Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scott Glen Handler's Clinic photos

In August Scott came down for a Handler's Clinic. I took Nan as I needed help in her slicing the flanks and timing. Turns out she was also sliding through her stops so we worked on that. There was ten people there and it was over four days. It was very hot so we started early and quit early. By the end of the day, Nan and I were exhausted. I stayed at Carole Russo's cottage and that was about three minutes from the field. I had a blast hanging out with Carole and Sal. They are super cool people.

The military also heard about Scott being in town and they made an appearance.

I took this pix with my 300 lens. This helicopter flew around for a bit. It was huge and loud and we watched it as it made passes over the field.

Lora Withnell's dog, Nell. She is the sister to my Sava.

Melinda and Jeanne.

Scott giving us the daily agenda.

1. Sit up
2. Drink your milk
3. Say "please' and 'thank you"

No wait, that was my mother...Scott said "You need to work on a better down"

Watching another handler's run. Each day, the fog would be on the field and made for a scenic view. The company was outstanding.

And of course, Scott was a fantastic instructor. I learned what I was doing good and what I need to work on. I wrote down tons of notes and will have to put them in a later blog. Scott is quite nice, funny and makes you feel at ease. I enjoy working with him and if you get a chance to take a lesson or clinic from Scott, RUN to it! Bring paper, pen, dog, coffee and a good attitude and soon you will walk away with a tons of knowledge and much improved handling!

Than you Scott for all of your support and kindness ovedr the years. Thanks to his lovely wife, Jenny for her quick wit and great humor and support! A great couple!

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