Friday, September 21, 2012

Getting ready for the Finals and arm update

Well, I am going to halt the Palm Cottage and LaCamas photo blog until after the Finals. I have some very nice photos but you will have to wait. Fracturing the arm slowed a lot down the last week.
Speaking of the arm, I went to the Ortho doc today. They took more x-rays and found another fracture near the radia head. The big U fracture is slowly filling in so they opted for no surgery. That would have been a lot of pins and more pain. They found a fracture in my wrist in the navicular bone atoo. So instead of one fracture, I have three fractures. SIGH.....but the Doc said to keep moving my arm. He doesn't want me to lift, push or pull at all so if you see me doing any of that at the Finals, please stop me. I can lift anything that is equal to weight of my cell phone.  That would be five grapes, or two slices of apple or a shot of Crown Royal Reserve.. The Doc told me no driving for at least four more weeks. I go back in to see him in three weeks and hopefully after that, in a week or two, I can drive.
I told him what all is done during our sheepdog run and he gave me the stinkeye when I mentioned the shedding and penning part. So I guess I will be the broken wing handler who can not whip my crook in the air in the shedding ring, at least with my right hand. At the pen, let's hope it is set up for a left hand hold. He highly suggested that I not type for more than 15-30 minutes at a time. He didn't say how long of a break I would need but I do know as of now, I am good for about 15 minutes of typing, then massage my elbow, take a break for about 15, then can type again. I am letting my arm tell me how much typing I can do.
My sternum was never put together right after the Open Heart surgery and the right arm is not fully funtional so this fracture has made the sternum hurt more. I guess it is when I wear the sling or hold my arm next to my body. Oddly enough, the pacemaker is sore too. I will be happy when the arm is healed though. I am tired of being in pain.
I really have not worked any dogs since I am in immobile. I do work Nan BUT I am outside of the pasture. When I am in the pasture we do driving and keeping the sheep off me. Shedding has taken a back burner as my luck would have it, a sheep would leap into the air and hit the right arm. Nan is happy to be the only dog worked and is doing quite well, although at warp speed. Rain and Maid glare at Nan through the fence and make unhappy noises. Tess just wanders off and works the loose chickens.
We planned to head out early in the moring but after the new IPhone debacle, the leave time is more like late afternoon. AT&T screwed up and actived Jeff's phone number instead of mine, even though I gave the agent my phone number. So they cannot fix their messup so Jeff had to run to the AT&T store to get two new sim cards for our phones. Three hours later.....
We hope to reach Dexter, OR tomorrow so Jeff can play some disc golf. I plan to sleep in as I am wiped out and my arm really hurts today as well as my sternum. We hope to reach the field on Sunday and get settle in and relax. I run Nan on late afternoon on Tuesday. I will be blogging from the Finals with a bunch of volunteers. Those folks have two able arms! I got a tripod so can try to take some pictures but will also bring the tripod.
Not much else is new but hope ya'll will enjoy the Finals blog.

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