Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kathleen and Gael at Palm Cottage Sheepdog Trial

Kathleen Torkelson and Gael ran in PN at the Palm Cottage Sheepdog Trial held at Laura Vishoot and Steve Shodin lovely farm. This was our first time there and it was wonderful. Filled with laughter and great times. The judge was Amanda Milliken and she was a superb judge. Laura and Steve went all out to make this a five star trial. You had to wear an Hawaiian outfit on Saturday which gave me a good reason to go clothes shopping.
Kathleen ran Gael and handled the tough sheep with ease. Kathleen and Gael have really meshed this year as a tough team to beat. They are a pleasure to watch.
Turning the post.

Gael has some serious power. 


 Put your right foot out....

 Sheep, I hate to tell you but racing against Gael is a losing race.

 They got the drive panels.

At the pen and they almost got it!

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