Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nell and Mojo at the Scott Glen Clinic

Today's featured dogs are Nell and Mojo. All were expertly handled by their owners. You saw vast improvements in all of them. All of the dogs had wide ranges of skill as well as the owners. It was fascinating to see the progress.

Lora and Nell. Nell is a striking dog with a lot of grit.

She keeps Lora in line. She was awesome at the clinic and Lora was quite proud of her little pistol.

Mojo pushing the sheep around the course. Bob Hickman is the owner of this delightful dog.

It was hot and the sheep didn't want to move. They wanted to graze but Mojo showed them that moving was a better option.

And did they move. Mojo putting them through their paces. The saying "You go, Girl" can be applied here.

Look at her intensity. I keep telling Bob that she needs to come home with me.

She was really enjoying herself. Bob also did a shed. It was so quick and tidy that I didn't get a good pix. He had them lined up and *poof* a shed.

Tomorrow will be the last of the set of pixs from the clinic.

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