Thursday, August 26, 2010

LaCamas - Koko and Nan - Open runs

I took a ton of pixs so over the next few days I will post them. I took a bunch of the Double Lift and some are quite nice. I wasn't able to take any PN or Novice runs as I was busy at the Open field. I did see some good PN runs and Janet took some of Faye's run in PN.

Today's dogs are Rochelle Stanford and Koko. And of course, my darling Nan who gripped at the pen. Which I was happy since I had to teach her to do a proper grip and not back down or run off.

Koko at the fetch gates. Koko maybe red and maybe small but she packs one heck of a punch. She has completed the course every year and one year, made it into the double lift. I believe she has the most points as a red dog. Rochelle and Koko are quite a team.

The lambs are saying "What direction did you want us to go to, Madam!"

Koko got the only pen of the day on Thursday. It was a very nice pen.

Nan on the first leg of the drive. Her fetch was a breakneck speed and she suddenly remembered her down, say, about 20 feet from me. Don't tell Scott Glen that her down was broken as the few days prior at his Handling Clinic, her down was fixed. GULP!

On the first leg, it was very hard and we weaved around then got the rest of the drive. It was very tough for her to push heavy lambs.

Waiting for me to walk her up.

Turning the ewes from running off in the ring.

Marching them in the ring with gusto. A bit more gusto than was needed.

Setting up the shed.

Got it quickly. I did retain what Scott taught me on shedding.

At the pen. We almost had them in and the middle ewe (the one stamping) tried to jump over her, smashed Nan's head to the ground with her hoof so Nan gripped her on the nose and held her ground and we got a DQ. I was happy she held her ground and proud that she tried so hard to please. We do need to work more on the stops and squaring her flanks.

Tomorrow, a lot  more photos of other runs.

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