Saturday, September 22, 2012

Operation Sheepdog Herding Store

Stephanie Summers owns Operation Sheepdog Herding, which is an online Sheepdog supply store. She has all sort of cool items. I was at her booth at LaCamas and snagged a couple of training flags, lanyard, shade cloth cooling blanket mat  and other items. She has a very nice store with many neat items.
Support your local Border Collie handler by going to her website and ordering some cool stuff. She has top quality items, many that I have never seen before. She will be at the USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals in Klamath Falls, Oregon so please stop by her booth. She is very friendly and I just really enjoyed talking to her.
So I figured since I had purchased some items, I should do a review on them.
The flag is much bigger than the old style which I have. It is much more visible to the dog. It doesn't sound scary when you hit it on the ground. I used it by waving it over my sheep's back to slow a young dog down. It worked quite well and it is one of my tools in my tool kit. As for the quality of the flag, it is well built and it can take some punishment. I got purple and pink. I guess I am a girly type. If you need a flag that will get the attention, this flag will do just fine. Oh, yes, I used to swat away flies and the wasps. it worked well for that. Using it on the husband would not be a good idea, though. 

 The lanyard that I got was a very soft, flexible kangaroo leather. Mine was two shades of pink. do you see a pattern yet? it hung nicely on my neck and did not scratch my neck like my horsehair lanyard does. it also had a cute, silver ring on it for decoration.  The lanyard below is similar to mine.

I finally found this silver shade cloth that I had been looking for my truck. I got the 6' x 6' size and will eventually get the large size. Note, that is not my dog in the photo. These shade cloths are light and can be tucked in any area in your truck or car. It will help keep the back of my truck cool in the summer. I am going to get a large size so I can hang it off my awning on the travel trailer.
I really love this cooling mat. You can wrap it around your dog after a hot work out and it cools them down quite a bit. She was out of the cooling wrap around blankets so I got the mat. From the website..."These dog cooling mats target heat stress by using evaporative cooling which in turn enhances the dog’s natural cooling process. These dog cooling beds will actively pull excess heat from the dog's body, which in turn, reduces distress from overheated dogs. Over time this moisture is released by evaporation, pulling heat from the body, while it provides a gentle cooling effect. The three-layer fabric design offers good and effective cooling relief to you or your best friend. The cooling dog bed is designed to be submerged into water for a few minutes, which it retains the optimum amount of water without any swelling or over saturation. There are absolutely no chemicals, ice packs, gels, or refrigeration required, just use plain water."

Note: this is not my dog but sure is a cute one!
Some how a  bully stick fell into my bag for Tess. I have no idea how that happened (cough, cough) but Tess loves them.

I didn't get this Tag but will be putting my order in at the USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals. This will fit over the Wolf Wear Leather collars. My dogs seem to lose their clipped on dog ID tags. The collars that I usually use has the brass plates on them but the collars they have on them have gems and heart instead. So getting this mini tag and slipping it on the collar is great. I am going to order extras to the other dogs as well as the LGDs.
This section would be fun for Janet Thorpe to look at since it has baby items. This is not may baby or her baby.  I love the quilt behind the baby too!
Anyways, mosey on over to Operation Sheepdog Herding at the Finals or visit the website. if you want something and she doesn't have it, drop her an email. She is open for suggestions and wants you to have a one stop cool shop for all of your herding needs. High quality items at a a good price owned by one of us.....what a great place! 

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