Tuesday, September 29, 2009

USBCHA General Photos

Here are some general photos that I took.  Later, I will post photos, runs and people.

View of the Handler's tent. Can you name folks?

The Judge's Tent

View of the Handler's tent from the back.

The Panel folks. I can't remember who they were but the equipment was great and sturdy!!

The Open Field. To the left, see the words "sheep"...that is the setout area.

Entrance to the Open Field.

Canadian Row...can you name them? I know most of them.

More handlers....who can you name?

Under the Handler's Tent. Who do you know?

Amanda holding the Flag during the singing of the National Anthems.

The American Flag being carried by a mini mule.

The Hostess table. I am sitting down at the end and see this feast all day.

Another view. They were the BEST!! My friend, Roger is in the pix.

The View that I had.

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