Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bluegrass of the West.

I am at the LaCamas Valley Sheepdog Trial in Camas, WA.  It the top premier sheepdog trial on the west coast. I call it the "Bluegrass of the West" It is a five star trial. I ran in and last year was able to do well with Nan. I got 10th out of 66 dogs. It was hard and she ran her heart out. This year, I hope to do much better. I am running Roo and Nan in Open and Faye in PN.

Nan watching a run last year.

There are some serious competition this years with Alasdair and Patricia making their first time appearance. There are 102 dogs running in Open.

Tess and I just hanging out last year.

The trial hosts go all out for this trial. Fresh range yearlings. a huge tent area, plenty of food and drinks. a catered handler dinner, tons of parking, every need catered to and no stone left unturned. The course is huge and tough and you have to be on your game.

Each year, the trial fills quickly and it now it starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday with a Double Lift. It has become the "Go To Trial" and if you do not get your entries in quickly, you will be on the wait list. I plan my yearly vacation around this trial. I meet Bob Dias and Rochelle Stanford and we hang out. Rochelle will run Koko, a Tess pup. She has done quite well with her and one year made the Double Lift. I just missed the Double Lift last year by a few points. This year, I am gunning to be in the Double Lift. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

The trial host, Lynn and Alison Johnston are the nicest people in the world. They are always happy and smiling and very gracious. They put out  the best effort to host one of the top trial in North America and it shows.

I will be here until late Sunday and will not have internet access. I will see if I can get online and if I do, I will post info, otherwise it will be when I get back.

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