Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last of the Scott Glen Handler's Clinic pixs

Finally I am done editing the pixs. I had a wonderful time at the clinic! If you get a chance to go to a Scott clinic or lesson, go as fast as you can drive (legally) to it! Don't forget your dog, either.

Early morning mist at 6 in the morning.

What a beautiful sight to see...the first runs, the sheep and dog would appear out of the mist and it reminded me of the time that I spent three years ago, on the hills of Scotland with my dear friend, Angie and Kelvin. I need to go back

Of course, I had to end the series with my beloved Nan. I just love this dog.
She has a tremendous heart and wants to do right by me. Mostly at warp speed.

We worked on fixing her slicey flanks and getting a stop in one step instead of three. I guess in Canada a stop is one step, whereas in the States, it is three. I soon was enlightened.

Nan walking up with gumption. I really had to be more precise and work on opening her flanks up. I about fell down when Scott said I had come a long way since he knew me. Perhaps he was referring to the first time I took a lesson from him. The word "Chaos" and "clust****" describes that lesson quite well.
I love this dog with all my heart. I never thought that I would love a dog as much as I love Tess, but I was wrong. We seem to read each others minds and enjoy teaming up. She gives me her all and loves me. Thanks to the people in her past who bred, trained and sold me this wonderful dog. Nan loves being the top dog, my right hand and my best friend out on the trial field.

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