Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Passing of the Reins

Tess has been my partner, my right hand and my best friend. For ten years, she has been the one to take the sheep to and from the far fields. The far fields are 1/2 mile down the road and she brings them back and forth numerous times. It has gotten to the point where I could follow behind her in the car and she pushes the sheep in front. I used to walk behind her but when I was recovering from the heart surgery, I couldn't walk more than 20 steps.

Tess is in the retirement phase so Nan has stepped into her shoes. While Tess was watching the football game with Getty, Nan was the one to drive the sheep back and forth. We sheared sheep both days. Sunday was Nan's day to do the driving work. Nan was very excited to be the chosen one!

Freshly shorn!

Nan going with gusto. She is doing quite well. I started the drive on foot but jumped into the car. I cracked my sternum again so I am in a lot of pain still. Walking (or jogging) the 1/2 mile was a nit much. The prior days Monique and Kathleen moved the flocks. We moved three flocks.

I used my whistles and she kept on pushing.

Here she is moving 25 sheep at a good clip. She kept them tightly bunched. The ram turned on her and she fought him back. He decided that going forward was a better idea. After we moved the flocks, Nan was so proud. She kept jumping up and down in delight.  Tess has passed the reins to Nan. Now Tess can continue to watch TV, knowing that Nan has succeeded in her new role. Good going, Nan...we are proud of you!

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