Saturday, August 28, 2010

LaCamas Faye- PN run

I ran Faye in PN. She belongs to Ton Pardini. She is doing quite well. She is a lot like her mother, Nan.

This is Faye's second run. She spots her sheep. She went out nice and deep. Lift well and steady. She didn't lost any points on her outrun and lift.

We got a little offline at the fetch and lost 7 points. She got them back on line before the fetch. As we turned to the post, the sheep bolted to the exhaust.

She had to peel them off the exhaust gate.

Not an issue. She has a nice confident walkup and took them off and brought them back to me.

Getting a wee bit pushy on the first leg of the drive.

Lovely tight turn at the first drive panel.

Looking good so far at the crossdrive. Then the sheep went low and I tried to flank Faye on an away and she didn't want to release the pressure. So I left the post to make her so the next time we go to the post, she will do it. She had a super nice run up to this point. She just gets better and better at each trial.

Tomorrow: more runs and the Double Lift

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gvmama said...

I'm a fan of that dog...nice pics.