Monday, August 2, 2010

William, Winnie, Wilda and Whip

Ever want peace and quiet, a day that you can sleep in. A day that you can sip coffee on the back porch, bask in the morning rays and relax. Well, it isn't gonna happen if you own Guineas. Ask Getty how much he loves the Guineas!

I guess since I grew up all over the world, lived on a farm and had numerous animals, that I like to have assorted birds. Getty  thinks the best birds are roasted or grilled. He is so not the bird guy. We would have more birds but I have to make peace with him so I am at my limit!

When I was young I used to have Guineas. So last year, my neighbor's Guinea, Whip, moved in and since he was lonely, I got some his pals. First came Winnie and Wilda. They were owned by a nice lady who realized loud and obnoxious Guineas did not endear herself to the  neighbors. Then William came from Pasado's Safe Haven. He was dumped and they were looking for a home for him.

William is the King Pin here, followed by the old Guinea, Whip, then the two gals. William, Wilda and Winnie are quite friendly but Whip is reserved, He lived wild for a while and still is alert. William and Wilda are Pearl color, Whip is a Lavender, and Winnie is White.



William and Wilda.

William, Wilda, Whip and Winnie.

One thing you can say about Guineas is that they will sound the alarm if we have visitors or there is danger. At night they are in the coop with the ducks, chickens and turkeys. They free range during the day and you can hear them clear across the farm. You can even hear them when they are in the coop. Nothing escapes their beady eyes.

So, on the fine days, we sit on the porch and relax, our peace is shattered by the cries of the Guineas. Then we sit up and scan the sky for Bald Eagles or look down the driveway to see who is visiting. I guess they have us trained quite well.

Janey used to hate our Guineas until she has Guinea as a main dish this year. Now, she looks at our Guineas in a new light and they are suspicious. Wouldn't you be too?


Janet said...

I wouldn't dare eat your pet Guineas! However, if that Silkie Rooster doesn't stop attacking me...

gvmama said...

Tinney guineas...that's what I call them. Such an obnoxious screeching. I'd like to try one for dinner.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

Our Guineas (pets) come when you call. They don't want to coop at night but Tess will coop them up. Obnoxious but great for letting us know if someone is around that shouldn't be.

But they can be annoying sometimes!! Don't even bother to try to take an afternoon nap!!