Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Mom and Ringo

I have the best mom, ever. I must have been an angel in my former life to score so well in this one. I also have the best brother, Nelson. But of course, I got a great spouse, Getty. Life is going great for me now.

But this is about my sweet mother. She comes over and still cooks for me. She comes over about ever three weeks. She loves to feed the animals and they all run to the fence when they see her.

My mom = extra food and treats and pets.

The Border Collies, Tess, Nan and Rainey worship the ground she walks on. The quickly abandon me to follow her, their eyes staring at her face, hoping she will treat them. She bring the fancy dog treats and they eat that PLUS part of her dinner, PLUS  food from the barn PLUS leftovers from the meals. I keep my moth shut as I do not want to be kicked to the curb and not get my treats!!

So about ten years ago, my mom came over here. She was in the barn and found my new female kitten. She scooped her up and brought her into the house, stating it was too cold and wet for a kitten to be in the barn. She also stated she was going to take the kitten home for a week then when she got bigger, she would bring her back. (Like I was going to argue with my mom?)

So the kitten went home with my mom and the next week, she called and said it was too cold/wet for the kitten to grow up in the barn (it was Oct) and she would return her in the spring.

Well, its ten years later and no kitten.  We all laughed as we all knew as soon as the kitten left the house, the kitten would never come back. Tama is living the very spoiled life.

Same thing happened with my brother. After the barn fire, he took Henry, the fat cat, home until the barn was built. Jim, his friend had to tell me that Nelson wanted Henry but Nelson was too polite to steal, er, I mean ask for my cat. I made it official and now Henry is his house cat.

So on Sunday, we just got some more cats and three kittens to replace the cats we lost. The same day my mom and Kimiko came over to celebrate my birthday.  Can you see where this is going again? There is a pattern!

One of the kittens was a male Siamese kitten which huge eyes. He had long hair and was very quiet. (not anymore by the way, according to my mom now!) I showed my Mom and Kimiko, the cats and she scooped up the Siamese kitten.

"This is not a barn cat, this is a house cat" she stated. The kitten arrived shortly in the house and was on her lap.I fled to the kitchen to see what food was available. I could hear my mom and Kimiko fussing over the kitten. They named him Ringo. Ringo means Apple in Japanese.

Ringo is thinking he has hit the mother lode. He bought the winning lotto ticket.

On my mom's lap. He laid in her lap most of the afternoon. He was a feral kitten that Vicki Romero rescued and semi-tamed and placed with us as barn cats. His barn cat status was about two hours then he got promoted to "Soon to be spoiled condo cat"

We are less one cat now. I am not going to argue with my mom. Would you?


Sam said...

That's adorable!

gvmama said...

The cat is adorable. Mom is adorable. The whole story is adorable.