Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rocky Ewe - Sunday runs

I must have been a good girl as I wasn't one of the first dogs to run in ProNovice on Sunday.

OK, so I had my coffee and was ready for my turn. Faye waiting to go but she kept looking to the left. She saw a white chair and thought it was the sheep. I sent her and she tried to cross so I stopped her and reflanked her. She tried to cross again so I stopped her and let her scan the field and told her to "look" and she finally saw the sheep. Then the rest of her outrun was nice.

The sheep were a little offline as they busted to the other side. We got them back on line at the fetch gates and slowed everything way down to calm the sheep.

Nice turn at the post.

Nice first leg of the drive.

She was fussy and didn't want to release on the cross drive but she soon saw the  light. We got the panels and a nice turn to the pen.

Marched them in like little troopers. The two areas she lost points were her outrun and fetch and the rest was quite nice. I was quite pleased with her work.

Janet ran Scott. He is a seasoned trooper and she ran him well. He loves to work for her.

The penning team.
A real favorite, Bob and Mojo.

Heidi and Pete. Pete is Tess x Pleat, from the first litter. He is the full brother to Roo.

DeltaBluez Pete

I had a migraine and did not run Roo in the first party of the day. Finally my migraine went away and I ran Nan. She was on the muscle but did better this time. She had to be far off the sheep so it was hard to have a nice run.

At the shedding ring. The sheep wanted no part of Nan and we timed out. I was happy she listened to me (aside from that ONE time during the cross drive)

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