Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bob and Koko

Bob Dias and DeltaBluez Koko. He had her at LaCamas. I took this photos as you can tell he really loves dogs. I love these as they are touching and show a side of Bob that many people do not see.  He is very kind and a generous person. At LaCamas he was very helpful to me when I needed some man power. It helped me tremendously when Tess got sick and I was stressing. Much thanks to Bob. You will see Koko at the USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals with his wife,  Rochelle. Not only she is a good handler, she is beautiful inside and out. I am honored to have them as my close friends.


 Happy face



Koko and her mother, Tess. Tess is 14 years old and Koko was from her first litter. This is Tess a day after her Vestibular attack. We hope we can do a family photo next year.

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