one of the spilt broke back. Setting it up nice again and got a clean shed. She regrouped quickly in the ring and sheep went around the pen.  Bridget is very quiet and calm at the pen and working the sheep and tucked them in like a pro! Score 107.

Don Helsley and Ash.  At the lift the sheep tried to the left but dog held. A bit offline but nice and steady.  Looking good coming down to the fetch panels and made them.  Run is quiet and calm.  Wide turn but getting them back online. The sheep are now decided a good run is in order but Ash has them online and turned then just too early and missed the panel. The crossdrive is nice but in the middle had a slight bend but got them back online but missed low. This crossdrive part is deceiving as I thought they were dead on!  The last leg is good and Don walks to the sheep like a shedding master. He is lining them up and the sheep are relaxed and the shed came clean.  The sheep are ambling to the pen  and all are holding the pressure quite well. Don is quiet at the pen as he had them in the mouth and a couple tried to break but he convinced them to be good.  Ash is walking right into their faces but they are staring him down.  All is quiet and one broke back and Ash has to re-gather. The sheep do not want to go in the pen and are breaking out but Don and Ash are calm and got the pen.  Score 148

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Karen Stanley and Meg.   Sent right.  Really wide.  Nice outrun.  Lift good.  Fetch offline to left.  Missed fetch panels.  Good turn.  Got drive panels.  Low on cross drive.  Got cross drive panels.  Missed opportunity at shed.  Nice shed.  Re-gathered in shed ring nicely.  Walking straight to pen.  All calm.  Both working quietly and sheep cooperative.  Clocked out.  Score 104

Anne Mock and Ben.  Sent right.  Lifted to left.  Sheep pulling hard left.  Ben has the sheep.  Going back on line quickly.  On line.  Ben is pushy but controlling well.  Missed fetch panels close.  Back on line quickly.  Ben in control nicely.  Post turn is very nice.  First leg of drive is a bit off line.  But tucked in nicely now off line.  Looks like driving to the fetch gates.   Now going through the fetch gates.  DQ.  No score.

Peg Anderson and Hope.  Sent left.  Wide.  Stopped.  Coming in.  Redirects.  Came forward redirected back in behind nicely.  Sheep offline to right.  Running fast.  Correcting.  Back on line.  Nice pace.  Sheep and dog stopped behind the post.   Sheep are facing the dog.  Nice turn bit off line first leg.  Broke, missed panels.  Dog was sporty at the turn.  Missed drive panels.  Setting up nicely for drive but sheep are running.  Looks low on cross drive.  All settled.  Made cross drive panels.  Wide turn at cross dive.  All settled into shed.  Sheep facing dog at shed.  Big black Suffolk cross challenging dog.  Missed opportunity.  Dog not called in.  Still has over 2 minutes in the shedding ring.  Sheep not giving handler any breaks but she’s patient.  Nice shed.  Walking off cleanly.  Has seconds for pen.  Time out at mouth of pen.  Score 91

Gary Payne and Dru.  Sent right.  Going nice and wide.  Nice lift.  Off line to left.  Stopped, faced dog.  Dog pushing hard sheep still on line.  Made fetch panels.  Dog nice control behind.  Sheep broke to left.  Dog got them back on line.  Nice turn at post.  Sheep broke right.  Off line.  Back on line.  Off line left.  Seem to be testing dog.  Sheep back on line.  Sheep are breaking fast.  Made drive panels. Bit high on turn.  Lining out nice on cross drive.  Coming low.  Sheep are high.  Adjusting in front of panels.  Dog is listening well.   Holding pressure.  Made cross drive panelsy.  Sheep are backing around the turn.  Dog is holding ground.    Stopped facing dog.  Handler is working dog to try to move sheep.  Four ewes keep turning and facing dog.  One fat white faced ewe is the leader.  And keeps stomping at dog.  It has been over a minute and no movement.  Still lack of progress at one minute left on clock.  Handler walked.  RT. 

Shauna Gourley and Mercy.  Shauna looks quite smart in her checkered shirt.  Sent right.  Nice scopey outrun.  Lift off line left.  Sheep pulling strongly left.   Breaking fast.  Back on line then broke again.  Still off line but made fetch panels.  Now settled.  Fetching quickly.  Slowing at post.  Black face giving attitude.  Wide turn.  Off line starting drive.  Sheep are quick to run but now on line.  Fast run to first drive panels.  Nice tight turn.  She is setting up for a nice cross drive.  Settled nicely on the cross drive.  Sheep are walking nice on the cross drive.  She’s adjusting to the panels.  Went high and missed cross drive panels.  Nice tidy turn.  Sheep coming fast to shedding ring.  But dog has control.  Sheep are walking nicely into the shedding ring with the black face in the lead.  Stopped nicely in middle of ring.  Had nice set up but one broke forward into the first two.  The three went out of the ring.  Shauna is being nice and quiet.  Nice shed.  She has over five minutes left for her pen.  Black face broke out left behind the pen and broke down the field leaving the other three in the ring.  RT  Black face took off for the nursery field.
Amanda Miliken and Roz.  Sent left.  Sheep moving at set out.  Set out person regrouped the sheep before she got there.  Moving toward dog stopped just before she lifted.  Now lifted.  One black face trying to split off.  Still on line on fetch.  Made fetch panels.  A little wavy on fetch.  Amanda’s hat is quite smart.  One white faced ewe a little lame in back.  Black faced ewe tried twice to break but Roz tucked her back in.  Now splitting again but working hard to tuck her in.  Sheep are running up field.  Swinging hard to right.  Back on line and through panels.  Black faced broke again.  Pulled through the first panels.  Lined up nice for the drive.  Black broke very wide at first panels.  Roz regathered her.   Now walking nicely on the cross drive.  Made the cross drive panels.  Black faced still leading out hard.  Nice steady line to the ring.  I think Amanda will want BBQ’d Black face tonight.   Amanda is calm in ring.  Nice shed.  Roz came through cleanly.  Has over four minutes for her pen.  Regathered in shedding ring nicely.  Sheep are fussing at the pen.  Amanda and Roz holding their ground.  Crowd is going quiet.  Roz tucks them into pen nicely with over two minutes to spare.  Score 148.

 Michele McGuire and Molly.   Sent right.  Dog coming isn a little tight but redirected.  Sheep are off line at set out but dog tucking back on line.  Nice straight fetch to start.  Slow at the top.  One sheep at back has attitude.  Starting to look nice.  Nice work to fetch panels.  Sheep walking calmly.   Looking straight.    One sheep with attitude is brockle face who hasn’t missed a meal.  The brockle face grabbed a mouth of grass at the post and will be a size 24 by the end of the run.  She’s a 16 right now.  Nice quiet trun at the post.   Slow start at the drive but on line.  Nice slow first drive pretty much on line.  She has seven minutes left at the first drive panel.  Fatty took a bite of grass at the drive panel.  Nice cross drive.  Fatty is walking and grazing.  Very quiet cross drive and dog has good handle on sheep.  Made second panels.  Fatty is grazing again.  Slightly wide turn.  Back on line.  Fatty is grazing in shedding ring.  Fatty is giving attitude in ring but Molly is handling her well.  Called in but don’t know if shed was called because sheep regrouped.  Not called.  Nice shed.  Dog held well.  Just under two minutes left to pen.  Fatty grazing at pen.  Will Fatty really fit in there?????  Time is running out.  All but Fatty fit  L  Time out at the pen. Score is 133
 Diane Pagel is blogging.
Connie Brannen and Peach. Peach went swiftly to the right, came in then cast out nicely.  The sheep started to drift to the left and Peace took the redirect and held the pressure and is tucking them back on the line. Peach is not spooking the sheep and they seem to behave. Online right now and the sheep really are pulling to the left. Made the fetch panels and still on line. The sheep seem to like peach and thepace is nice. Nice quiet walkup to the post.  Nice turn and setting them up for the drive and the sheep are pulling to the right. One ewe broke but Peach tucked her in. The sheep are going at a nice trot and on line.  Peach swung wide on the panel and Connie got her to come in and they made the panel. Nice quiet walk on the crossdrive. Sheep stalled at the crossdrive but missed low and Peach had a nice turn. Nice last leg and Connie is quiet in the ring. The team is nice to watch as you can see how well they bond together. She got the shed, a clean fast one and regathered quickly. Almost four minutes left and Peach is walking the sheep smartly to the pen.  The sheep are calm and looking into the pen and all is well. Connie and Peach are calm and taking their time and it is looking good.  They are slowly walking the sheep in when one snuck to the backside of the pen but Peach pushed her back to her buddies.  They popped out but all is calm.  Two went into the pen and two slipped to the backside.  Connie is very patient and working it slowly.  One blackface ewe has no interest in being a team player. Do you see a common theme on the blackface ewes? The sheep were lead to the backside of the pen by the blackface and she has less that 30 seconds left. She almost has them in the pen but time ran out. Great quiet teamwork at the pen with a surly ewe. Score is 89
Lavon Calzacorta and Gus. Good outrun and lift. Little wobbly on first part of fetch but smoothing out it nicely.   Lavon is making this run look calm and collected as they walk the sheep through the fetch panels.  Dead on line and the sheep and dog are walking well. Lavon is quiet on his whistles and Gus is holding the pressure.  Gus is bringing the sheep nice to the post and the turn is nice but sheep broke to the right but Gus tucked them back online. It seems like the sheep really want to break hard to the right at the turn of the post.  Offline and fast on the drive and missed the panels and sheep decided to run. They were nice then decided to bolt. No reason why? Got them lined up on the crossdrive and wobbly, high then looks like he has them online.  Adjusting at the crossdrive but missed low.  The sheep decided to settle down at the last leg and it looks nice. Lavon is working the group for the sheep and it is a shedding lesson. He is lining them out nice and calm but one ewe decided to bolt but Gus got them back. Again, no reason for her bad behavior.  Gus came in fast for the shed and regathered quickly in the ring.  Close to five minutes at the pen.  One sheep broke behind the pen and they don’t seem to be willing to go in.  They are jumping at the pen and Gus might be leaning on them. Lavon is being patient and they are settled.  The sheep broke to the back behind the pen and do not want to go in the pen.  Lavon, master pen convinced them to go in.  Score 121.
Ann Daugherty and Diane Pagel are the bloggers.
Joe Hayne and Penny. The dog cast to the right.  Nice wide outrun.  Dog came in a little tight; sheep broke hard to the left.  Penny is trying to put them back online.  Sheep very offline; missed fetch panels.  Nice turn at post. Got them back online.  Sheep are settled and going nicely.  Looking nice; made drive away panels.  Low on cross drive; missed panels.  Sheep swung out way wide.  Low on last leg.  Sheep settled in shedding ring.  One smut faced keeps breaking away.  Joe is very patient.  Nice shed; one leaped over the dog, but she did not grip.  Judges did not call the shed.  Joe set up the shed, but the dog did not come through.  Set it up again.  Still in shedding ring for two minutes.  The sheep are not giving him a chance for a shed; they just want to ball up.  Got the shed in last two seconds, we think. 
Donna Donahue and Kate.  Kate is running tight up the middle.  Don’t know if she crossed or not.  Kate took a redirect and cast out.  She looks tight.  Nice lift and the sheep tried to break to the left.  Sheep are breaking hard to the left and Kate is not catching their heads.  Pretty far offline at the top.  Kate tucked them back in at the top, nicely.  But the sheep keep wanting to break to the left.  The sheep continue to pull to the left, now breaking to the right.  Made the fetch panels and the sheep spread out, but regrouped.  Sheep split again.  One white face wants to break away from the other three.  Sheep offline coming to the post.  Sheep are breaking to the wrong side of the post.  White face wants to graze.  Sheep are facing the dog.  She is slowly working them back to the post.  One white face can’t pick her face up off the green alfalfa.  She keeps breaking back.  Kate is getting her drive away going.  That fatty white face is wandering around like a drunken sailor.   Made the drive panels.  Cross drive is shaping up, except for the one ewe who is so hungry she doesn’t want to move.   Missed the cross drive low.  Kate is getting them back on line for the last leg.  Wide turn.  Into the shedding ring.  One difficult ewe continues to break off and try to eat.  She’s got a nice shed!  One ewe broke hard from the shedding ring.  Kate covered and gripped off.  DQ
Haley Hunewill and Ross.  Haley sends Ross to the Away side.  Ross is off quickly and nice and wide.  Nice lift.  Sheep broke left, but he tucked them in.  Bringing them nicely online.  Sheep pulling to the left, but Ross is keeping them on task.  Nicely through the middle of the fetch gates.  Very nice controlled fetch.  One of the better fetches this morning.  Nice turn at post, though sheep broke a little to the right, something we’ve seen before.  Nice set up for the first leg of the drive.  Sheep paused to grave a little.  They are nicely underway.  Nice drive away.  Sheep pulled a little to the right, but through the middle of the gates and setting up the cross drive.  Five and a half minutes left on the cross drive.  Sheep wanting to graze.  Sheep online.  Sheep pausing , but right through the gates.  Pulling a little to the left on final drive leg, but Ross convinced them .  Into the shedding ring.  Haley is lining them out, looking for an opening.  Sheep bunching back up.  1:50 left on the clock.  Haley got the shed and is heading to the pen.  Just over a minute to go.  Ross is bringing them.  Sheep are stopped at mouth of pen.  Sheep walk in as the buzzer sounds!  Score 138.
Carol Nelson and Zip.  Carol sends Zip away.  Out nice and wide.  Zip is coming in very deep behind the well settled sheep.  Sheep broke to the left.  Zip has them back on line and is bringing them; though the sheep keep pulling left.  Through the fetch gates.  Trying to get them settled and back online.  The alfalfa is too tempting for these ewes.  Zip has them online to the post.  They broke hard to the left, but Zip has them back around the post and the drive away is underway.  Sheep are pulling the left and spreading out.  Three through the drive away gates; one slipped off to the left.  One ewe giving Zip some trouble, but they are back together and on their cross drive.  Cross drive is better.  Through the panels, but they sheep turned up toward the top of the field.  Carol and Zip have them turned back and headed in the right direction.  They are coming now on the last leg of the drive.  Coming nicely.  They are into the shedding ring.  Quick shed.  Dog chased sheep and gripped at the neck.  DQ.
Dave Imas and Cap.  Dave sending to the left.  Cap is tight, running up the middle and crossed just past the fetch panels.  Cap having some trouble at the top.  Sheep breaking hard to the left.  Still wide to the left.  Missed fetch panels.  Sheep back on line.  Cap has them to the post and the sheep are having a little fuss at the turn.  Sheep are on their way to the cross drive panels.  Cap has them moving.  A little wobbly on first drive leg, made panels with a nice turn.  Sheep pulling low.  Missed panels low, brought them back and got them.  A wide turn and sheep are offline on the last leg.  Into shedding ring for a nice, quick shed.  5:20 left on the clock on the way to the pen.  Sheep in mouth of pen, but dog pushed them out.  Close to four minutes left.  Dave and Cap working to settle them at the pen.  Sheep are in! @2:45.  Score 74

 Barb McPherson and Diane Pagel are blogging.
Patricia MacRae and Max.    Sent on the away side.  Dog running nice and wide.  not much, and online, sheep leaning hard to the left and broke before dog could get there.  Dog came in correctly, and stop the sheep from running off, and put them back online quickly.  Sheep little wobbly, but not much.  One ewe turned to face dog at fetch panel, Max handled her nicely, and made the panels.    Nice control to the post.  Sheep are facing the dog at the post, but Max is convincing them to go.  Wide turn.  She has two black face that want to go off by themselves.  Online to the first panel.   Max is holding the pressure.  Turned to early and missed the panels.  High on the second panels.  Wide turn.  Nice line to the shedding ring.  Patricia is walking calmly into the ring and has the sheep lined up nicely.  Max is being very patient.   Max came in for the shed with 3 minutes left.  Nice quiet approach to the pen.  Slowly working sheep in to the pen, one step at a time.  One white face is stalling, but patience is a virtue.  Got the pen!  With 45 seconds to spare.

Margaret Johnson and Fleet   Sent away, ncie and wide.  Came deep behind the sheep.  They lifted off to the side, but she quickly got them online.  Fast Fetch, online.  At post, Sheep broke hard to the left.  Shee are next to the pen, and are along the fenceline.  She slowly is working them back to the post.  One black faced ewe has an attitude, and is the leader of the runaways.  They broke to the judges trailer, and she is having to work them off of that.  Wide turn.  Trying to get them online.  Shee seem to want to break hard to the right.  But fleet tucked them back online.  Just before the panel, sheep broke hard to right, and are bolting, missed the panel, and Fleet is trying to catch the run away.  Very wide turn, and she worked them back on the cross line and swung low.  She straightened them out, but they are runners, and we don’t know why.  Nice line but low to second panels.  Wide turn, and trying to get them back online.  Nice last leg.  Dog has them under control at the shed ring.   Margaret is lining the sheep up nicely for the shed.   Missed shed, regrouped and got the shed on the second attempt, or so it seems.   Sheep are settled in the mouth, and she has over 3 and ½ min. left.  Sheep went to the backside of the pen and she is working them back to the mouth.  Margaret is being very patient and got a nice smooth pen.  Score 105


Maggie McClure and Kep –at the post.  Sent  away and went wide.  Nice lift, but pulled to the left.  She got them back online and the sheep are drawing to the right.  Now going right and left. Just barely made the fetch panel.  They are pulling hard to the left, but Kep has put them back online.  Pulled right coming to the post.  Suffolk trying to make a break for it.  Nice turn at post.  One of the better line outs for the first leg of the drive.  Moving nicely in a straight line to the first panel.  One of the best so far.  Made it thru the panel and nice tight turn.  She is setting up sheep nice for the crossdrive.  The crossdrive looks nice, from what we can see.  Swinging low and missed the second panel at the last second.  Wide turn.  She got them back online quickly.  Nice line back to the shedding ring.  Q Sheep settled nicely in the shedding ring and Maggie and Kep are taking their time to line up the sheep.  She has three minutes at this point.  The sheep are not wanting to shed and are proving to be difficult.  But Maggie is calm.  Timed out.  Score 93


Vergil Holland and Brooke – Sent away.  The sheep trying to break but the setout dog stopped them.  Brooke coming in nice and quiet and the sheep broke to the left and are pushing to the left.  Face off at the top.  But the dog convinced them to move.  Coming quickly now. Zig zagging.  Hit the fetch panel.  Online, still pushing on the left.  Trying to make a break for it and now facing Brooke.  Brooke handled nicely, working around the post.  A little wide, but not bad.  Lining up for first leg  Fairly straight.  Sheep broke to the right before the panel and are going wide.  Sheep starting high on crossdrive, coming back online, trying to run, Brooke has them back under control.  Just low on the second panels.  Back online to the shedding ring.  4 minutes to go.  Got the shed.  Regrouping, headed to pen.  Sheep trying to run, at fenceline.  Brooke brining them back to the pen.  Sheep went around the pen and one brockled face is standing up to Brooke.  Brockled face is dropping nose and stomping feet.  Brooke is standing and waiting for sheep to turn, she began to graze.  Brooke went in, for a grip, but can’t tell if made contact.  Sheep went behind pen.  Virgil is patient, but timed out at the pen. Score is 111


Bill Orr and Roy – Sent away, Roy is quickly making his way up the field.  Nice lift, then sheep broke fast to the right.  Coming back online, made the fetch panels, breaking to the left.  Quieting down, back online.  Sheep went to right of post, adjusted and sheep are in front of the judges stand and coming around and back online  First leg of the drive is to the left.  Adjusted, still slightly offline.  Sheep trying to run to the right around the first panel, Roy tucks them in and makes the panel.  Nice turn.  Lined up nicely.   Very nice crossdrive, hit the second panel.  Wide turn.    Getting back online for the third leg and Roy is handling them nicely.  the sheep entered the ring quietly.  Bill is setting the sheep up and Roy is holding his side.  However, the sheep want to bolt out of the ring.  3 sheep split and regrouping with 3:00 minutes on the clock.  Another single break away and roy is working hard.   Roy came in on the shed, but didn’t hold it, so has to reshed.  Came in and had a nice hold with 18 seconds left.  Did not get the pen.  Score 117


Ann and Barb now (the rookies were left in charge, yikes!)


Terri Pelkey and Dash - Sent to the right.  Nice lift, pull some to right, handling well.  Sheep made a dash through the fetch and tried to run to the left.  Dash stopped them handily and is working them down the fetchline.   Sheep stopping at the post, little wide at turn, stopped at judges stand, trying to complet turn.  Steady progress to first panel, pulling to right, back online, nice save, thru the panels.  Low on the cross drive,  sheep running.  Dash has them back under control and moving again.  Putting them back online.  Thru the second set of panels, a little wide, back online nicely for the third leg.  Sheep settled nicely in the shedding ring.  Black faced ewe has an attitude.  2.5 minutes on clock.  Got a nice shed with 1:30 to go, regrouped in the ring, and quiet.  Bringing to pen, settled in opening, but sheep popped out.  Timed out.  Score 132


Jennifer Ewers and Sly -  Sent to the right.  Kicked out nice at the top.  Stopped at 2 o’clock, redirect.  Quiet lift.  Pulled to right, trying to bring back online.  Sheep determined to go  right,  sheep heavy in the afternoon heat.  Working to get the top of the fetch back online with 9 minutes to go.  Slowly making way way down field.  Back online before the fetch panel.  Through the panels, nice work.   Slight pull to left, quickly back online and looking good.  Black faced ewe giving some trouble around the post, but handled well.  Good flow on drive away.   Through the panels.  Tried to make a run for it, but Sly caught them.  Crossdrive under way, slightly high, bringing back online.  Second half nice, quietly approaching the second panel, but low.  Nice, straight line back to the shedding ring.  Sheep settled, setting up shed.  Almost 3 minutes left.  Almost got shed, good on next attempt. 1:20 left as head to pen, settled in mouth, got the pen with 28 seconds left.  Score 103


Patrick Shannahan and Andi – sent right, started tight, takes a redirect, lifted a little to left, back online easily.  Nice pace on fetch, got panels, turn at post nice, tight and quiet.  Drive away had to work a little harder to keep online, half of cross drive sheep were uncooperative, but back online.  Missed panels low.  Third leg nice and straight.  In to the shedding ring with 6:50.  Got the shed, sheep running to exhaust, but Andi retrieved them and regrouped in the ring.  Patrick to pen with 4:50 left.  Sheep keep trying to run off Andi brings them back again and Patrick has the sheep settled at the pen.  Showing patience.  Sheep penned with 3 minutes left. Score 116


Terry Parrish and Zula  - sent to right, slowly making way up the field.  Nice lift, holding the sheep on the left hand side. Sheep a little off to the left, then back online,  trying to run, Zula keeps catching them,  now they are coming down nicely, thru the panels, tried to run to left and quickly stopped, and put back online.  Sheep challenging dog at post, gets them back under control.  One tries to make a break, but quickly put back.  Wide around post, offline to the right to the first panels, but making progress.    Made the panel, sheep thought about running, but setup crossdrive nicely.  Nice crossdrive, good flow, nicely through the crossdrive panels, and turned nicely. In to shedding ring quietly, with 4 minutes to go.  Good attempt, gathered back in to shedding.  With a minute to go, still working on the shed.  Gathering back up with 20 seconds to go, heading to the pen, gate open, timed out.  Score -    128


Jo Ferguson and Teak – Sent to the left.  Soft lift.  Sheep drifted right and stayed to the right thru the whole fetch.  Gave Teak some trouble at the post, but Jo and Teak got that sorted out and laid down a very nice drive away.  Got the turn and have the cross drive under way with 4:50 on the clock.  Sheep are wanting to drift low, but it looks like Teak has them back online.  Thru the panels.  Sheep are a little squirrely, but now back online for the last leg of the drive.  Into the shedding ring with 2:15 on the clock.  Got the shed with about 30 seconds left to get the pen.  Timed out as Teak was bringing the sheep to the mouth of the pen.  Score - 103


Beverly Lambert and Joe.  Bev sent Joe to the left. Joe lifted and held that left side.  Sheep are really pulling left and are now stopped for a snack.  Missed the fetch panel to the left.  Bottom half of the fetch is quite straight and at a good pace.  Sheep arrive at the post and move promptly around it.  Drive away is going well.  Sheep are pulling to the right, but Joe gets them on the move and on line.  They go right through the middle of the drive gates and get the turn.  Cross drive moving along well.  Sheep looked on line but missed on the high side.  Last leg of drive uneventful and into the shedding ring with six minutes.  Got shed with five minutes.  On to the pen.  Sheep in the mouth of the pen and changed their minds.  Things got a little spicey and one popped out.  Three sheep in and the fourth finally in.  1:20 left on the clock.  Score:  133


Elizabeth Baker and Ross.  Ross goes off to the right.  Ross goes out quite wide and makes his way quickly behind his sheep.  He goes over to cover that pressure on the lft and lfts them nicely.  Starting out a little wavy on the top.  Ross putting them back on line and has them moving toward the fetch gates.  Misses fetch gates to the left.  That pull to the left has been strong all day and just getting stronger.  Sheep are on line for the bottom half of the sheep and have arrived at the post with  nine and a half minutes on the clock.  Wide turn around the post.    On line for the drive away, but sheep get away, first to the right, then to the left.  Cross drive is a little low.  Pushes them above and past the panel.    Ross brings them into the shedding ring pretty well settled.  A few attempts at the shed leaves four minutes on the clock.  And Ross got a fast and sporty shed.  It takes most of their remaining minute to get to the pen.  Time out at the pen.  Score:  89


Lee Lumb and Chica.  Lee sends Chica to the left.  Chica over flanks and sheep are leaving for the left hand side.  Now, she’s working them back to the line.  Like many of the sheep this afternoon, these want to stop and graze.  Now they are coming, a little wobbly.  They stop just in front of the panels, then slipped around to the left of the panel.  They are coming nicely now.  Nice turn around the post.  She stalled out for a moment, but the drive away is underway.  Sheep grabbing a mouthful of alfalfa and stopping to snack.  Pretty nice line to the drive away panels.  They are through the panels with a nice, tight turn.  Cross drive has looked good throughout.  Drifted high and missed the panels.  Sheep drawing hard to that left side of the field.  There, back on their line back to the shedding ring.  Stopped briefly for a snack.  Back easily into the shedding ring with 3:30 minutes on the clock.  A nice shed.  Chica puts them back together and they have two minutes to pen.   Two sheep in mouth of the pen; two brok back around.  Sheep jumping around in mouth of pen.  35 seconds.  These ewes are feeling the pressure.  Sheep jump in and gates starts to swing as the clock runs out.  Score:  110


Laura Vishoot and Tucker.  Tucker is off to the right.  Running big and wide.  Tucker ended a little tight and top of fetch line  is well off to the right.  Missed fetch panels to the left.  Sheep still off to the left of the line.  Like many of the sheep this afternoon, this set wants nothing to do with turning between the handler’s post and judges tents.  Tucker gets them around and has them on their way to the first set of drive gates.  Somewhat offline to the left, but making progress toward the gates.  Putting them back online.  Sheep off to the right of the panels and wanting to run to the back fence.    Tucker has them back and moving on the cross drive.  Line looks good, maybe a hair low.  Laura working with Tucker to fix it, but they miss just low.  Sheep on final drive leg.  Line looks good.  5:45 on the clock.  She begins setting up the shed.  Sheep wanting to run.  Good shed.  Regathering and one wants to run.  Laura sends Tucker back for the three to rejoin the single.  Single not cooperating.  Lost single to the exhaust.  DQ.


Diane Pagel and Nan.  Diane sends Nan off to the right.  Nan is off well, kicked out a little on the way out.  Little wobbly getting going.  Sheep pulling to the left, of course.  Fetch looking nice, then sheep off strongly left as they get close, slip around to the right at the last second.  She is bringing them, keeping them pretty straight, a little wobble here and there.  Sheep hesitate at the post and think about breaking left.  Got them nicely around the post and the stop for a snack as they get the drive started.    Pulling to the right.  Nan puts them back on line, but needs to come bye to hit the gates.  Off to the left.  Turn for the cross drive.  Started coming a little low, but seems to be putting them back.  Now drifting high.  Sheep missed the panels high.  Wide turn. . .it’s that strong draw to the left side of the field.  Coming into the shedding ring with 5:33.  Diane starts to set up her shed with one high headed ewe.  They are giving this team a hard time.    Three minutes now as she continues to work the shed.  Two minutes.   Got the shed at a minute and a few seconds!  Regrouped and now headed to the pen.    Sheep blew past pen.  Just seconds.  Time.  Score: 93


Erin O’Brien and Z.   Erin sends Z to the right.  Z out to the sheep well.  The break left.  Erin gets him around and sends them back to the fetch line.  They don’t want to go.  Nicely through the middle of the fetch panels.  Sheep coming fast.  Z holding the pressure on that left hand side.  Nice turn at the post.  Sheep leaning toward exhaust, but then get on line.    Pretty nice line to the first drive gates. . .through the gates and a nice tight turn.  Line on cross drive looks just right, and it is.  Handily through.   A wide turn.  Last drive leg starts a little low, but ends well.  Into shedding ring calmly with 5:15 on the clock.  Got her shed.  To the pen with three and a half minutes.  End with a very nice pen!  Score is 150


Cheryl Necochea and Diane Pagel are the bloggers.

Ian Caldicott and Kidd.  Sent to the left. Dog stopped on outrun, re-direct. Dog cast out at last minute and off-line lift. Pulling hard to the right, and then hard left and still off-line before the fetch panels.  Missed fetch panels to the side.  Wide turn at the post. Back on line, then off-line to the right. Approaching the first panel, and made it. Nice turn. High on the cross drive. Now low on the cross drive, and sheep are slow. Nice approach to the second panel and made them.  Wide turn. Off-line to the shedding ring, but sheep settling in the ring. Just over 5 mins left in the shedding ring, and the sheep are bunched up. Ian called the dog in, but there wasn’t an opportunity and the sheep ran out of the ring.  Back in the ring. Another missed opportunity but are gathered together again. Three split from the one and he had to re-gather. Another attempt but didn’t hold, and then timed out.  Score 94.


Rob Miller and Jen. Sent to the right. Lift off line to the left. Back on line and made the fetch panels.  On line and nice turn around the post.  On line nice turn. Nice cross drive, and through the second panels.  Wide turn, on line to the ring.  Possible opening, but the dog was not in position, and missed shed. Another missed attempt and got the sheep back in ring.  Got the shed. At the pen, one sheep ran around the back. Sheep busted twice around the pen.  Sheep now at the mouth of the pen. And in!  Score 102.


Lise Anderson and Mack. Dog sent to the right. Sporty lift and off line to the left.  Very off line on the first half of the fetch.  Missed the fetch panels, and zig sagging back and forth. Very wide around the post. Sheep broke past the judges booth and back on line, one surly brockle face keeps breaking away.  Off line on the drive away.  Made the first panels, the surly one went down went down at the panel and handler walked. Score DQ.


Joni Swanke and Possum.  Dog sent to the left. Dog coming in short and crossed below the fetch.  Came in tight on the right and stopped on top. Nice lift. Dog busted the sheep on the fetch and pulling hard to the right. Sheep still pulling hard, and dog not covering the pressure.  One sheep breaking.  Joni re-called her dog and RT.



Janet said...

Thanks for blogging the runs! Cheryl, please give Kuro a big smooch for me!

pam said...

Great to read the runs. Looking forward to being there on Thursday to watch in person.