Monday, August 30, 2010

Alasdair and Nap - Double Lift LaCamas

Well, it got too late for me to edit the rest of the Double Lift pixs so I only managed to do the first set. I'll do the rest in the next day or two. I guess work just gets in the way! So you will just have to be patient.

This is the first of the series. Alasdair and Nap.

Nap bringing the sheep into the ring. I was too busying spilling coffee all over me to get any of the outwork or driving pixs.

Teamwork at it's best.

Nap says "I'll hold these..."

".....While you chase off that set"

Then after the tidy shed, off to the pen.

Walk the lambs in for a score of 163 out of 170. It was a beautiful run to watch!

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Donna Brinkworth said...

Sweet! I have a video of Alasdair and Nap from Jefferson WI a few years ago when Nap was very young, and it was also a brilliant run. He has just got better - better from brilliant. Thanks Diane for sharing!