Thursday, September 2, 2010

Francis Chai and Chime- Double Lift

Francis Chai and Chime. A real crowd favorite. A very nice and quiet guy. He parked next to us and had two elderly dogs. You could tell he still loved them and took great care of them. He was very patient with  them as they were deaf and wandered about. When he called them it was with love in his voice.

At the post.

Walking up in the shedding ring.

I love this walk up. Nice dog.

Holding the sheep in the ring.

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Janet said...

Although he timed out in the shed, he had one of the quickest Intl' sheds going I'd ever seen. Not sure what he did, but in no time at all, 10 uncollared ewes just split off nicely and headed to the exhaust. Then, he turned and 4 more uncollared ones were off and away. He was working on the remaining single uncollared ewe when he timed out. I'm glad I got to see that!