Thursday, September 13, 2012

Injury update

S I went to the Doctor today. My arm hurt all night and I didn't get any sleep. The Doc was very nice and sent me down for x-rays. Turns out I have a long fracture in my radia head, possible other fractures and bruised wrist. I am in a soft cast for 6 weeks and the arm is immobile. I am typing with my left hand so my blogs for the next few weeks will be short. 
I go to  the ortho surgeon to see if I need surgery. I sure hope not. I am in major pain, which I haven't felt since the heart surgery. I hope it quits hurting soon.
I am still going to the Finals but will need help blogging.  I am the official blogger and we have a team.  But I will need a bigger team so if you can help for 2 hours, let me know.
Life sucks right about now!

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