Saturday, September 18, 2010

Monique Feyrecilde and DeltaBluez Lucy

Monique and Lucy are a great team. I sold Lucy to her at the end of last year and it proved to be a great match. Of course, they were a team prior so we made it official. They really click on the field and it was good to see them work together. I sat on the sidelines like a proud soccer mom!! This is part of the series from the Scott Glen Handler's Clinic.

Lucy bringing the sheep.
Strong walk up

Staying on the course.

Through the panels. Lucy can hold a nice straight line.

The drive.

On line to the first panel The draw was heavy to the left.
Bringing them back on the last leg.
So they stroll in together in the shedding ring and *poof* a nice, quick shed! The sheep had no idea what just happened to them. They are a real contender in Open and a pleasure to watch. It was good to see them refine their partnership at the clinic! It was a wise choice that I made (aided by Tess) and we will continue to cheer them on for the many success yet to come! In case you didn't know Monique, she is one of the nicest and honest person that I can call one of my best friends. Look her up at a trial and you will enjoy her refreshing, witty personality. And of course, don't forget to give Lucy a kiss!

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Monique said...

Thanks. That's very sweet!