Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rocky Ewe- Monday and Misc

I  decided to stay the night as we went out to dinner and had a few drinks. I didn't want to pack in the dark and pull out so I partially packed, then went to dinner, had great company, then just hung out. As a result, we were around for the Novice and ranch runs on Monday. Janet ran Rainey in two Novice and a Non Compete ranch. She will update her blog on her runs.

Judy and Linda. Judy hosts the trial and Linda does the scores. Linda has been tireless over the years in putting up the scores quickly for us. She has us spoiled! We love her for this effort. Judy hosts this trial (as well as the winter series) each yer. The course maybe small but the sheep are light of foot and the course is very tricky. One wrong move will cost you dearly and if your dog is slow to do the commands, you lose. Thanks to Judy and Linda!

Tess, of course had to go to the trial. She was my lap warmer as well as pillow thief. When I went to the post with Faye, Tess was snoozing under the chair. She bolted awake and then darted out behind me, her tail wagging and her eyes quite happy. Imagine her dismay, when one of my friends put a leash on her and she couldn't run. She was so pitiful and sulked when she was used to set later. She though she had hit the mother lode when she thought she was going out to the  post. I saw her and a piece of my heart broke with sadness. I played ball with her later and gave her a bunch of treats so she did forgive me (just barely though!)

Pam Colin's Kelpie, Luke. I think he is about 8/9 months old and is a huge boy. He loved to play with the Border Collies.

Nan was having fun playing ball.

Waiting for her turn.

There might (OK, there was) a bit of drinking involved, much laughter and good times going on at my trailer.

Sandi Johnson the Judge. I was her scribe for the first runs of Novice.

Janet holding Rainey so she could see her sheep. Rainey is very tiny but very powerful.

Janet getting her pen. She got third the first run and then first the second run. After the first run of Novice and ranch, then I hit the road. I  missed the holiday traffic and got home in mid afternoon. We all had a fun time and that is what it is all about.

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