Thursday, September 9, 2010

Email Issues aka Dotster fails again

Yet, once again Dotster (hosting company) has managed to screw up and have server issues. They lost about a days worth of emails SO if you emailed me and I didn't answer, then you know why. Please resend your email again! ;-)

Dotster has managed to lose my emails about every 8 months and it just is poor service. When I called, the rep said I would get all of my emails and when I didn't, I called again. The second rep said the emails all got *lost* and I won't get the emails. Two DIFFERENT stories and poor service. Every time I call them, it's a song and dance routine. Every time my emails disappear. In addition, they have had my website go down numerous times with no explanation.

I will be looking for a new hosting place and may have one lined up. I'll keep you posted! I am so not happy with them and this is the final straw!


Debbie said...

Sign up for Google Mail. I've had mine since the beta days, and love it. You can read it from anywhere, no matter who your Internet Service Provider is, and there's tons of storage so you don't have to delete mails. Ads are text, not jumping graphics, like Yahoo. And it does a terrific job at filtering spam.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

I have my email account with my website name (deltabluez) so the gmail will not work. I need to find another ISP.