Thursday, September 27, 2012

USBCHA National Finals - Thursday

Thursday Open: Bloggers, Monique, Diane, Cherly and typist Barbara and Galye.
Vicki Close and Gale.  Sent to the right, nice wide outrun, nice lift but off line to the left, back online, sheep pulling hard to the left. Back online made the fetch panel, again sheep pulling hard to the left.  A little wide at the post and t he sheep  have settled.  Nice calm first part of the drive, the sheep are pulling hard to the right but the dog tucked them through, the turn is very tidy and it looks like  the crossdrive is a little low. She is working hard to get them back  online, and she made the crowwdrive panels at the last minute.   The turn was wide but she got them back online with a little bobble.  One black face is trying to break away in the shedding ring.  She set them up nicely and got a clean shed.  The sheep  broke to the back of the pen but Gale got them back to the mound, they have 3  minutes left. This team is very patient.  But the black face keeps wanting to break.  Less than a minute left in  run and sheep  still not penned. One white face broke out of the mound but Gale got it back into the flock, at the last 5  seconds Gale convinced the sheep to get into the pen. Score 112
Monique and Gayle Bloggers:
Derek  Fisher and Jen.  Derek send Jen to the left.  He blew one redirect which Jen took nicely.  Lifted a little to the left, their working hard to correct the fetch line, and now have them headed toward the fetch lane.  Second half of the fetch is  online.  The sheep are very calm and made a tidy turn at the post.  The sheep tried to break for the exhaust but Jen covered them well.  They are lining up for the first drive panel.  Pushed them through the panels but the turn is a little wide.  Got the back on line right away,  maintained a nice pace through the crossdrive.  Made the crossdrive panels dead center, another slightly wide turn but back on  line right away.  A nice line into the shedding ring with 4 minutes remaining.  A fast clean shed with Derek running to the pen, opened the gate, whicl Jen smoothly guided the sheep toward the pen and Derek.  Lost sheep behind the pen but Jen  working hard to regain control.  One white faced ewe has no interest in going into the pen.  Seconds running out with no pen.  Out of time. Score 128
Rochelle Stanford and Koko.  Sending right with nice outrun.  Casting out nice and wide.  She stopped at  3pm mark, looking good a little to the left.  Sheep  tried to break hard to the right but Koko stopped them.  Coming down  fetch line to the right of gate and came through gate at last second.  Maintained a direct line to the post, nice and straight, Koko brings them around the post nicely and lines them up for the panel, sheep  pulling hard toward the exhaust but Koko controlling them.  Just missed the  drive away panels to the right,  three sheep break away leaving one band behind but rejoined the flock.  Sheep take off running going toward the crossdrive panel, Koko runs wide and stops them.  She brought the sheep back to the crossdrive line but missed the panel, short.  A good third leg of the dirve and entered the shedding with 3 minutes.  So  one missed attempt, a shed that was not called.  Runs out of time in shedding ring.  Score 65
Jennifer Glen and Lad.  Jennifer send Lad left on outrun.  Lad runs nice and deep, with all four sheep faced him at the lift.  He patiently lifts them , they go a little to left but return to fetch line.  Coming through the fetch gates at a quick trot.  The second half of the fetch is good with a tidy turn.  The sheep tried to break up the field during the drive  butt Lad put them back on line, made the drive panel but then a pull-though.  A nice crossdrive going though the crossdrive panel well controlled.  Good turn in third leg of coming into shed ring at 4 minutes.  They settled the sheep in the shedding ring and took a good shed.  They took the sheep to the mouth of the pen but one broke, Lad brought her back,  after a good effort, sheep penned with 24 seconds to go.  Score 141
Ray Coapman and Jill.  Ray sends Jill right in outrun, Jill ran wide at the bottom, came in behind the sheep lifting them straight down the field.  The sheep pulling hard to the left, as all morning, but Jill gets them straighten out again.  Came through the fetch gates, they came through second half of fetch on a good line but are looking at exhaust as they come  around the post.  Nice straight leg of drive and panel, a slightly wide turn and then back to crossdrive line, with a few last minute adjustment pushed the sheep through crossdrive panel.  The third leg of drive looks good, sheep enter shedding ring with 5 min.  20 sec on clock.  They get the sheep settled in ring, and take a good split.  They take the sheep quietly to the pen, and pen on the first attempt, with over 2 min. remaining.  Score 154 new leading score.
Lynn Johnston and Jesse.  Lynn send Jess right in outrun.  At the left one sheep tried to break back to the set-out.  Jesse stays on the single, trying to bring it back to the other three, sheep rejoin at the drop point but then run back to the set out pens and Lynn decides to Retire with a no score.
Brian Nelson and Pleat.  Brian sends  Pleat to left in outrun.  He gave a redirect whistle, and Pleat spotted his sheep.  He lifted them on line,  he missed the gate on the left side,  came back on line for second part of fetch.  Went past the post wrong direction,  Brian spoke to Judges and then Retired with no score.
John Lewis and Fly.  John sends Fly to right in outrun.  Lifted the sheep straight down the field,  sheep try to break right and Fly working to keep them contained.  Two sheep break hard up field but Fly regains them, continue down field toward fetch gate, go through fetch gate nicely, one ewe tried to break toward exhaust but regained and went round post, two broke up field.  John calls Fly back and Retires with no score.
Angie Untisz and Butch.  Angie sends Butch right in outrun.  Redirects him onto his sheep at about 3pm.  Lifted the sheep straight down the field.  The sheep want to break right, but Butch moves to cover them.  Then they break left.  Skimming the fetch panels around the right side.  A tidy turn around the post, Butch is holding the exhaust side nicely.  Turned left just shy of the drive panels, and sheep broke up the field for a wide turn.  Sheep brought back to the crossdrive line, but end up a little bit low.  The split in two groups, Butch put them back together.  They missed the gate high but passed closely behind, for a nice turn to the third leg.  They went into shedding ring with 3:30 remaining.  Butch held the split, 2:00 remaining.  After a little maneuvering, they went into the pen with 1:30 remaining.  Score 92.
Allen Mills and Sis.   Allen sends Sis to right in outrun.  Sheep lift to the left, but Sis moves to cover and put them back on fetch line.  The sheep are coming straight down the fetch line and break to the left before panels.  But a quick adjustment puts them on line and puts them thru the fetch panels.  Approaching the post, all sheep turn to face Sis but she walks in and gets all moving again.  They turn on her again, and one ewe puts her head down and charges Sis.  Sis responds w a clean face grip.  Tidy post turn and they’re on the way straight uphill to the panels.  Missed drive gate skimming to right, and a good turn to the crossdrive.  Series of small flanks put them thru the crossdrive panel, with a good turn to the third leg.  Entered the shedding ring with 2:50 on clock.  One missed attempt.  Timed out in shedding ring.  Score is 93
 Cheryl and Barbara are bloggers
Ian Caldicott and Kate.   Ian sends Kate to left in outrun.  Kate tight on outrun, one redirect and Kate widened.  Still tight, another redirect.  A few attempts at lifting, dog still working hard to get them lifted.  Kate got them lifted, sheep pulling left.  Missed fetch panel to the right.  Back on line, wide at the post, Kate working hard to get sheep back on line, sheep pulling hard right.  Missed drive panels to right, wide turn.  Kate still working hard to bring sheep on crossdrive line, sheep not cooperating.  Back on line.   Crossdrive on line.  Now high on crossdrive.  Sheep breaking high, and missed 2nd panels high.  Sheep pulled through 2nd panels.  Racing to the shedding ring, but are now settling in shed ring, 4:00 remaining. Nice shed, Kate collected her sheep.  Nicely on to the pen, 2:20 remaining   Sheep are calm at gate but facing out.  Kate quietly turns them, but 2 sheep broke around pen.  After several attempts, timed out at the pen.  Score is 50

Ian Caldicott and Kate.   Ian sends Kate to left in outrun.  Kate tight on outrun, one redirect and Kate widened.  Still tight, another redirect.  A few attempts at lifting, dog still working hard to get them lifted.  Kate got them lifted, sheep pulling left.  Missed fetch panel to the right.  Back on line, wide at the post, Kate working hard to get sheep back on line, sheep pulling hard right.  Missed drive panels to right, wide turn.  Kate still working hard to bring sheep on crossdrive line, sheep not cooperating.  Back on line.   Crossdrive on line.  Now high on crossdrive.  Sheep breaking high, and missed 2nd panels high.  Sheep pulled through 2nd panels.  Racing to the shedding ring, but are now settling in shed ring, 4:00 remaining. Nice shed, Kate collected her sheep.  Nicely on to the pen, 2:20 remaining   Sheep are calm at gate but facing out.  Kate quietly turns them, but 2 sheep broke around pen.  After several attempts, timed out at the pen.  Score is 50


Karen Childs and Rock.   Karen sent Rock to right in outrun.  Nice wide outrun.  Sheep lifted left then broke right.  Still trying to break back.  Now under way on fetch.  Passed fetch panels close on right.  Sheep fighting dog around post but got them around.  Sheep missed drive panels, sheep broke hard to exhaust, Rock made good effort, caught them and returned midfield centerline.  Rock back in control, nice entry to cross panels and through.  Bit of wide turn.  Nice recovery, and walking quietly to shedding ring, 4:45 remaining.  Sheep quietly lined out, nicely shed on first attempt.  On to pen 2:45 remaining.  Sheep breaking around pen several times, Rock recovering them well.  Timed out at pen.   Score 95.


Sandy Johnson and Joe.   Sandy sent Joe to right on outrun.  Nicely behind sheep, quiet lift, underway but sheep trying to break back.  Sheep pulling hard left before fetch panels then missed panels left.  Wide around post.  Joe blocks their move toward exhaust.  They’re back on line but pulling right.  Broke hard right, before drive panels, sheep escaped hard right and handler retired.


Fred Temple and Jack.   Fred sent Jack to right in outrun.  Sheep lifted left, dog recovered but sheep pulling left on fetch.  Wide left of fetch panels and around post.  Nicely on line to drive panels.  Sheep paused in front of drive panels, slightly left then skimmed panels to left side.   A little low on start of crossdrive, well corrected.  Dog took a wrong flank (left) and sheep broke uphill.  Fred redirected and Jack recovered sheep back to line.  Sheep broke again uphill to set out, Jack made another good effort and recovered them to center line.  Sheep pulled hard left and missed 2nd panels low.  And Jack brought them directly into shedding ring with 5:00 remaining.  Sheep unsettled, 3:15 remaining.  Missed first attempt, 2:10 remaining.  Got their shed with 0 :45 remaining.  Timed out on re-gather for pen.  Score 57. 


Diane Pagel blogging (Cheryl on lunch break)


Jennifer Ewers and Soot.  Jennifer sent  Soot to right in outrun.  Going fast at the bottom, as Jennifer waits patiently.  Soot nice and wide, sheep settled.  Soot came proper behind sheep, lift looks good.  Sheep try to break right, Soot working hard to keep them on line.  She’s taking her time at top to keep the line.  Sheep pulling hard to left.  Sheep still fighting Soot, trying to break left.  Jennifer patiently directing Soot to pressure sheep back on line, approaching fetch panels.  With gr-e-at patience, Soot carefully guided sheep thru fetch panels.  Right before post a high-headed black-face tried to break, but Soot held her in.  Nice turn at post, but sheep broke right toward exhaust, Soot worked hard to recover.  Sheep broke hard right before panels and started up field and appears Soot crossed to cover runaway, not sure.  Soot got them all under control and brought them back on line, and turned low. Sheep still want to break up field to set-out, back on crossdrive.  Same high-headed black-face trying hard to break, Soot working just as hard to hold her.  Remainder of crossdrive looks nice, and Soot made the panels.  One of the nicer turns to shedding ring.  Sheep pulling left on third leg, a bit off line.  Back on line for last half of leg.  Into shedding ring, 2:51 remaining.  Jennifer settling sheep, Soot awaiting the signal.  The sheep have dreams of breaking to set-out and test Soot a couple times, but Soot’s there every time.  Nice shed, black-faced ewe faced-off, but Soot walked in and moved her.  Shed was called, on to the pen.  Black-faced ewe broke hard at pen, Soot recovered her with a show of teeth, but did not grip.  Ewe rejoined others at pen, but they timed out back at the pen.  Score 88.        


Cheryl Necochea returned from lunch, blogging now.


Jean Gellings and Star.    Jean sent Star to the right on outrun.  Nice wide outrun.  Star lifted nicely, sheep breaking hard left and right, trying to return to set-pen.  Fast down the fetch, broke around fetch panels to left then broke hard right to exhaust.  Star recovered them back to line


and around post.  Sheep are stopped, looking for a way to exhaust.  Broke left, Star brought them back on line and on to drive-away.  Sheep looked like they’d make drive panels, but broke suddenly to left at panels and missed.  Sheep on way to set-out, but Star caught them and brought them back on line for second half of cross drive.  Second panels made very nicely.  Very nice, tight turn around crossdrive panels, and on to shedding ring at a fast pace.  Sheep break toward exhaust and get past ring, but Star recovers them well to shedding ring.  Jean settles her sheep very nicely.  Sheep looking for a way to break to exhaust or set-out, testing Star’s resolve, but Star keeping them well-contained.   Sheep don’t want to part, tightly bunched, 1:56 remaining.  Timed out at shed.  Score  70.


Libby Nieder and Derby.  Dog sent right, came in low and kicked out at last minute.  First half of lift sheep break first right then left, zig zag back and forth bit finally made fetch panel successfully.  Nice on line fetch from panel to post but at last minute a black face ewe broke left and dog covered it well,  around post black faced ewe tried to break, running on line in first part of drive, black ewe continued to try to break leading group up field to side of panel.  Sheep breaking back to set-up but dog recovers sheep continue to try to break to set-up  area, Derby redirects to panel, they go around panel.  Sheep in shedding ring at 5 minutes, sheep are steady , good shed on first attempt, but sheep split to opposite ends of field, dog recovers far pair and brings back toward shed ring, then dog and pair race to regroup of other two behind pen area.  At that point, handler Retired with no score.


Nursery Run Update. Amanda Milliken and Feist score 131.  Glen Scott and Bliss scored 128.  Patricia MacRae and Queen scored RT.  Kate Ogle and Liegh scored 50.


Diane is blogging again with Gayle.


Donna Donahue and Sweep.  Dog sent smartly to right. Sweep came in tight at top and the lift was hard and the sheep split running hard down field to right and are headed/turned and are doing a big S fetch off line.  Dog is pushing hard and sheep reacting to pressure way to right, finally got under control just before post and back on line, sheep breaking toward handlers trailer and one black headed ewe is not happy.  Wide turn and bolting to left of field toward fetch panel, dog has them turned and now bolting hard to right up field, dog has crossed the course and sheep are way to right, dog has them turned back, and is pushing them hard.  She got them back on line but now they broke hard to left  and Donna Retired with no score.  This is a tough lot for anyone to be handling. \


Nursery Run Update.  Lisa Green and Dyna Scored 95.5.  Ron Enzeroth and Pete scored 148.5.  Lisa Wright and Ben Retired.  Shane Harley and Cassie scored 77.  Angie Sells and Andy scored 109.  Jorgen Persson and Bender Retired.  Don Helsley and Cody scored 116.  Shauna Gourley and Tess scored 98.  Ron Green and Chaveo scored 127.5.


Geri Byrne and Meg.  Dog sent to right.  Meg did nice lift and with whistle direction come down field to right of fetch panel missing panel as sheep go across and then down toward post and handler.  Meg is working hard to keep on line but one black face ewe is not happy, contained around post and back online a little to side then sheep breaking up field to right of panel.  Sheep go around panel with a nice turn sheep have clamed down for first par of crossdrive, going low now, and Geri is trying to adjust line, now sheep ae breaking up field with Meg recovering control bring then down to panel but are low and miss the panel and are breaking very wide.  Coming at a run into shedding ring running through it and stopped by Meg.  The sheep are very flighty in the ring, Geri is still trying to settle sheep but they keep busting out of ring.  Geri has decided to Retire with no score.


Jeff Marronni and Carmen, dog went right with wide outrun, good lift, but zig zag down toward post.  Sheep continue to want to break out, dog controls and brings them to post.

At first leg, was off line, and the turn the sheep decided to break every direction.  The sheep are reacting to dogs pressure and are running past the fetch panels.

The sheep are coming back down on the crossdrive, with Jeff trying hard to flank and come back on line, the sheep have reached the fence on crossdrive, one brockle face broke but Carmen stopped her the sheep are near the pen and working toward cross line and left panel.  Sheep back online went through panel and went wide, with Carmen coming in slowly driving toward shed ring.  Sheep still zig zag off line, dog working hard to direct and control.  Sheep coming in at trot to shed ring, sheep have calmed down to a stop.  Sheep break out of ring but dog recoverd and redirects them inside again,only 3min 20 sec left.  One sheep broke again in the shed, with incomplete shed, but then it was complete on third try.  Handler rushed to pen, opend gate and whistled, shep not wanting to enter pen, one broke behing pen toward judges booths.  Do got them around between fence and pen at 36 seconds to go.  Team continues to try to complete penning with no success.  Score 79.


Bryan White and Scoop.  This is Brian’s first time to National Finals and Scoop went out confidently to right.  Looking good so far, Scoop is checking out sheep and then tucked in nicely with good lift, sheep staying together and seem to like the approach so far, they are leaning to the right and Brian is working to get them back on line.  Scoop starts and holds pressue with sheep taking advantage and  going to right, finally Brian has control and dog has them on line at the fetch panel, holding pressure well, walking in slowly toward fetch panel, a good recovery from the hard pull to the right.  At the last minute sheep darted around fetch panel, brian got them back on line quickly.  Now the last part of fetch is a calm trot to post.  Sheep stop at top of shed ring, then walk toward post with zig zag, still calm, Scoop is looking stylish and reading sheep well.  One brokle face wew seems to want to bfreak but Scoops eye tells her to stay with group, nice controlled turn at post, one of the better turns so far.  The drive is started with sheep a little to left but brian is marching them on line, sheep trotting up field and looking good so far.  Brokle face has stopped to graze,  Scoop is h olding pressure as sheep want to break to right, sheep go through panel in a smart fashion.  Team looking good with sheep traveling quickly at fetch line, sheep dip low and handler working to regain position, but cannot tell for sure, sheep remain calm mostly going to last part of crossdrive but tucks them through panel at last minute, sheep stop to graze with dog turns them nicely with sheep stopping to graze again.  Sheep are slow on last drive stopping to graze, walk calmly into shed ring award of dog on outside of ring.  Brian is taking time to set sheep up for shed, dog walking at creep toward sheep, nice clean shed and Scoop marches them off with confidence.  Handler backs toward pen, with  dog gathersing sheep in shedding ring, walking calmly toward pen.  Handler has gate open but brokle face wants to break but dog has her in control.  Handler waites patiently as sheep walking more close to pen, but brokle face has led group around toward  fence.  Timed out with score


Noelle Williams and Lad.  Lad has gone to right with wide outrun, the lift was off line with sheep breaking hard to left.  At this point the sheep are headed toward the crossdrive panel, Lad finally stopped them.  Lad is slowing walking them to fetch line,  made through panels pulling to left after passing thought, dog  works to redirect.  Sheep trotting on line toward post, going around post but stopping slightly, wide right turn, sheep going toward exhaust, back on line, sheep grazing, back under way toward right panels with short stops to graze ,, sheep pulling left,  back on line almost to panel, go through panel but dog starts to go left but corrects with sheep going hight off line, dog regains control, but sheep stop again, picking up a trot across the field driving toward last panel, sheep missed panel by going low,  dog does wide turn and sheep try to break to set- up but dog redirects and back on line,sheep zig zag down toward shed ring, stop to graze, moveing into ring with 4 min 35 sec remaining.  Nice shed, Lad patient at pen, Noelle showing seriousness to sheep, with 2 min 8 sec remaining.  One sheep keeps breaking but penned at 1 min 40 sec remaining. Scored 107.


Mary Miller and Lacee.   Mary sent Lacee to left on outrun.  Lacee checking in and running a little tight.  Mary redirects, but Lacee crossed over and continued a wide outrun to the right.  Gets well behind her sheep.  A fast lift, sheep broke left and coming fast on fetch.  Lacee running hard to turn the sheep, they pass left of fetch panels.  Lacee turns her sheep back on line short of shed ring.  A fast turn around post, sheep have never settled, still on the run up the drive leg  Lacee stopped the sheep’s run short of the drive panel.  No chance at making the panels.  Mary recalled Lacee and retired.       


Welcome Tricia Guidry blogging.


Terry Parrish and Blazin’ Bryce.   Terry sent Bryce to left in the outrun.  Running wide left, very deep at the top.  Terry gives him an adjustment and ready to lift.  Good straight lift.  A little scattered on the top of the fetch.  Some grazing, Bryce adjusts.  Sheep pull left, and Bryce covers.  Sheep back on line, one ewe wanting to pull off line, but Bryce keeps her tucked in.  At a good pace to fetch panels,  Some sudden wearing in front of panels, but Bryce brings them straight through.  Coming straight down line at a good trot.  Slowing to a walk thru shed ring and approaching turn.  Clean, tight turn around post.  Starting driveaway at a slow walk.  Bryce very steady behind his sheep.    Slightly off line to the right, Terry adjusts Bryce to nudge them back on line.  Still a steady pace to panels, sheep grabbed some grass then trooted to panels, stopping in front.  Sheep grazed their way thru center of panels.  Nice, tight turn to cross drive.  Sheep on line, walking at a good pace on crossdrive.  Sudden zig-zag as they approach panels.  Another bite of grass before panels, Bryce moves up and eases them right through.  A good turn to third leg, then a small zig-zag, and pull left.  Bryce brings them back to line.  Sheep slowed as they approach shed ring and Bryce eases them in, 2:42 remaining.  Terry takes her time settling her sheep and setting up the shed.  A little turning and the shed happens, Bryce holding the split long enough to be called under pressure from his sheep.  On to the pen, 2:29 remaining.  Sheep clumped about 8’ in front of pen, turning to face Bryce.  Terry takes her time as Bryce moves up, turns his sheep and steadily moves them into pen.   Score 147.


Lavon Calzacorta and Tess.   Lavon sends Tess to right on outrun.  Tess starting wide at the bottom.  Running along the irrigation line at field edge, then wide along the access lane.  Out of sight behind barn.  Lavon gives her a correction and she reappears running along the field edge.  Coming in a little short, Lavon redirects.  Tess coming in very carefully for her lift.  A little zig-zagging to start.  Tess wearing to keep them grouped, sheep off line to left.  Tess is working them back on line. They drift left again, Tess adjusts them back to center.  Tess is working from a bit farther off her sheep, still a little zig-zagging, but calmer.  Sheep back on line and through panels.  Sheep run down the line, but slow as they approach post.  Another couple jogs as they walk thru shed ring toward post.  They settle a bit, then make a fast turn around the post.  Tess starts them up the first drive leg at a slow trot, pretty straight.  Sheep drifting right toward exhaust.  A correction given and the sheep come left to line and cut in front of panel, well short and left.  Crossdrive going nicely, at good pace, fairly straight.  Sheep drift low, but Tess comes inside to adjust their path.  They make the panels with a slight, last minute adjustment.  A little zig-zagging on the final leg, now moving straight at a nice trot.  Approaching shed ring and enter with 5:00 remaining.  Lavon and Tess are working to string the sheep out across ring.  A brockle breaks slowly toward set, split made but not called.  Re-gathered to ring, set up again, got his shed.  The two ewes not taken broke fast upfield.  Tess sent quickly to re-gather.  Lavon goes to pen with 2:00 remaining.  Sheep settled in front of pen, but now trying to break.  Almost in pen and one ewe breaks hard to escape.  All out again.  Tess works them back to the pen.  Trying to ease them in again, with 0:30  remaining.  Same ewe breaks hard again at last sec., circling behind pen.  Time runs out at pen.  Score 102.


Stephanie Goracke and Gwynn.    Stephanie sends Gwynn to left on outrun.  Gwynn quite wide at the bottom, and turns toward Nursery field.  Stephanie redirects, but Gwynn cannot regain her bearings.  Stephanie retired to collect her dog. 


Chuck Riley and Nan.   Chuck sends Nan to right on outrun.  Running just outside the drive panel, and turning upfield.  Nan stops on the pressure.  Chuck gives a small adjustment to start the lift.  The lift is quiet, then sheep bear right.  Nan adjusts, but they still a bit right.  She works them, zig-zagging back to the middle.  Now zig-zagging, still right, toward the fetch panels, on line, at a slow walk just behind the panels.  Sheep stop then ease thru and begin to run toward post.  Back at a good trot down the middle of the line.  Speeding up a bit as the approach shed ring, bit of zig-zag, slow to a walk, and kick out just a bit as they make the turn.  Then start the driveaway at a fast trot.  Break into a run, still towards drive panels, Nan covers inside, and they go right thru the panels.  The sheep go a little high, Nan bringing them back to line, now starting crossdrive on line at a walk to slow trot.  Stopping now and then.  Some reversing, and brings them very low.  Chuck gets Nan’s attention, brings her back inside and heads back to line.  The sheep begin running, wide, high, and miss the crossdrive panels wide right.  Nan just avoids pulling the sheep thru the cross panels, turns tight around bottom end.  Then trots them quickly to shedding ring.  4:32 remaining.  They bust and split, a little out of shed ring. Nan catches 2 before the fence and brings them to the waiting 2, and back in the ring.  Having trouble settling the sheep in the ring.  2:39 remaining.  Trying to set up the split.  The sheep are very reactive to handler presence.  Sheep make a 3:1 break, and Nan re-gathers.  1:41 remaining.  Almost has the shed, but 3rd ewe breaks forward and another 3:1 split.  Re-set, sheep settled again, 1:10 remaining.  Almost has it … they open up and Nan takes 2 away nicely.  Seconds remaining, Chuck runs to pen, as Nan quickly gathers.  Time runs out as the sheep approach the pen.  Score 95.


Larry Burch and Dot.   Larry sends Dot to right on outrun.  Running well up to fenceline, then turning nicely to top.  Lift looked nice, pretty straight, now sheep wearing to the right, now far off line at the top.  Pushed almost to fenceline, running, Dot not hearing Larry well, as they continue down fenceline behind drive panel and toward exhaust.  Dot finally covers the sheep as they approach the bottom and pushes them toward line and shedding ring.  Sheep stop in shed ring, Dot starts them toward the post again.  They make the turn fairly quietly.  Driveaway at steady pace, but zig-zagging a bit.  Now trotting well, towards panels.  Slowed to a walk, towards center of panels, haltingly, then Dot eases them through.  Nice turn to start the crossdrive, zig-zagging starting again, and sheep break into a run.  Dot takes the inside line and brings them back to line.  They break low again, Dot catches them, stop, a bit of course reversal .. under way again.  Crossdrive panels, Dot pulls them back through just as they pass thru panels.  After a bit of circling and re-gathering, sheep make wide path on the third leg.  They enter the shedding ring with 5:30 remaining.    They are settled nicely in shed ring, but Larry having trouble opening the sheep up.  They break into 3:1, then re-join.  Larry gets the opening and calls Dot in, and they get the shed.  Sheep are put back into ring as Larry heads to pen, 2:45 remaining.  Larry has the sheep settled in front of him as they work toward mouth.  Sheep are stomping a bit, but Dot eases them back, and into the pen.  1:41 left.  Score 100.


Wendy Schmaltz and Gin.  Wendy sends Gin to right on her outrun.  Running nicely toward drive panels, kicking out a bit at the top.  A little quick on the lift, sheep breaking right.  Splitting just a bit, Gin working to keep them together.   Still working to the right on the fetch.  Now sheep breaking hard right to fence, Gin coming fast around to cover.  Sheep reversed, running fast back toward set-out, Gin caught them, but they split two-n-two.  Two ewes lost to the set-out.  Wendy and Gin have been called off.                       


Carolyn Crocker and Lyn.  Carolyn sends Lyn to right on outrun.  Lyn running a bit wide along fenceline, Lyn now coming across the top.  Stopping a bit short, coming in at about 2pm.  Lift is to the left.  Sheep begin running strongly to the left.  Lyn begins to turn them downfield, and turns them toward the middle.  Again and still, far to the left of line.  Lyn turns them onto line behind the panels, pushes them a bit right, working to correct them, but they pass to the right of the fetch panels.  Sheep open up and stop to graze a bit.  They are working as a group of 3+1, a single black-face.  Now re-grouped and headed down the middle into shedding ring.  The black-face single is trying and breaking repeatedly.  Stalled out and having trouble making the turn.  Lyn gets behind them and around the post.   The sheep pause to graze, then begin trotting upfield toward the drive panels. Some zig-zagging ahead of panels, now breaking left and missing the panels.  On crossdrive, Lyn catches the sheep trying to get them back on line, now turning toward crossdrive panels.  Sheep are stopping to graze again, moving bit-by-bit towards cross panel.  Working hard to get the panel .. but Lyn circled the sheep, and reversed course.  Sheep now running quickly back, right, to center of field, the turning towards the post.  Carolyn and Lyn have been called off. 


Emil Luedecke and Spot.  Emil sent Spot to right, running well, almost to the top.  Right to twelve o clock.  Rough lift to the left although dog is well off, sheep still running hard to left, dog not coming around enough to push flock back to middle.  Sheep are sitting stalled to left of fetch panels and dog not pushing them toward middle, but they have missed the fetch panels.  They are back in middle about bottom of fetch.  Now trotting straight toward post with a break to left and zig sagging to the right and away from post toward exhaust pens.  Emil working to turn back toward the post, the then turns complete the turn, and head on the drive breaking into a run toward right panel but at left of panel, dog straightens them but they go too far right and past the panels.  Emil at this point Retires with no score.


Elissa Thau and Tom.  Dog sent left in outrun, unfortunately the dog turned outward to the Nursery Field and had to be recalled.  No score.


Pat Shannahan and Riggs.  Sent dog right who runs tight and crosses over, then Riggs turns back out to the left to finish the outrun.  The lift is hard and to the left, sheep running fast to the side.  Patrick says “thank you” and retires.


Shauna Gourley and Keli.  Sent dog right on outrun, dog came in tight at top and lift is a little wild and to the left.  Sheep running to left with handler trying get Keli to redirect sheep who is having trouble hearing directions and whistles.  sheep are past the fetch panels way to the left with dog slowly working sheep and dogs toward line of fetch and toward post.  Sheep trotting now more calm, almost to post, sheep stop, pick up gait again but break to left but slowly dog eases sheep around with a little reversal and then sheep are turned upward toward driveaway, moving zig zag toward right panel.  Keli trotting and walking along nicely.  The sheep do a little grazing all the while moving slowly toward panel, sheep threw panel at a trot cut to left in front of panel at last moment.  Dog continues driving toward last panel sheep trotting across field breaking low, dog not taking the inside fland and pulls them way low, redirects toward shed ring , sheep slowly walk into shed ring.  6 min 16 sec to go.  Settle nicely in ring while Shauna tries to ease them open and is successful.  At Pen she open gate, after resettling heep, sheep come in from the side, dog eases them toward handler, they almost break, all the sheep facing the dog.  Sheep keep trying to break past dog, they break around the outside but Keli turns them around and they are penned with time to spare.  Nice.  Score 94.


Michael Meredith and Nell.  Sends Nell to right in outrun.  Nell runs just outside the drive away panel.  Running right to twelve oclock, lift begins fairly straight with a zig zag to right and breaking hard to right on top of fetch.  Coming down hard on right past panels and turning towards middle halfway down the bottom.  They cross way to the left before Nell catches them.  Never coming back to the line before the post.  Working around the post slowly, the sheep stop, then round the post wide stopping once again before the drive away.  The drive away starts with a cut to the left but walking slowly and Nell eases them back online.  The sheep stop to graze, and are pulling to the left as they continue. Now working nicely toward center of panels, but again easesd to the left, but Nell tucks them back in, they make the panels and turn to start the cross drive.  Nell pulls the sheep low a bit, they start to lope before she turns them back on line.  The sheep stop to graze then Nell moves they miss the panels low after some adjusting.  With a wide turn Nell has them coming back on line to finish the drive as they approach the shedding ring.  Mike works to settle them in the ring, approaching carefully with 5 min 30 sec left.  Mike and Nell work quietly, they ease them but they get a split, Nell grips the run a way sheep and Mike calls DQ. 


Diane had to go to the Nursery field to see her dog run and just got back. I would have been nack quicker but they slipped a bunch of Nursery dogs in before my dog ran so it took longer.


Lana Rowley and Kell.   Sheep breaking hard trying to to back up field.  Dog is working hard and sheep have splits and still trying to go up field.  Lana is working hard to get things settled and back  on line.  The sheep have drifted to the right side of drive panels.  Kell working sheep after fetch gate and getting back on line.  The sheep are running fast during remainder of fetch and finally settle at the post, all broke to the judge trailer.  Handler Retired with no score.

Lana sent Nell right with a good outrun and smooth lift.  Sheep began coming straight down field but then went right racing toward right of field.


Nursery Trial update resumed.  Angela Akers and Hazel no information.  Suzy Applegate and Bryn scored RT.  Noelle Williams and Dusty scored 99.5.  Corinne Berg and Bea Scored DQ.  Ken Hitchcox and Ariel scored 124.  LisaAnn Spencer and Lacey scored 53.  Peg Anderson and Bear scored 123.  Llona Brandenburg and Tarr scored 139.5.  Herbert Holmes and Sean scored 105.  Ronnie Bingham and Cinch scored RT.  Candy Kennedy and Gear scored 140.5  Sonia Craig and Kate scored DQ. Lori Perry and Echo DQ.  Vergil Holland and Cap scored 142.  Karen Stanle and Grace 136.  Bev Lambert and Joe 153.5. Tommy Wilson and Roy 142. Lana Rowley and Bracken 135. Dave Imas and tip 132.5. Peg miller and Dell 95. Don Helsley and Jessie 136. Louanne Twa and Mack 92. Donna Eliason and Ben 134. PatShannahan and Flo RT. Terry Parrish and Quin 154.5. Tom Spencer and Reg 95.5. Dennis Gellings and Tess 127. Michael Burks and Mia 99,  Noelle Williams and Zak RT. Maggie McClure and Ben 111.5. Bud Biudreau and Ben 96,Bonnie Block and Bob DQ, Warren Mick and Eddie ?.  Robert Kelly and Floss 59  George Stambulic and Nan ?. Amanda Milikien and Dorey 159. Jim Swift and Jett 118?  Stephanie Goracke and Star 135.5. Vickey Russell and Hap 110. Shauna Gourley and Jade 135.5 Dianne Deal and Jake RT…I don’t have the rest of the scores

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