Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to me, good guys, good trial and a good time

Well, we just got back in from a sheepdog trial. (Island Crossing in Arlington, hosted by Joe and Heather Haynes).

Ruedi Birenheide (pronounced Beer- In- Hiding) and a friend came over for the weekend. Ruedi from Duncan, Vancouver Island (Canada) is a really fun guy. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

We went out to dinner last night and that was a disaster. I will write about that in a future blog. Needless to say, we will not be going back to that restaurant again.

We got  up early to head out to the trial. Ruedi with Teak and Scot, my friend with Kane and me with Nan and Roo. Two fun guys to hang out with me all day- what a bonus. I really had  fun with them today.

Ruedi went first with Scot and had an awesome run. He settled the sheep quite well and set the standard for most of the day. I got to hang out with a winning handler and rub elbows with him!! His score was 80.

Nan was the second and was on the muscle. Her outrun and lift was great but then she decided to be on the muscle and covered her ears when I told her down. She sliced and that killed us on the drive. We redeem ourselves in the shed and pen. We'll just forget about our special drive! Score of 64.

Roo was the next dog. He went on on the come bye and crossed at the gully, then busted up at the top. He never really listened to me and I made my point when I left the post at the drive to ensure that I meant Away and not what he wanted to do. We got an RT but hopefully will do better tomorrow.

Ruedi ran Teak around lunch time. She was very cautious as  the sheep were flighty but had problems on the crossdrive. She had a perfect shed but timed out at the pen. Ruedi handled her quite well. Score 54.

My friend  was the last of the gang to run. Kane crossed and brought the sheep down to Ron. Again, the nemesis was the crossdrive and we will skip that part to talk about his stellar shed. He walked into the ring, waved and Kane shed the sheep quite smartly. He ran out of time at the pen. Score was 43.

The trial was won by Nancy Stephens and Ike. She had a beautiful run and was a real crowd pleaser. She is a very nice person and we all cheered for her.

Joe and Heather (and family and friends) hosted a handlers dinner. They served fresh caught crab and deep fried turkey. There was tons of other food and we all waddled to our chairs. Dave Imas brought a birthday cake for  Judy and I. It was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. He just moved up 5 notches in my book. Thank You Dave.

It was a  fun day with good friends, good trial, good dinner and a great way to spend my Birthday!!

In case you were wondering. I am a wee bit over 21 and plenty under 100 years old.


Monique said...

Glad to hear your birthday was a good one !

WalkOn Border Collies said...

It was a great bday dinner; in fact I can't imagine better; all you can eat fresh Dungeness crab and a deep fried turkey AND good friends to yak dogs was big fun!