Monday, September 17, 2012

Quick update

So tomorrow I will be back on the regular blogging. The arm still really hurts badly and I can hardly move it. It has a big U fracture and I think the U fracture is rubbing on the radia main bone. either way, I go in for x-ray and possible surgery on Friday. I slept a lot and didn't move much at the trial this weekend. Ron and Vickye drive and he did a lot of stuff for me. That was very nice of him to do that.
On Sunday, Nan ran fast and faster. She was quite slicey and for some reason was very much on the muscle. we got through but the fetch was off and the drive was wavy. One lamb slipped behind the pen so I had to tuck her back in the pen and we lost points for that. The shed wasn't the best but I got it done.
Maid was nice and pliable at the post and took her down at the top. Then she put her bad girl hat on and didn't stop or flank worth a damm. We left a sheep on the field on the last bit of the drive and got DQ. It was ugly and she was on the muscle. I will be putting her up until my arm is healed so I can run up and make her stop. It will be good for both of us and besides I need to keep working on Nan since I am running her in a week.
Tomorrow, I will do the belated blog on Bob.

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