Friday, September 28, 2012

USBCHA National Finals -Friday

We are having technical issues. My laptop crashed so we are using Rick Mallouf laptop He stepped in to help us when he heard that y laptop had crashed. Thanks to all the handlers who stepped in here and there to help. I am very limited on typing and had to go and see my Nursery dog run. Thanks to PAM BORING from Canada, who grabbed me some lunch as I was trying to fix the laptop issue so you could get updates....she made the run for me so you got the lunch update earlier than later so please THANK HER for that. I really appreciate that she did that and it was a Canadian who stepped in to save the day! Barbara Stewart has been a godsend in doing a large portion of the typing and by today, had a good handle to be able to write a lot of the runs by herself so be sure to THANK HER for that. Also Gayle from BC rescue of CA, stepped in to help with  typing and runs. .Cheryl Necochea has be the other half of the blogging team and put in the hours to make this possible.  Spelling and grammars issue, no time to fix.

Stephanie Summers and Kate.  Dog went to left with two redirects.  A little bit tight to the right, and now looks like they are coming on line.  She is slowing down at the top and now they have pulled to the left, which seems to be common at these finals.  She tucked them back on line. They are still keeping it calm.  Sheep zig zagging down field toward post, went through fetch panels then went right.  Sheep beginning to perk up.  Rounded the post nicely, sheep stopped, Kate began drive toward drive panel but sheep veered off slightly, but dog recovered, looking good.  The dog is holding the pressure to keep them on line.  Right through the panels the sheep made a break but Kate came on strong to get them back  on line  nice and steady line on the crossdrive the sheep are lined out but stopped at midway point.  Dog patiently working sheep and also listening well to handler.  Sheep went through panels and came out again, dog redirected through panel with less than 6 minutes left.  Moving steadily toward shed ring, handler walking out to settle sheep.  Handler very patient and Kate is a willing partner.  Kate picks up two and handler drives them off with 3 and half minutes left on clock.  Handler opens pen gate, sheep want to break to back of pen but dog stops them.  They are working as a team and slid them in nicely.  Score 133

Monique Feyrecilde and Lucy.  Lucy is sent to left with nice outrun.  Dog going wide at top, but is coming behind sheep nicely.  Sheep  break hard to left they are trying to get back on line but still off a bit.  Just before the fetch panels sheep are back on line and make fetch panels.  They are now off line the right, and still pulling hard to right.  Just before post back on line, sheep settled at the post but took a hard break to right.  A bit of a sporty turn but back on line, first leg is pulling hard to right and then to left.  Back to right and sheep have missed right panels , nice turn with sheep going high, finally settled with what looks to be a nice crossdrive.  Sheep broke high and went around panel with right turn, looks like nice last leg of drive.  Lucy is definitely on the muscle.  Sheep went through ring but dog recovered them and they are not settling in ring at this time.  Now stopped in ring and handler patiently and slowly approaching sheep for shed.  Everyone is settled and calm now, they did not start the time clock so do not know time left, no shed yet.  The sheep are facing the dog and she called the dog in but she did not do the hold the sheep are out of the ring but back in again.  She called here again and sheep busted out of ring again.  Still patient with an opening and Lucy is holding sheep with a shed.  Handler now going toward pen and dog has sheep back in ring going toward pen,  sheep trying to spilt and they go around toward back of pen. Sheep are feisty at pen and one brockle face keeps breaking away.  Lucy rounds them up again and it is a pen when sheep dart in.  Score      98

Lora Withnell and Nell.  Dog sent to right in outrun.  Nell is off wide at the bottom with a correction from handler she kicks out, lift was quiet but sheep broke slightly right but came back on line.  Drive down field toward fetch panels with a slight zig zag and dog keeping them at a good trot but sheep keep zigging in front of panels the sheep pull to right but get blocked and are back on line through panels and going toward post.  Dog holding sheep as they try to move toward right, dog keep them online and they are wide through the shed ring and approaching post at quiet pace make the turn wide and now on the drive toward first right panel.  More pressure from dog as Nell pushes them back toward line she continues pressure on right driving then back on line in the center and toward panel.  On line at a walk and jog pace moving center of panels they pause at mouth and graze at mouth of panel moving slowly through panels with a turn to left, nice turn toward crossdrive and sheep continue to jog along toward last panel.  Sheep slightly break to left but dog brings them back on line Nell continues pressure to left.  Nell has them straight and walking as they approach the crossdrive panels, now going slowly through panels turn wide turn to left and going at trot and back on line toward shed ring.  Nell stays off and sheep settle now trotting toward ring.  One ewe is trying to bolt but dog keeps here in line.  Now in shed ring handler checks watch with 5 min and 20 sec remaining.  Sheep standing quietly in ring as Lora slowly and patiently works with dog to split sheep.  Sheep are quietly moving in ring with a three and one split now setting up again with 4 min. left on clock.  Setting up again with 3 minutes on clock.  Now they have the shed as Nell carries two away and as Nell gathers sheep handler trots o pen.  Opens gate with sheep close behind but sheep go around with sheep now split one and three team slowly working to regroup sheep ad set up for another try at penning sheep going into mouth of pen but two swing wide to right now all are penned.  Score  137

Peg Anderson and Spot.  Dog goes to right in outrun.  Nice wide outrun.  Spot at lift and sheep go right with sheep wanting toward right and running toward drive panels.  Sheep passing drive panels and broke again at turn, sheep now turned to panels and working toward center line and fetch panels.  Dog has sheep going across but now center field and past fetch panel coming down field to post and handler.  Sheep calmer  and slightly wide at post but  stopped and walking calmly around post sheep keep wanting to go right but dog pushed them back to center and with some zig and zag they now are going toward panels again .  the sheep pause ahead on drive panels sheep walk easily through drive panels and with a tight turn to crossdrive sheep trot across field after a small break left towards post.  Still low, running toward crossdrive panel but dog brings them back to line.  Sheep slowing in front of cross drive panels and sheep stop just before panel then go low and start to pass panel dog pushed them and sheep  go through panel with a wide turn dog moves them below panel and toward shed ring sheep are moving hesitantly but now trotting to ring, sheep enter ring and handler walks toward them at 5 minutes 6 sec on clock.  Tam lets sheep settle before approaching for set up and shed.  Shed got with 4 minutes remaining and as dog gathers sheep handler opens gate of pen .  dog moves sheep slowly to mouth of pen, team moving slowly . sheep try to break and facing  outward toward exhaust dog redirect sheep that wanted to go past pen now they re facing dog away from pen sheep try to break and are facing vip tent.  Sheep continue to try to go away from pen.  Sheep back at mouth of pen but urn out again and almost beak, dog recovers them quickly and calmly, team working good together sheep keep breaking from gate and dog keep regrouping them toward pen they almost went in but circled and then one breaks and returned to mouth of pen and no pen as time runs out.  Score  109

Michele McGuire and Cora.  dog sent to right for outrun.  Cora on a nice outrun, but stops at about 2pm, Michelle whistle her up  at 1pm and then quietly put sheep on centerline and does a good jobs of bring them down center line one sheep breaks off to right she brings it back to center.  Nearing centerline at a quiet pace towards panel Sheep continuing to put pressure on Cora to the right. She brings them back to centerline still at a jog Sheep approach panel on centerline but break left she brings them back and puts tem thru the panel  On centerline approaching post at a walk/trot  Nice turn at the post. Nice straight centerline pace to the panels Holding them well to line. Sheep begin to drift left but come back to centerline. Walking straight on to the panels.  A short stop to graze as they pass thru the panel and a nice tight turn to the cross drive. The sheep come a little low. Cora responds and moves them back to centerline. Still moving at a quite walk/jog on cross drive and on line. Sheep try to stop and graze, Cora says no and moves them on and thru the panels. A nice turn to the third leg. Cora brings them at a fast trot. We are in the shed ring with 2:33 remaining. Michelle takes a moment to settle her sheep. Cora steps up. The sheep are in a string. But want to stay together.  All break left, but Cora blocks. One ewe leaves a 3:1 split. Trying again 1 minute remaining. Michelle alls Cora in and Cora carries her two away. Cora gathers her sheep while Michelle runs to pen time runs out on the way to the pen. Score 134  Jeff Blackstone and Dusk

Jeff sent Dusk to right on outrun.  Dusk on a nice outrun, comes well behind his sheep with a quiet lift near centerline.  Some zigzagging on the top end of the fetch.  Sheep break left, but Dusk covers.  Come right of line as they approach panels, but Disk them back as them come thru the panels.  More zigzagging. But settle on centerline.  Coming at a nice pace to the post. Slightly wide at the turn.  Sheep come fast around the post, then slow, stop Dusk brings them back to centerline and they are on their way to panels. On a fast pace to panels, the sheep slow at the panels. Pass right thru the panels. A good turn, but drift slightly high.  Brings back to centerline at a good pace.  The sheep come slightly low and pass the panels low. Dusk make a nice turn toward the  to the shedding ring. Sheep arrive at shedding ring with 5:45 left. Jeff and Dusk working well together to line their sheep out. Dog working patiently and well. With small moves, the sheep calm and the split happens. The shed is called, Dusk collects his sheep. As Jeff moves the pen. The sheep start to go past the pen, but Dusk blocks, The sheep try the left side and Jeff blocks. The sheep stand 10 feet off. Dusk moves them into the mouth the pen Dusk making many small adjustments. Sheep still facing outward in mouth of pen. Dusk on a very slow creep. The sheep begin to mill and turn. One sheep eyes on escape ad they all break and.. Dusk gathers his sheep to the front of the pen and time runs out.

Dennis Gellings and Jan     Dennis sends Jan to left on outrun.  Jan runs past cross panels continues wide then turns upfield.  Comes nicely behind his sheep for a quiet lift on centerline  Sheep staying nicely together, but trying to break left. Some starting stopping at the top.  But Jan blocking their plans.  Sheep moving down at a good pace on centerline,  Sheep continuing to  push to the left, broke to right but came to centerline and thru panels.  One sheep continuing to left, but Jan keeps her on course. Come to the post at a good pace.  A good turn finishing slightly to the right same ewe to the left, Jan brings them all together on line. Same ewe trying to the set out, Jan guards that side.  One line at a trot and approaching drive panels.  Slightly right still right, Jan making small adjustment to the right sheep are just ahead of the drive panels and she eases them thru the panels. The blackface ewe break toward setout, and Jan brings them back to centerline.  One centerline at a good pace.  Still on a good pace and straight thru the cross panels. A slightly wide turn at panels, but at good pace bring them at a slight run to the shed ring. At shed ring with 6:15 remaining. The sheep break right and Jan brings them back to the ring.  The sheep start to string, Dennis calls Jan in the sheep split and the shed is called. 4:44 remaining and Dennis moves to the pen. The black face ewe still looking for a way out. But Jan covering well. The black face jumps the rope and Jan takes the 3 and puts them together again. The ewe breaks again and they regroup 3 min remaining..  Dennis allows the sheep to settle from the pen and then Jan walks them to the pen. Sheep facing out as Jan slowly moves in. Short impass as Jan makes small adjustments. And the sheep are checking their exits. The sheep try to move out . Jan blocks the sheep move out and around the pen. 1 min remaining. As they approach the pen one ewe breaks and around the pen.  At the last second sheep turn and trot into pen and time runs out as lat two sheep into pen and Dennis tries to close gate. The crowd groaned. Score is 148 

Elizabeth Baker and Soot.  Tight left outrun. Tight on the lift. Sheep are zig-zagging to the fetch panel, but made the panel at the last minute. Sheep are running to the post, but are on line. Wide turn at the post, sheep broke, but dog covered. Sheep back on line, but zig-zagging on the first part of the drive. Sheep broke hard towards the exhaust and handler walked.
Score RT.

Bob Stephens and Pete.  Dog went our nice right outrun. Lifted well, but sheep broke left, and are pullling hard to the left. Now back on line nice pull right through the center of the fetch panels. Sheep are walking calmly to the post. Sheep split right before post, but dog covered them well and is bringing them back on line for first part of drive.  Sheep split again, and dog is working ard to keep it tidy.  Made the first panels. Dog still working hard to keep the two packets of sheep together. Cross drive looks nice, despite the sheep trying to split. Made second panels nicely. On line to the shedding ring, and a nice shed on first attempt. Gathered and now at the mouth of the pen. Sheep split again in two packets, but dog gathered them up and they all walked calmly into the pen.
Score 138
Sandi Andersen and Best.    Sheep try to break past dog at lift.    Sandi send Best to right, nicely out on her run. and made the drive panels.  Setting a fast pace on cross drive, the sheep speedup approaching panels and missed low. Turning wide toward the third leg, it was more of the quick pace to the shedding ring, and in the ring w 7:50 remaining. Sandi settles her sheep while checking her options.  The sheep are clumped in the middle, tails out.  Sandi best move in and string the sheep, but they’re still hesitant.  Two split but the shed doesn’t happen and Best turns them back.  Re-settle, sheep quiet, the string begins but it’s a 3:1 split.  Re-gather, sheep quiet w 5:10 remaining.  The sheep split and it’s called, Sandi goes to pen with 4:10 remaining.  Sheep stalled in pen mouth, facing Sandi, who does a bit of stomping.  Best moves in quietly, the sheep turn and ease into the pen.  Score 117.

Tom Spencer and Moss.   Tom sent Moss right on outrun.  Nicely done but a hard lift with zigzagging at the top.  Quick on course, sheep pressuring right, missing panels right.  Sheep still fast to post, a nice but quick turn.  Sheep pressure to right, wide start to the drive leg with con’t pressure on dog.  Deep zig-zagging on drive leg, and sheep finally stop to face the dog.  Dog gets them underway on line at a moderate pace.  The sheep missed the panels well low and left, and can’t to pressure dog on left side.  The pace increased across the crossdrive, now running, coming quite  low at the panels.  Sheep turned to go high at the panels, but Moss cut them off and they just nip thru the panels.  Wide at the turn the sheep approach pen at a moderate trot.  In the shedding ring with 7:35 remaining.  Tom and Moss settle their sheep and then begin their approach.  The sheep broke and Moss went with them, 2 turned back creating a gap, but Moss was still cutting off the escapees.  Re-group.  The sheep split 3:1 out of the ring, and Moss moves to re-gather.  5:20 remaining.  Re-settled. They get their split but Moss didn’t hold the sheep.  A sudden, clean split, get the shed.  Two break out to fenceline, but Moss covering the other two headed for the exhaust.  Moss puts in big effort to collect the opposite pair, and re-groups the packet behind the pen, and brings them calmly to shed ring again.  2:50 remaining.  Tom trots to the pen.  The black-face keeps looking for an escape route.  Moss nixes any dreams of escape, the sheep turn and walk well into pen.  Score 82.

Jim Swift and Molly.    Jim send Molly right on outrun.  The sheep lift a bit early, moving back and left.  Molly get them underway, but they pull heavily to the right all the way down the course at a run, passing closer to the drive panels toward the judge’s stand.  Sheep ran past judge’s stand and retire with no score.

Carol Nelson and Taff.   Taff went smartly to the Left.  Coming nicely behind sheep, but overflanked and sheep broke L.  Sheep are breaking very hard to the left and the dog is trying hard to cover them, but the sheep continue to pull.  Taff is able to stop the runaway, and brings them back to line.  A great save by Taff.  She bro them back to set-out, now zig-zagging down the fetch line.  Breaking hard to the Left, but Taff again covers and tucks them back on line, barely missing fetch panels.  Taff crossed in front on sheep on fetch line, but corrected quickly to get her sheep underway again.  Sheep moving smartly to the post.  A nice turn, the sheep settling in .. some minor zig-zagging at start of drive but sheep straighten out on line toward drive panels.  Thru the drive panels, the sheep con’t back and swing wide in turn to crossdrive.  They turn at Taff for a moment, but she gets them moving well for first half of crossdrive,  they try to break left and turn at midfield, but Taff is there and they con’t on to cross panels at a trot.  Offline a little high, and missed panels on high side.  They recover with a good turn toward third leg and a nice trot to shed ring.  4:50 remaining.    Carol settles her sheep, Taff quietly adjusting as the sheep mill a bit, but calm.    The sheep make a half-hearted move toward the exhaust, Taff blocks.  Re-settle.  A nice quick split and get their shed.  Sheep calm as Carol moves to pen.  2:20 remaining.  The sheep mill about a bit at pen mouth.  Turn to escape right and Taff blocks leaving them facing in at the opening.  A bit more milling but the sheep gaining little ground.  Still in the mouth, less than a minute.   Sheep still looking for an escape facing out now.  Taff backing them in bit by bit.  Time expires as first ewe backing into pen. 

Anne Mock and Zac.  Anne sends Zac to right on outrun.  Runs close outside drive panels then on out to fenceline before turning upfield.  Anne gave some corrections but a little offline.  A little wobbly at top, then nicely on line.  Sheep adding pressure, left and right, as they approach fetch panels.  Miss the fetch panels left, then sheep turn hard right toward exhaust.  Zac corrects them and they settle on a path left of centerline.  Sheep giving Zac more pressure to the left for the remainder of the fetch.  One white ewe con’ts to try and break, leaving the others A wide, flat turn at the post, Zac is keeping the rebel nicely tucked in, but still getting some zig-zagging as ewe splits to left or right.  Sheep settle on course to drive panels, pulling right as they near.  Zac eases the sheep through the center of the panels.  A slightly wide turn to crossdrive, Zac brings them quickly back on line .. the sheep then speed up and run past the crossdrive panels low, getting well past the panels before Zac turns them back on centerline to shed ring.  Sheep quietly enter ring at a walk.  Now a brockle ewe is scanning for an escape,  but Anne steps in her path and settles her sheep.  Standing quietly with 5:500 remaining.  Zac moves quietly as Anne works on a string.  The sheep still closely clumped and move as one.  Brockle ewe breaks ahead but others unwilling to go, a 3:1 split.  Zac quickly re-gathers.  Brockle ewe still testing Zac,  no luck.  Sheep still don’t want to part.  3:17 remaining. Another 3:1 split  Black-face ewe stamps at Zac, another ewe steps forward as the Brockle turns back, the split happens quickly as Zac moves the black-face + partner off .. and the shed called.  Zac gathers his sheep back  into ring.  They come a bit quickly to pen and pass on the right side.  Zac returns them to front, but they don’t want to come close.  Zac slowly works them back toward pen .. step by step.  He’s gained half the distance .. and time is called as the sheep back to the mouth of the pen.  Score 78

Bill Orr and Sly.  Bill send Sly to right with very nice outrun with quiet lift but sheep break right after, dog works them back to center but sheep continue toward left.  Dog is bringing them back online, they keep veering toward left, dog not taking flanks.  Sheep on center line approaching fetch panels, hesitate, dog eases them through, straight on center line at good pace.  Sheep stop to graze and dog moves in and they move in zig zag coming to post.  Coming quietly to post sheep have settled and handler is quiet, a little wide but not much at turn, sheep trotting smartly on line.    Sheep move slowly on line toward drive panel , line looking nice and tidy.  Sheep went through panels turned left for crossdrive and have stopped to graze but the line looks nice.  Sheep trotting and grazing toward last panel, dog gets them through panel after they tried to break, dog recover and they made it through.  The sheep are all facing the dog on the turn.  Sheep coming at nice trot to shed ring with a little bit of wobble.  Entering shed ring handler walks out and tries to settle sheep, sheep stand in line in front of handler.  Dog is outside ring on a down.  Dog creeps up slowly as sheep amble around they almost have a shed, it is good.  Handler trots to pen and opens gate.  Sheep at mouth of pen with over 2 minutes he shut gate with a stellar pen.  Time lift on clock.  Score      158  The best run and a real joy to watch.

As of now, the unofficial cut off for the top 40 is 116.

Bud Boudeau and Sam.  Dog sent to right in outrun.  Outrun looking nice and Bud waiting patiently.  Dog  behind sheep with a nice lift off line to the left, they are coming down the field on the left and trying to break hard with back and forth the sheep split when dog came in hard but then regathered.  Coming toward fetch panel back on line and through fetch panel but veered off toward right then back on line.  Still off line but settling down coming close to post, sheep are calm,  a little wide on begin of post turn.  But dog tucks them in and they go around and begin drive to panel on line and looking good at a trot.  Opps sheep turned back and then regrouped and heading again on line but slightly off to left , do brings them back to center then sheep go too far right.  Sheep are breaking hard to right of panel and handler retires.

Connie Brannen and Rem.  Connie is from Kentucky and is one of the nicest people you could ever meet.  Dog sent Rem right on outrun and he is covering ground with huge leaping strides.  Nice scopey outrun and in 25 seconds has a nice lift, one of the fastest outruns so far.  The sheep are pulling hard to the right and Rem is putting pressure on them the are moving around and trying to split.  She is working hard to get them back on line.  She is working hard to try to make the fetch panels but misses at the last moment.  Sheep come off to left down field to post.  She is off line a bit at last end of fetch but now the sheep are walking calmly to post and stop the then go around.  The first part of turn is nice but sheep broke and one breaks to exhaust she is calmly working them back together, they are regrouped back to post.  First part of drive are pulling hard to right but R em has tucked the sheep back in and they are trotting nicely on line to panel.  Sheep go through panels and make a nice turn to left in a sharp tidy turn lining them up nicely for crossdrive.  Sheep are walking slowly across field toward last panel.  Nice drive and tucked them in but sheep broke up field and crossed to cover the break aways.  She put two back through the panels and now is making the turn towards the shedding pen.  Sheep trot to ring and a nice last leg of drive.  She is working hard to settle sheep, looking nice, all calm.  There is 4.40 sec and the shed is complete with Connie standing looking like a model.  She has over 4 minutes to complete penning.  Marching them up to mouth of pen, a brockle face and a trouble makes wants to go elsewhere.  Rem is convincing the packet to pen it is their only choice.  The sheep are still difficult but she has plenty of time.  Sheep kee trying to break but dog keeps them contained.  They are patient at the pen the sheep are calm in the front.  One sheep goes in the others follow.  This is a fun team to watch.  Score 91

Jo Ferguson and Gage.  Sent dog to left  and dog going really wide and might be heading toward Nursery Field,  handler called her in but dog still going out.  Dog now on Nursery Field, she is calling in but dog still going out, coming back now and dog is back on correct field.  Going good now, the spotter dog chased Gage off and dog is coming back, handler is still trying to get dog back as dog comes to her.  Team retires.  Not sure about score, may be a rerun? CONFIRMED. RERUN

Tommy Wilson and Sly.  Dog went to right for nice outrun and lifting sheep off line.  But quickly got them on line and sheep are calm.  Coming straight down field toward fetch panels.  Dog working nicely and sheep slowly coming down to fetch panels but with a zig and zag, sheep go around at the last moment and come back on line .  Sheep are still online and have stopped to graze.  Moving again slowly they are calm coming to post, go around a bit wide, sheep are heavily drawn to right but dog is tucking them back on line.  Sheep are straight and quickly toward panel, break in front of panel and go up field to the left they are bolting but Sly has urned them.  Now they are low and he is making adjustments.  They have 7 min 30 sec to go.  Trotting smartly to second panels, fine tuning the line and and miss low the turn is wide as they come toward the ring and on line.  Nice last leg of drive sheep enter ring at 6 minutes to go.  Sheep art trying to break out of ring, dog recovers.  Sheep walking slowly and hesitantly  with handler lining them up nicely with 5 minutes left.  Missed first shed when a ewe broke to join other and it was called.  Gathered back in ring, handler going to pen, dog bringing sheep slowly to pen.  Sheep broke to back of pen, and dog covering well.  He has 3 minutes left on clock.  , everything is calm sheep at mouth of pen and standing to face dog, some graze, and the sheep are very quiet.  Sly is doing well on her side to held pressure.  This is a patient team working to pen the sheep.  One minutes 20 seconds they pen the sheep.  Score is 110.

Terri Pelkey and Jesse.  Terri sends Jesse to the right on outrun.  Good outrun w a quick lift.  Sheep come straight down the course.  But veer hard right to drive panels before Jesse could bring them under control.  Coming down the course, but still well right and miss the fetch panels well right.  Jesse brings them toward centerline, then on lineand comes to the post.  Sheep come around post veering to the right afterward.  Jesse turned them back on line, they stop then move to right, and graze again.  Jesse moves them up to drive panel where they again slow, and suddenly veer right but recover and pass through panels.  Sheep begin crossdrive at a trot to left and low to cross panels.  Sheep run to the shed ring 4:45 left.  First shed attempt no good, regrouped, and second shed came quickly and they on the way to pen.  Sheep line up nicely to pen and all but the black-face walk right in.  Black-face tries to pass to right and Terri now has 3 sheep deep in pen with one on outside.  Jesse slowly backs the ewe up until she can put her head into pen.  Terri steps behind the ewe and the team eases her into the pen.  Score 110.

Scott Glen and Don. Dog sent to right in outrun. Scott hails from Alberta, Canada. Don is going at warp speed up field, nice and deep behind sheep, dog stops. Sheep a bit wobbling, sheep trying to break to right, sheep still pulling hard to right but team trying to settle everything down. Don is working to keep things on line, sheep at fetch panel and going through and straight down field but trying to go right with dog adjustimg. Sheep trot to post and handler slowing to a walk close to post, Don has good control. Sheep go around post and stop then begin drive up to right panel. This is a nice run so far with sheep remaining calm. Very quiet and controlled first part of drive. Sheep go through panel nice and quiet making the panel with eash and a very tidy turn but sheep flip but then quickly corrected, nice settling on crossdrive. Sheep in a controlled ambling walk to left panel. Sheep trotting closer to left panel go through and have a nice turn coming at trot toard ring. Nice tight line to shedding ring with 6 minutes to go. Scott is patient in ring a tru master. Don is working hard to keep his side even as one brokle face is being a eal pill. The brokle face keeps breaking repeatedly. Scott is patientas the sheep are being feisty. Got beautiful shed and Don marches them out professionally, 3 minutes to do pen.Opens gate, sheep at mouth almost and calm but brokle facetries to break away but get tucked back in. sheep are in at 1 min 35 sec to go. Beautiful! Score 162

Jo Fergerson and Gage ReRun. Dog sent right on outrun. Sheep try to scatter at lift but dog recov ers and brings the down although sheep want to go left, hard left. Sheep trotting toward fetch panels but to the left, now on line. Sheep coming to fetch panel and go through coming down slightly to left with dog redirecting them and back on line but sheep wanting to go off right, now down center but wobbly. In shed ring comig straight and smoothly around post although no grouped tightly, stop and then turn looking at exhaust but go left and then back on line toward right panel. Sheep separating to left then back hard to right coming closer to right panel do working hard the sheep trotting hght on rit panel and turn left stop and grze. Ddog regroups and drives them across to center and toward last panel. Dog working well sheep trotting high on last penal and separating, dog regroups them and they aim at center of panel, sheep are going through but turn up field. Dog regroups them as they move together below last panel and toward shed ring. 4 in 23 seconds let. Sheep in ring, sheep un ruly, wanting to separate, dog stops them they are settling in ring good shed at 3min 30 seconds. Dog re gathers as handler open pen and sheep move together to mouth of pen. Team working patiently and slowly to get sheep penned. Sheep go into pen almost with one wew outside then all are outside at mouth of gate. All in at 1 min 6 seconds. Score 89

Wilda Bahr and Gracie. Dog sent right for outrun. Dog comes in on tip and lift sheep with the trotting down field. Sheep keep wobbling back and forth coming down still toward fetch panel and go through panel quickly racing down field slightly off line at time, now almost to post and turn but going wide and in front of judge tent try to go to exhaust but dog stops them they break again right to exhaust and get sopped again coming back toward post they ae going back and forth in front of judge tent but now are going on drive fast toward right panel with dog covering their separating they go through gate and turn left separated as dog comes up behind and regroups the, now they run down field toward exhaust pen and dog works hard to control. Retires, with no score..

Suzy Applegate and Dot. Dog sent right for outrun. Sheep scatter at lift but dog regroups coming down fast but wobbly not straight, close to panel now and going through coming down wobbly toward post now on line again, sheep slowed down and walking now almost to post, sheep go around post and stop, then group and begin drive toward right panel but going to the left and keep wanting to go left, dog redirects them back on line and they trot toward panel at 9 minutes. Almost to panel loks good as they go through and turn left and stop. Dog comes up nicely and drives them across slightly high but traveling well almost to left panel now with sheep gruped will and trotting centered as they go to panel, go through and dog goes hight to turn sheep down but sheep almost go back dog redirects and sheep trot toward shed pen again coming quickly. Sheep coming into ring as handler walks out to stop them sheep settle as down is down but coming up quietly as handler directs verbally. Sheep grouped and calm. 5 in 45 seconds to go. Setting up for shed,a good go and dog gathers pair at right to regroup with other paid on right, hadler open gate and waited for dog to work sheep to pen. 4 min 34 seconds to go. Team working patiently as sheep go in at 4 min 10 seconds to go. Beautiful ! Score 154

Rob Miller and Rex. From Idaho. Dog sent to right for outrun. Dog holding pressue at top as lift is completed. Sheep breaking hard to left as they run down field, team working hard to get them on line. Still off line to left but closer to fetch panel, sheep at last moment broke right of panel and missed it. They broke right and left with a wobbly fetch. Coming to post sheep go round and stop, then face lright panel , begin drive at 9 min and 14 sec, with sheep stopping and wobblying as the drive continues. Sheep almost to right panel but to right of it and below dog redirects them and they go through panel slowly, turn left and dog comes behind and begins crossdrive tow left panel. Sheep calm but move steadily across field. Almost to left panel, dog patiently pushed them through and has them turn left and comeing down wobbly toward shed ring. Very wobbly beginning but then sheep trot and move together beter for dog. Sheep at top of ring , coming in salmly as handler walks up they stop and almost separate. Sheep start and stop but do not split yet, one ewe separaed and the she is lost, they try again. 3 min 47 seconds to go. Shed is a go at 1 min 50 seconds. Dog gathers them as handler open gate. Penned at 44 seconds to go. Score 128

Bev Lambert and Hemp. From CT, Bev sends dog right for outrun.  Dog lifts at 11 min 58 seconds coming down with sheep trying to go left but moving steadily although wobbly, almost to fetch panels and still wobbling,  sheep close to panel but on left and at last minute come through down center and on lone but push hard to right with dog directing them.  Sheep slowing now and coming down center toward post.  Sheep go around post with some wobbles and dog begin drive as sheep stop but then move along at a walk it is 8 min 55 seconds.  Sheep not driving well at first but then pick up pace , closer to panels, almost to panel but pulling right then now center again stop in front of pane then trot tow and through panel with stop and goes then quickly the go through and turn left separating and stopping, now dog drives them across field slightly high of left panel but sheep moving steadily.  it is 6 min 51 seconds.  sheep at left gate and going through nicely turn left and come down at trot towards    working to shed and good at first try with dog regrouping sheep and handler walks to pen.  It is 4 minutes to go.  As dog gathers sheep handler opens gate and waits patiently for dog to move sheep to pen, they want to break and go around pen.  Sheep at mouth of pen and one breaks they all follow, sheep away from pen then at mouth but break again and stop, they go in pen at 2 minutes to go.  Score is 157

Bill Berhow and Coal.  Dog sent right for outrun.  Lift at top of field is quick while sheep try to break right, dog recovers and send them down field as they try to pull left, now they are back on line and almost to fetch panel.  They go around fetch panel at right but come down center to post area moving quickly and steadily.  Sheep at post and go around stop and them face right panel for drive, they keep looking at exhaust but are not stopping and going on line to drive to right panel, dog working steadily to control drive and keep on line.  Sheep moving to right below panel stop and move again walking to panel and go through center almost turing right but dog stops them and turns them left and begin cross drive at a walk.  Sheep moving now alowly at a walk with almost stops as they are center field  lmost to left panel as sheep go through and sheep turn left moving toward shed ring.  They almost stop but dog moves them along now at a trot and they are now entering the ring as handler walks out to stop sheep as sheep try to go to exhaust dog stops them and moves them center ring to set up for shed.  Shed almost but no go.  ; nice shed at 4 min 25 seconds to go.  Handler walks to pen as dog slowly gathers sheep, which keep looking at exhaust area.  Now sheep at pen almost at mouth, and they go in at 3 min 31 seconds to go.  Score148

Joni Swanke and Sage. Sage went out nice , one redirect. Fast lift and wobbly offline. Sheep are high headed. Sage is on the muscle. Wide turn at post and Joni walks when sheep break and tough run.  This is one gallant dog and one tough handler. (Laptop issues on this run) RT

Don Helsley and The Wizard. Don sends Wizard to the right on outrun. Good outrun , nicely behind his sheep. Sheep break hard to the right after lift. Brings the sheep back to centerline and down the field at a run. Some zig-zagging all the way down, and the sheep takes a zig and passes thru fetch panels. Sheep straighten a bit on way to post. Sheep slow at post and begin a nice tight turn but stop to check on the dog. Wizard steps up and moves them on with little delay. Sheep pull to right on second half of drive but Wizard covers their efforts well. And they lace the drive panels. Following a wide-ish turn to crossdrive, Wizard brings them back on centerline and they con’t straight for a ways. Toward the panels, they begin to come low but Wizard corrects and the sheep come on to the panels. With theirs noses past the plane they suddenly stop and resist passing thru. Wizard con’ts to walk up slowly and the sheep restart,passing thru the drive panels. Followed by a nice turn to the shedding ring. Don settles his sheep as they watch the dog. The shed comes quickly and they move to the mouth, dog startled and broke, re-gathered nicely at mouth calmly, but time is called. Score

Amanda Millikin and Monty. Amanda sent Monty right on outrun. Good outrun followed by a good lift, sheep walking on line toward fetch panels. Nice job on top half of fetch and sheep amble smoothly thru the panels. A little zig-zagging after panels, but put back on line. Quietly jogging on a beautiful turn around the post. Monty keeping sheep well on line to start drive away. Sheep are trying to split, one pair breaking right, Monty pulls them back together. And on line. Straight on thru the drive panels. Followed by a nice turn to the crossdrive, and tidely on line. Sheep progressing at a nice jogging pace. On line to the mid-point, where sheep pulled to the right, high, but brought back on line. Nice push thru the cross panels, followed by another tidy turn. Sheep trot calmly and directly to the shed ring. 6:00 remaining. Sheep seem calm, content. A beautiful shed on first attempt, like butter. Two ewes think they’re done and head to exhaust, but Monty gathers them easily and returns all to pen. 4:47 remaining. Sheep line up20 yds out and walk directly into pen without side-step or hesitation Wonderful job. Score 168, a new top score for the qualifying round.

Sonia Craig and Walt. Sonia sends Walt to the right on outrun. Walt nicely wide at the top, but over flanked a bit and sheep lifted right. A bit of sport and Walt brings them back to centerline. Marching nicely downfield and thru fetch panels. Still at a fast walk, centerline, until the sheep pull left but Walt’s there to fix it. Snatching a bite here and there, they come calmly around the post . A bit of wobble correct quickly and on their way to drive panels. Sheep on line and moving nicely but in pairs, while staying in fairly close proximity. Walt catches them up approaching the drive panels and eases them smoothly through. Crossdrive going well until halfway point, then sheep pull strongly left but Walt brings them firmly back on line. They drift high approaching panels and pass high of panels. Came around behind the panels closely, and come to the shed ring at a jog-trot. Sonia settles her sheep, and calls Walt up to go to work. Sheep appear willing to create space .. a good split appears but the opportunity is missed. Another split quickly appears and the shed is made. Walt regathers while Sonia moves to pen with 3:41 remaining. 20 yds off pen, the sheep break and run past pen, one lap around and Walt brings them to a stop in front of the pen. In the mouth of the pen .. they resist the push .. Sonia works her way up and the sheep move over the sill into the pen. Score 139.

Angela Akers and Sage. Angela sends Sage to the right on outrun. Nicely right of the drive panels to the fence and turns upfield. Coming in a tad tight the sheep begin to lift but hold their place fairly well while Sage gets behind them. Some zig-zagging at the top and the sheep settle into a strong draw to the right Sage brings them back to line about halfway to panels. Sheep still want to pull right Sage covers and guides them thru panels. Sheep come on straight and steady halfway to post, where they veer right yet again but Sage bring them back on line until post A nice turn around post but exit a bit wide. On their way to drive panels. Beautiful driveaway, straight, good pace . More than halfway, the sheep suddenly stop for a bite, and restart to the right. Sage corrects them and guides them thru the panels. A nice turn past the panels and a nice start to their crossdrive. Straight ahead, but coming slowly low. Sage corrects but sheep take a strong turn to the right ahead of panels and missed high. Turn to the third leg is very good, as they trot their way to the shedding ring. 6:30 remaining. Sheep are unsettled and high-headed in the ring. Angela stops dog and settles her sheep. Now well together but mapping out their escape. Angela quietly moving in to line them up. First attempt missed, 5:15 remaining. Lining up again, sheep don’t want to part, until a black-face breaks to exhaust .. returning when no other goes with her. A split occurs but second attempt is missed. Another split quickly, but Sage hesitates, and third attempt is missed 3:10 remaining. Sheep willing to line up, Angela makes her approach but sheep circle. Sheep less willing to split. Team working to get their split as time runs out.

Lyle Lad and Gin. Lyle sends Gin to the right on outrun. Nice outrun, nice lift, but sheep begin pulling strongly to left. Gin brings them back on line. Sheep persist to the left, but dog brings them back on line in time to make panels. Sheep fairly on line and running to post. They slow as they turn slightly wide, but dog blocks their progress toward exhaust and brings them back for a nice start to th drive. Calmly jogging toward drive panels. Very nice line to the drive panels and pushed straight thru, followed by a tidy turn. Sheep begin running on the crossdrive, does not appear to be caused by the dog. But Gin is able to stop them and put them near line but the sheep veer laft at panels and pass low. Good turn to third leg, and sheep run to sheeding ring, on thru the ring, but Gin cuts them off and they return to ring, 7:00 remaining. Sheep well settles, but weighing their options. Gin adjusts but leaves the sheep calm . First divide is a 3:1 and team con’ts to work. Another 3:1 split and Gin regathers without an attempt. Sheep are beginning to widen out, the split occurs quickly and Gin carries her sheep away confidently. They head to pen with 2:43 remaining. Sheep flock 15 yds ahead of pen, but Gin moves in smoothly. They close on pen but one ewe breaks around behind Lyle and others retreat from pen mouth. Re-group, and team works beautifully to push the hesitant sheep into the pen with 1:12 remaining. Score 128.

Maggie McClure and Lil. Maggie sends Lil to the right on outrun. Lil started snug toward drive panels, but bent out very nicely before the turn upfield. Well behind her sheep and very nicely lifted. On center, but sheep begin running hard down course but right on centerline .. rocketing right thru gate. and on to post. Stll fast past post , but Lil gets them turned before judges stand, creating a wide turn on the drive sid. Lil gets them back on line and away nicely on the drive while sheep ctake a moment to catch their breath. At the panels sheep are slightly right and wide after passing thru panels. A good start to crossdrive. Refreshed, the sheep begin speeding up halfway down the crossdrive. Tried to break right in front of the panels but Lil covered well and brought them thru the panels. Sheep broke wide after panels, but Lil was there to fix it and brought them back to centerline for the drive to shedding ring. 6:00 remaining. Maggie patiently settles and sets up her sheep. It pays off with a great split and shed on first attempt. 4:40 remaining. On to the pen, the sheep get a bit past on the right. Lil brings em back but they con’t around the left side. Out front again, easing into the gap, resisting the push, pausing, .. one ewe breaks out and the others agree. Re-group in front, Lil moves them up again into the mouth, sheep facing sideways toward Maggie, they quietly turn and march in. 2:10 remaining. Score 133.

Lee Lumb and Nan. Lee sends Nan to the right on outrun. Nan nicely away, to the field edge and turned toward her sheep, finished well off her sheep with a very nice, quiet lift, right on centerline. The sheep make the usual pull to left and right at the top, but Nan’s brings them back, Straight until near panels, then veering right and missing panels. Sheep slowing and back on line to post. Sheep move calmly around post as nan starts them on their way on driveaway. Sheep detour to the left, Nan moves to correct but sheep con’t left of line until midpoint. Back on line, Nan moves them along smartly, correcting for a slight draw to the right, she laces them thru the center of panels. A good turn to the crossdrive, the sheep still at a trot. Looks good until just ahead of panels, where the sheep turn right , but Nan caught them swiftly and brought them back on line and thru panels. Wide but controlled turn to third leg, and a nice pace to the shedding ring, 6:00 remaining. Lee settles her sheep, as they both look over their options. Sheep are cal, a couple grab some grass, Lee moves in quietly. Two move off smoothly as Nan comes in, holds the split and shed called. They move to pen with 3:45 remaining. Sheep halt 8yds outand take a look. Nan moves them quietly into the mouth, where they hesitate, Nan continues in and they walk right on in. Score 131.

Michael Burks and Sport. Mike sends Sport to the right on outrun. Good outrun, but he stops short at about 2pm. Sheep lift to the left. Still working on bringing them back, Back to centerline, they try to veer thru to right but Sport blocks and brings them on, sheep pull right short of panels but they made the panels. Some zig-zagging on the bottom half, but Sport straightens them out for a halting turn around post. Good start to the driveaway, Sheep trying to pull to right, but Sport holding them well. A nice tight turn close in to the drive panel and thru. Nice steady on line cross drive. A little high. Missed second panels high. Wide turn. Sport is bringing them back on line. Sheep trotting to the shedding ring. Mike is settling them well., and lining them up. Sport is patiently waiting for the opening to come in. Missed first attempt. Unfortunately missed the second attempt. And a very nice shed on the third try. Sheep walked calmly to the pen, and walked right in. Beautiful pen. Score 126.

Lori Perry and Darque. Lori sent Darque to right on outrun. Gave the dog a re-direct fairly early on the outrun and Darque kicked out. Nicely up the field edge but slowed and stopped at 3pm. Lori whistled him on and con’t to move on behind his sheep Lift a little off line, and sheep begin pulling hard to the left. Dog brings them back to center ahead of panels, where they pause, then make a move to the left but were turned back to make the fetch panels. Still want to pull right on way to post, but made a fairly nice turn around post. After post the sheep pulled left and well off line almost to center field. Darque brings them back to line and gets them set up for drive panels. Almost to drive panels the sheep try to make a break left but Dog blocks and pushes them thru panels. A bit of high turn followed but Darque brought them back and they are well under way on crossdrive. Looks good almost to panels but the sheep begin to veer high, almost to panels and sheep make hard right turn uphill. Dog catches them and turns them, but they are behind the cross panels. A bit wavy on the third leg. They are breaking past handler around back. sheep appear calm on entering the shedding ring, approx 6:00 remaining. The split came quickly and Darque confidently moved her sheep off. On their way to the pen with 4:30 remaining. The sheep pause outside and take a good look at Lori, the Black-face broke and took one with her, around behind the pen. Darque brings them to front, where they are reluctant to comply, and all break around left side again but do not circle. Darque rounds them up and returns to the front. They test the right side but Darque is having none of it, and they stay in front, beside Lori, as time runs out with all four facing in.. Score 90.

Diane Pagel, Cheryl Necochea, and Barbara Stewart and Gayle blogging.

LYLE LAD and LUCKY (Shep x Gin) - 2012 USBCHA Nationals Sheepdog Nursery Championship

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