Monday, August 9, 2010

Island Crossing Farm Trial- Nan

Here is Nan's run from Saturday at the Island Crossing Farm Trial. It was a great trail and I had a blast.  It rained off and on but that was good for the sheep. It keep everyone cool and if you needed to warm up, there was tons of hot drinks.

Nan bringing the sheep before the huge gully. The gully was huge and you lost sight of everyone for a few seconds. I kept quiet and Nan brought them dead on line.

Entering the gully!

Coming up from the gully.

Turn at the post. She was on the muscle.

On the cross drive. They slipped into the gully and Nan got them out to put them back on line.

She got them back on line.
Made the second panels and a nice turn.

To the shedding ring. It took a bit to get them set up as she kept coming in too tight.

They thought they would bolt to the exhaust pen but Nan convinced them otherwise.

Setting up the shed.

Nice hold on the shed.

Walking off after the run. I was quite happy with her!

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