Sunday, August 15, 2010

Offline for a day or two more

I am at a four day Scott Glen Open Handling clinic in Olympia, WA at Fido's Farms. My brain hurts so much that I have ordered a new one. I asked for one that also has a sense of how to do mechanical type of stuff. If it involves nuts, bolts and washers, my brain freezes and I can't put that part together. I was going to hang a dog kennel gate and then decided it would not be a good idea. Meaning the husband would fall down in gales of laughter and hurt himself!

However, I am putting my handling together the last few days. Nan was stopping five steps past where I had told her so we learned to stop here you were told and not where you wanted to be. This has resulted in greater distance behind the sheep and *poof*, all of a sudden straighter lines and calm sheep. And instead of a horrible drive, we had a much nicer one today.

I took tons of pixs and will get them up soon. I get home on Tuesday night and then head out on Wed and won't be back until Sunday. I'll have the blog set up so it will have your daily read. I won't have any internet access at the trial so you will have to wait until I get back to see how we did at LaCamas.

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Kathy said...

Would love to know what worked to get her to stop without taking so many steps. I have one dog that does that and boy does it ruin drive lines.