Friday, September 17, 2010

Imp Kuro at the USBCHA National Sheepdog Nursery Finals

The months raced by, like a fast running stream over slippery rocks. One year ago, we headed down to Klamath Falls to run our dogs in the USBCHA Sheepdog Finals and this month, we will be watching the runs on the laptop from home. Nan qualified this year and we made the decision to stay home and plan to go to Colorado next year. Instead, Kuro will be our representative at the Nursery Finals.

Kuro is being run by Scott Glen. He arrived from Angie Driscoll and was a fat, gangly puppy. Angie knew that I wanted a Jamie pup so she found him for me. His first stop was in Canada where he spent a couple of days with Sheena before I could pick him up. Therefore, she is his “Honorary Aunt”. She took the cutest photos of him link

Jamie used to be owned by Bobby Dalziel but Angie is his owner now. I loved Jamie the first time that I saw him. I was so close to taking him back to the Sates with me. But, now I have his son and he is a very nice dog. Jamie is a very successful trial dog…see link.

Kuro finally grew into his body. He was all legs and I mean he had the longest legs that I had ever seen. He was like a colt and just gangly and goofy. He has a sweet, want to please personality and a good heart. Scott says he is amenable and wants to give you his all He really likes him. This is good since he is running him this weekend!

As a pup, Kuro loved to be spoiled. He got his fair share of attention and learned his manners. He got his puppy socialization with Janet and Deborah/Ben. He learned not to grab the toys away from the adult dogs. He got a good start on sheep before he went to Scott. He had a lot of power but didn’t know how to control it. Teamwork soon became part of his vocabulary. He learned that a down, really meant down and he began to blossom. Then he went to Scott and Jen’s for winter training and made the cut for running in Scott’s Nursery string. We have been tracking his progress all summer and will be on the edge of the chair when he runs.

Kuro has had his fair share of success on the trial field. He won a day of Nursery at the Bluegrass with a score of 84, and at EID, he got 5th in PN. He just gets better and better each time he runs.

We will be tracking his progress via Nationals LINK and also Scott and Jenny Glen’s Blog. He will run on Saturday in spot 34. Keep your fingers and paws crossed.

Kuro means "Black" in Japanese.

Saturday update: Kuro and Scott got a 122 and is sitting at 10th place. The rest of the dogs will run tomorrow.

Sundayupdate: Kuro is in 19th place. He made it into the top 40. He will run in 28 spot on Monday.

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