Sunday, September 13, 2009

LaCamas Wrap-up

I realized that I never finished my LaCamas posting. So, I took most of the week off from work and Getty hitched up the trailer. Loaded it up and went down the road with Tess, Nan and Roo. It was the longest trip that I did with my trailer so I was a bit nervous. Traffic was a real nightmare and I didn’t managed to have any fool cut in front of me begging for a death wish. I called Bob Dias when I was on the road and trying to coordinate our camping site. He told me where he was set up as he went to get his wife, Rochelle. I found his site and tried to back in. What a joke. I broke down and asked Jeff Marroni to back it up for me. He did a fine job and even got it all even. Later Brian and Celeste parked next to me and he helped me with setting up the awning and pop up. Then I found out that the water was not filled up all the way, so Jeff pulled my trailer out to the main house and filled it for me and then backed it up and leveled it all up again. What a crazy afternoon doing all of that. I repaid Jeff later by buying him lunch.

Bob and Rochelle showed up so we all hung out and chatted. The evening was finally calmed down. Tess and Nan snuggled next to me all night while Roo got stuck in a crate. Boy dogs are not allowed in the trailer on the Boss’s orders (Getty). He allows four females in the house, which is two more than he agreed to so I won’t push my luck with any males in the house. It all goes back to when someone visited us in our house and their male peed all over downstairs on the walls. Getty was not amused so now the rule is no boys in the house unless approved by him.

Thursday was early and I drew up 36th and 42nd with Roo and Nan. It was hot then cool all day but still quite warm. I set Roo up on the away side and he was sure the sheep were on the come bye side so we fought until he actually got the sheep. ON the first leg she was pumped so we retire. Nan was dead on and but her eye drew her in quite bad on the cross drive. See my prior blog for the details on the runs as well as photos. Rochelle got the same score as Nan with Koko. Koko is a Tess X Pleat daughter. Bob fared better with Rock. There were some very nice runs. I met a new friend, Ann and her husband Joe Mock. They are very nice people. Libby from Co laid down a screaming run with Sydney. Kristi and Lou had a nice run with Lou having an stunning outrun and lift.

Bob, Rochelle and I went out for dinner. We went to this Asian bistro/sushi plate. We were starving and ordered tons of food. It was delicious. We had excellent sushi, chicken wrap rolls, Thai noodles and other Asian food. We ate and ate and then we rolled out of the restaurant. Bob and Rochelle bought me dinner and that was very kind. We had a blast at dinner and laughed so hard until tears came rolling down out face. I love Bob and Rochelle, as they are wonderful and kind people. Bob wants to steal, oh, I mean buy Roo so that made me feel good. Bob make act gruff but once you actually know him he is very loving to his dogs and a nice person. Rochelle had me in stitches with her stories and selling Koko to her was one of the best sales that I have ever done. Koko is more of a diva than her mother!! Koko runs great for her and they are a rocking team.

We got back to the camp and Janet had arrived. She would be running Scott in LaCamas in ProNovice on Friday. She also was babysitting Anson/Epic for Deb and Ben. He is a Tess x Scott son and quite the looker. Janet would be staying with me for the trial. She brought tons of food and with my food, we would be set for two plus weeks; however it would be for three days. Thank goodness I had my sweatpants for the weekend!! It was going to be a great weekend with my dear friends from California. It is a tradition now with Bob and Rochelle. It’s a great tradition!!

Friday rolled around quite early and it was off to runs dogs. Rochelle and Koko, Bob and his Rock and (finishing up the first go round) and then I was up with Roo for the second go round. He didn’t find his sheep again and was determines that the white post to the far left was the sheep so we RT. Bob was up with Cloud also for his second go round. Janet was up at the same time with Scott in PN so we were not able to see her run. We all didn’t do so well on the first go rounds so we all agreed to cheer for each other and hoped we all would make it to the Double Lift.

We had a potluck at my trailer that night. Janet was the other hostess. Bob and Rochelle brought a great salad. Jeanne B brought salmon and a new friend from Colorado (whose name escapes me). We had tons of side dishes. Brian and Celeste joined us and we all had a blast. The night came too quickly and we all went to bed in good moods and full bellies.

Saturday was a nice day and the sun was smiling on us. Well, most of the time. I watched Janet on her run with Scott and she handled him quite well. The sheep wanted to break back to the setout but Scott held the line and they had a very nice drive. I think she was pleased with her run.

Bob came out of the gate with Rock and laid down a good run. It was very nice. That is one very nice dog with great stock sense. His cheering section of Rochelle, Janet and I went wild at the end of his run!!

Nan was next and she laid down a brilliant run and missed getting into the double lift by seven points. She got a big cheer from the audience and she was proud of herself. I was very happy with her and truly blessed to have her. We have partnered up well and she is a wonderful dog. She is a wonderful dog and I love her deeply. For more details on the run go to the prior posting.

We all did much better on Saturday but not good enough to be in the Double Lift. Nevertheless, we had a great time hanging out with each other. We made a resolution to meet again next year and be in the Double Lift!!

The evening was a BBQ dinner provided by OSDS. Lynn and Allison were the trial host and provided the large tents and other items to make this a enjoyable dinner. There was a speech given by the OSDS members and a slideshow of the trial. We ate and drank well and then rolled back to the campsite. Does this sound familiar to you? I took pixs and will post them when I can finish editing them.

Sunday was a day off for us so we sat around and watched and cheered for the folks in the Double Lift. I didn’t stay all day as I had a very long drive back and Bob had to take Rochelle to the airport and head down the road to another trial. As I pulled away, one of the last sights that I saw in my rear view mirror was the happy faces of Bob and Rochelle waving good bye and with memory I look forward to next year.

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